All About ITTT's TEFL Lifetime Job Support


hello there uh it's time for a live stream so uh i'm super glad to welcome you
uh at today's live stream uh as usually i and my name is lisa i'm a tefl and t
soul expert at itt and an online esl teacher who is also
a non-native speaker so today's live stream is devoted to a really popular question
of itt's lifetime job support so if it is something um interesting to
you stay tuned stay with me here and we will
um have a discussion over this topic uh by the way uh if you watch me right now
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um some old commerce old visitors nice to see you guys thanks
for joining okay uh there is a person from youtube
uh let us know where are you from okay uh egypt here as well
nice to see you guys thanks for joining uh today's live stream is devoted to the
job support uh topic so uh if you have questions around this
point uh feel free to comment uh but i have a couple of slides to share so you will
see some clues and i will try my best to dwell upon the main
the main points okay so let me zoom it in so that you could see it
uh and let me change the slide so um by the way before we start
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if you are interested in tefl courses or getting tefl certified it's a real
benefit as for me and yeah let's move on uh to the main
topic of today's session it is circled around the problem of
job support uh but i would also address um a couple of uh popular
questions like how to find the does it take long to find a job and so
on so i hope that i will make my point clear
today and you won't have any issues um with this problem
anymore uh and you will feel more or less confident um in this in the point of um
this job search uh thing so yeah let's kick start
all right so um idt has several benefits uh which
we provide to our graduates uh so it means that um the lifetime
job support from itt is accessible is available only
to the graduates uh it's kind of exclusive uh so
this is something we do provide to our graduates and if you're a student
with idt right now this incentive is coming and
speaking of the services uh there are several uh main points uh two of them you can
see on this slide so first of all uh right upon your successful completion of the
of any tefl course with itct you get access to our exclusive uh
platform uh where we list different um jobs uh and some other resources with
supplement supplementary units uh which should help you build your resume
uh create your demo uh video for example and just um get the under understanding
of um the job market uh so we have also um created
um some lists of uh contact details of job supervisors
of job jobs advisors and those people will basically guide
you through the process of job search and then through the hiring process
uh but i have to one more time i i want to stress out that this option is
available to graduates only uh so if you haven't uh
taken a course with us yet but you are thinking of getting um a tefl certified
uh you should definitely look at this opportunity and um we try our our best
to assist our graduates um to assist our current students uh and uh
make sure that everyone finds their placement so feel free um
to ask um in person like if you have any further questions
related to the job support you can definitely email us and
let us know um what interests you best let's see some other options uh which
are included in the job support so uh they are basically some lists of
schools in different countries so if you for example are interested in a specific destination
uh our platform gives access to a whole list of places
uh with schools and job providers there uh so definitely definitely you
can pick out a destination and get a contact
this is probably the easiest way how to keep in touch with recruiters or with
employers directly so this is also a great opportunity
we also have country facts uh which are more detailed than the country facts
on our websites uh because you know like all countries all countries have different
regulations it is uh vital to get to know uh what visa policies they
have and so on so also um this is available on this
graduates platform and we also keep updated a list of
available vacancies in different areas so if you are for example interested in
teaching in europe or in asia you will be able to see uh some available vacancies
right so uh these are the services which are included in the itt's job
support and this job support is available to you
um as a as an itt graduate uh lifetime so you can request
a job support anytime during your teaching career even if you um stop
at some point of time even if you have a break and then you want to get back to
teaching you can still request a job support but you will need to contact
um either your tutor or another person who will guide you
through the process uh but generally speaking you will always have
uh this access to the graduates platform uh where you can do everything on your
own right so um basically
uh we we do have access to the platform which uh helps you do everything on your
own uh and and the last point to mention uh two other services provided by the
job support you can prepare uh for um an interview with us
uh build your cv resume uh and probably create your
um cover letter for example and a demo video so we have this
guidance as well but should you have any further questions you can also totally uh contact us
and request uh any information or our guides
um our managers will try their best to assist you so uh that's it in terms of the services
and now i'm going to check out the comment section so if you guys have any questions
related to the job support feel free to ask me out right now okay so
if you have questions about the itt's job support write down your questions in the
comment section okay and here is the first question from
uh alam i hope that i pronounce your name correctly if not i'm totally sorry so
alam has done masters in english literature and linguistics oh we have the same
major with you i i also um but i don't have mustards i have my
bachelor's in linguistics but anyway uh so you're fluent fluent um
okay you want to be fluent as a native speaker that's not the question to ask me
um well i am a tefl advisor here so if you want to
become fluent in english basically you have to work on your english
you have to practice speaking skills you have to work on your pronunciation
but actually i would i would suggest you um keeping in touch
with me um via my facebook group so um i try my best to create
useful um content for english teachers and english learners on my facebook
group so if you are interested in self development and career development feel free to
join my exclusive group as well it's it's a closed group a close
community of people who want to become
proficient in english and in teaching as well so feel free to join
i hope to create this nice little community uh of people who are interested in
english so um probably i will address this point of becoming fluent because
uh it also interests me a lot and i try my best to practice english and practice
pronunciation so um yeah keep in touch and let me change the slide as well
so i would like to move on to the second part of the presentation
where i'll try to address several problems several frequently asked questions like
how to get a job and how fast will i get a job so uh this is a really tough point guys
i know that if you have already taken your tefl uh you kind of have expectations
and i also did have expectations when i um graduated from from the course
uh so before i became a tefl advisor here a tefl uh expert here in itdt
i was just a regular student i was a regular graduate as you probably
um so i took a tefl course uh when i went to china to
become a teacher player to teach there um in a kindergarten
it wasn't as difficult at that time to find a job i mean to find a job
abroad it was pretty um easy especially if you get uh
to a location uh but anyways so if you haven't gotten
uh if you haven't got tefl certified yet or if you haven't started teaching yet
um i want to share my story right now because it is something
um more motivating i would say and inspiring so usually
we get questions like this uh so like does itt provide any job
placement um i don't know how to find a job i don't know how to
how to find an employer and so on so um the thing is guys we do provide
different job assistance services we do have this special guidance for
our graduates but you have to understand that nothing is
uh one hund that there is no 100 guarantee that um we
will be those people who will assist you um on the first place you have to
understand that it is on you as well uh so we don't
provide any job placement just simply because we do not partner with any
educational institutions and do not provide any direct job placement so
make sure that you understand that but if you still have questions related to this
problem yeah you can definitely ask me via the comment section right now
uh i will try to explain everything in details um if it is possible also we
do not guarantee you uh 100 a 100 job play uh a 100 job placement
even if you got tefl certified still there are different situations
different requirements all over the world and you still have to be flexible and
active yourself i will address this point a little bit um
in details further but as for now i just want to make clear
that there is no 100 percent guarantee and there is no job placement at itt
so um we try our best to help you we try our best to assist you
we do provide different services related to your uh you know profiles
personal um presentations but uh there is no 100 percent guarantee that
you will get a job like super fast and easy uh it's really personal and uh
subjective right and also you know like sometimes people blame
everybody that they can't get something that they can't find a job that they
can't um get a higher salary and stuff like that this is a really childish point of view
this is a really childish attitude this is a real world right uh
and you have to understand that uh to in order to get anything you want you have to work you
have to be proactive yourself and um do not expect that
someone will come from nowhere and give you whatever you want and whatever you need
right just let's be uh frank here let's be uh realistic
uh from this point of view and if you agree with me on this point
please let me know in the comment section um i i believe that people who come to
my live streams are those people who want to develop who want to work and who
aren't lazy at all so if you agree with me let me know
okay um and let's move on so
now look at this comment uh this is a comment i got um on youtube
so we have those recordings on youtube uh and one of my live streams attracted
a lot of questions alike so this person says that um
they try to find a job but they can't just because they are non-native and
here i want to start repeating my story so uh if you have already seen my
previous live streams you know that i'm not a native teacher as well and if you have seen several videos
um which which i done earlier uh you probably noticed that my english
skills aren't like super proficient i still have to work a lot i still have
to uh practice speaking i still work on my grammar vocabulary and so on
this is the point of how to become um you know proficient in english how to
become a master uh in english and still uh when i was
21 i went to china and i became a teacher there so i was
a graduate at that time my english was not even c1
at that time i was an upper intermediate level probably around those
years but i still got a job there first at first i started working through
an agency which was absolutely
not useless but it wasn't profitable um in terms of money because
the agency cut the had their cut and myself my salary could be twice as
big uh if i worked directly with the employer so i spent a year like that and then i
just found a job myself i found a different
employer a different kindergarten and started working directly so i switched three
kindergartens that way i just found a really nice company to work with and
um yeah that that's it i was really um motivated to find a better workplace
and uh in order to become more um competitive on this
huge job market uh in china i first of all i worked on my english
i tried my best to practice as much as it was possible um i um worked on my
um vocabulary grammar and other sub skills and then i also got tefl certified
uh just to be a better teacher and provide better uh teaching services so
i guess that it it helped me at that time when i was um in the location
uh because um i i found not only a primary job but also some you know
some part-time jobs some sideways so um taking a tefl certificate
is um absolutely helpful but uh apart from that you also have to
practice your english if you are a non-native speaker because like come on
we have this competition and in terms of speaking
activities um and some you know some services related to mastering
pronunciation speaking skills and so on uh we have the competition with none with
non-native speakers for sure but at the same time sometimes
non-native speakers can help learners more in terms of teaching grammar
vocabulary explaining vocabulary and stuff like that and we we just understand their
path and we can address those problems which can't be addressed
by uh native speakers so um being a non-native speaker isn't bad
it just means that you have to work uh probably more but maybe not
not not as more um not as much as native speakers at the same time right
so uh let me see um the comment section because i see that
there are some questions in the chat all right
so uh this is the question i have already addressed i believe so if you want uh
to increase your chances for unemployment you have to work yeah so
that's easy nothing special you have to work you have to prove that um you uh develop
your teaching skills that you develop your english skills uh for that purpose i actually took it
um to get an ielts training not not training i took ielts
so i got certified to prove my english level
two years ago it really helped me especially when i started working as a
solo teacher without any company outside any companies as a freelancer
because when i showed my certificate uh to uh potential clients they were okay
we we get your point uh we understand that uh you are advanced and you can actually
provide a better service but at the same time you have to work on your teaching
skills of course and speaking of tefl courses it actually depends
so if you don't have any understanding of the teaching job then
probably the most basic course which is uh 120 hour tefl course would be suitable
to you however if you want to dig a little bit deeper or if you want to uh you know have
um a deeper training and learn more um methodologies um
and different teaching styles probably i would suggest you to get um a tefl
diploma um so there are many options and uh once again let me just drop
the link to the um comment section so if you follow this link or if you
scan this qr code in the right top corner
you can get this 30 percent discount of any tefl courses
so if you think that it is time for you to get tefl certified in order to
become a better teacher in order to get more chances for the employment
uh feel free to check out the website and choose whatever course you'd see you
best because i can suggest but i can't understand like
what level you have and so on so it's it's really subjective and in individual
um okay so let's see the next question
all right yeah that's true so um china is a great place is a great
destination to practice teaching however i wouldn't
limit uh myself to this only country because there are more
opportunities all over the world and thanks to uh the internet we have even more
possibilities to teach and make money and have this job as a
lifetime career right so uh don't think that china is the perfect
destination and the only destination to work because there are more other places
where you can also start teaching and then develop and progress
okay yeah right uh that's that's true
uh so um tomta has mentioned that um it is pretty challenging to get to
china right now uh basically there are a lot of um offers um i actually have done
a live stream interview with my friend who is currently staying in china
this video is so popular let me just share uh the link to that video because
if you are interested in working in china then you have to watch that video my
friend just addressed all points related to the challenges and the job search and so
on just let um let me find the link just now just one second
yeah so uh he talked about um the job search he talked about the
visa policies so make sure you check out that youtube video
because it is absolutely helpful to those who are willing to teach in china
yeah so that video is the resource of this unique uh
information which is like uh 100 percent uh trustworthy and it
it is um most it is the most up-to-date information so um
make sure you check that out and as for the bachelor's degree uh yeah
the thing is that it depends uh sometimes um when you go to some governmental
websites to check out the visa policies they just avoid saying anything about
your degrees however um having a degree means that you are
at least like um um you that that you are uh
off the most appropriate age so you're like over 21 or 23 it depends on the country
and at the same time it means that you have this basic uh knowledge of um
academic uh skills so which is really vital okay
so thanks a lot for my accent it is actually 100 russian uh
i am no longer uh intimidated about this accent uh thing because you know um
when i started uh doing this live streams some people uh tried to shame me
uh for for my accent but that's actually not a problem uh as long as you unders understand me
uh but i i can absolutely uh say that um i'm
not i'm not a perfect presenter i'm not a perfect speaker because
you know it's just not that comfortable for me to speak in front of the audience
so it's a skill i have to develop yet okay uh and the last point
uh about myself like a perfect example of a non-native speaker who uh found a job
who found this place under the sun you know so um back then i was an esl
teacher a non-native esl teacher in china and what i have now is this uh
so um two days ago i uh got hired by an online
english um teaching company um it's it's also a leading i.t company
in russia uh and it took me just 26 minutes to go through the whole interview
process which was um a video interview but i didn't communicate with anybody
you know like i just recorded uh different answers uh to questions and uh that was all
so i got the job in 26 minutes uh it means that you can do it too
if you want to find a job um you have to be passionate about it
and you have to be proactive yourself um nothing comes easy nothing comes
um for free you have to um put a lot of effort if you really
wish to have something in this life so uh i hope that you um you know
um have the same mindset as myself because
many people just expect that everything will be for free and you know they don't have to
work it actually drives me crazy because we still constantly get those questions
like how to do that how to do this how to find a job how to find an employer
how to google um so i just don't understand that because
yeah like the internet is for free you can find whatever you want
so apart from this job which i found two days ago i'm also an online esl teacher
hired by an american educational company and um i uh i go
i i run a group uh of international students who live abroad prime primarily who live
in the us in the uk so in the native speaking countries and they still have
problems uh this is another job i do uh and i'm a total freelancer
so i found that job um making a proposal so i just found the company
and understood that they have you know like they have a drawback they provide
um excellent reduction courses but their students are intermediate
level or like upper intermediate level and they still have troubles with grammar
vocabulary and so on so i created a detailed um
proposal and just emailed the company emailed a ceo and that was it
they they found me professional and just um invited to work for them
so that's it you have to be active again um and the last point i also
i have a blog on instagram uh so if you are interested it's a really
small blog yet but i try my best to be consistent there
um you can check it out as well uh so i thought i find
students through the blog as well um i i try to you know uh focus
on non-native students from all over the world who need either
get ielts for example or some other exams or who need
to move to another country for work or you know just for
immigration purposes uh and this is another strategy
i take um to find students um you basically can try to do the same
because social social networks are really powerful uh in terms of um presenting yourself
and building your personal brand uh so it's a great way to find clients students
and so on and also my last recommendation is that you
should not underestimate your personal network if you have friends if you have families
just make sure you tell everybody that you are a teacher and you provide these
services i know that many of you want to travel
abroad and get a job there but before that you still have to make
money right and if you want um teaching be your career start teaching right now even
before getting tefl certified um it's it's really vital because you
have to get this experience as early as it is possible and at the same time you still can work
online but for some international companies and if you're interested
in working in china for example you can basically find the chinese company and
start working with the chinese students and get experience in with this group of
people so that when you get to the location
when you travel abroad you will be able to address those people's needs so that's that's
probably the most crucial point and yeah i don't have any further
details any further ideas i think that i covered all of the points today
still if you have any questions related to the job assistance
or what else or finding a job but i believe that i have already addressed it
just let me know and if you have questions related to some
previous topics i don't know i've done so many different live streams already
and i believe that um every week um the topic is really interesting and
addresses many problems um i can also suggest it as i have already
suggested the livestream with my friend from china
so yeah
yeah that's right so uh if you want to succeed in any sphere you have to
you have to be a workaholic at least you have to show uh employers that you are a hard worker
right because if you're a lazy person and if you don't do anything even to find a job yourself
then who cares right nothing is for free here you have to
you have to be really uh persistent uh right so this um final slide is
devoted to my um facebook group so if you are not on
facebook on my facebook group yet feel free to join it um let me send the link once again
uh yeah so basically that's it for today uh if you still have
any questions related to the topic let me um scroll it back
uh yeah uh there was the q a q a section but i think that that's it
so if you have any questions related to the job support
yeah to the job support let me know and by the way um i have i want to
share a link uh to the company i interviewed um in
so um i got a job in let me send it to the comment section
um i would say that um if you want to work for like
some money uh it is yeah it is really accessible it is easy
to get a job in this company i'm not sure if they uh hire anymore
but you still can check out that landing page and try your best
who knows maybe you'll start working with uh russian students yeah so
check check that one out okay uh so that's probably it
uh do you guys have any questions for me today
if not uh that is that is all for today and i will see you next time
i hope that this live stream was is uh was um helpful to you i hope
that i addressed uh all possible issues related to the job
search but if you still have any questions uh feel free to contact me in person on
facebook you can do that either um through the group uh or you can direct message me
yeah so um i try my best to help out everybody and when i have time i
answer uh in details so if you have any further questions just
feel free to write me on facebook and that's it for today uh by the way
uh no i do not have a youtube channel but actually it's a
great idea uh especially for uh the pronunciation practice and for
speaking practice so maybe i should um create an
account but i do have um an instagram page where i communicate with my
um perspective students and i um i'm also followed by some
teachers um from these live streams as well so uh if you want to see how i do that if
you want to see how i um build on my personal brand on
instagram just feel free to follow me as well thanks a lot for
today's questions uh thanks a lot for coming to the live stream my colleague linda will go live on
friday by the way uh she is also really helpful so if you have any questions to native
speakers make sure you come to linda's live streams as well
and i'll see you next time guys thanks a lot for coming and um i wish you have a great week
bye bye