8 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Applying for TEFL Jobs


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the first point okay so today we're gonna cover eight of the biggest mistakes to avoid
when applying for tefl or tesol or basically teaching jobs okay so first point let's have a look what we
have here the first one is um sort of a no-brainer
but we kind of see that a lot happening um not following the instructions for applying
all right i'm also going to show you some examples but this is definitely
um a common thing and why does this happen well we are obviously
super excited right it's an exciting process to apply for jobs and to want to
go abroad so we kind of get just super excited and we just want to send that application out there and get the job
and then move abroad it's just an exciting time um so you might just at least i do that a lot when i'm super
excited i don't really focus right um 100 on things because you just get so
excited and then you don't maybe read the job offer properly
and you don't follow the instructions to a t and that's what you should avoid so
let's have a look and i'm gonna make myself smaller so you can read this um basically the takeaway here is to pay
attention okay hiring managers they constantly receive applications from
people who clearly haven't paid attention to the instructions for applying so this could be like you apply
in a different way that they actually stated in their um job offer
i'm going to show you some examples but it could be like you're not sending it to the correct email address you're not
using the correct subject line details you're not using this the correct um
file format whatever it may be and so those are things you need to think
about because here recruiters they only take an average of six seconds to scan a resume
very short amount of time and if there is something that's not right that's not perfect
you're just gonna go into the trash pile your resume is going to the trash pile
so think about do you have to send a cv or resume and cover letter
or do you have to fill out an application form instead sometimes we see that it will clearly state send your cv and
cover letter two so and so to this email or they will say please
apply via our website and then there'll be a link to a form so make sure you
read that correctly and you follow those instructions also think about do you need to attach
any specific documents do they want what do they want is there anything specific that they're that
they're looking for that you need to attach if you don't attach that you're already out
and the last one is should documents or emails be titled a certain way so
sometimes they would also have that you have to um yeah title your documents
that you attach in a certain way or that you upload in a certain way or also the the email
subject line sometimes you need to put in the job title or um other keywords
so that's usually i don't know what's wrong with my throat today excuse me
i hope we're gonna get we're gonna get through this i only have a little bit of coffee
remaining so we'll see we will make it through hi fauzon i'm hanging in there i don't know
i have something in my throat today okay so
uh this is the first point not following the instructions for applying
so for example you might see job offers like this and here highlighted in the red box is
the way you should apply so um for the job offer in green it would be
dm or send cv to this and this email address so this was actually on facebook
so this means facebook direct message you can direct message your documents your application
or email this email address those two ways if you don't follow that
if you do a different way you're not gonna it's not gonna work other one
on the right side if you're interested in this position please contact and then a specific email address or scan the qr
code to add wechat so there you go
just make sure you read it all correctly and follow the instructions for applying
this is the first step very important step if you already messed that up usually
uh you're gonna be in the trash by your application
uh hi brett how are you doing good to see you and we have fauzon he's
asking are you still available on ig i am yes at linda goes east
i'm still there not leaving all right so this is the first point um
moving on number two of the mistakes to avoid when applying
for jobs is not proofreading your application okay very important and this
is an another thing because you might think like yeah i i don't make typos i don't make mistakes
i'm good uh and you're excited you want to get your application
out as quickly as possible but please take your time and proofread your application very important you really
want to avoid having any kind of typos or grammar mistakes in there especially
because you're applying to be an english teacher so that's not going to look really good if
you have typos or grammar mistakes or any kind of spelling mistakes in there not a good look for an english teacher
so take extra time to prove read okay spelling mistakes and grammatical errors
and applications are a deal breaker for almost 80 percent of hiring managers so
if there is a mistake in there most hiring managers put your resume or
application into the trash pile so really um be aware of that
so how can you do that get help use a grammar or spell checker i usually use
grammarly i really like that tool if you're not familiar grammarly is a
spell checker and a grammar checker um so you just type in grammarly in
google you'll find it there they have a free version so i recommend checking that out and then also besides um that
have a friend or family member read through your application documents um because you might already be like in
a tunnel vision and not spotting any mistakes if you just have an outsider look at the application they're kind of
gonna look at it with fresh eyes and they might be able to spot some
some mistakes that you might not be able to spot so um yeah that's very important and
then there are some other tips from best job interview dot com that i
found which i thought were really cool so these are four steps to properly prove read your resume
and as i already mentioned they also say that spelling and grammar mistakes are the number one reason hiring managers
don't give your resume a chance so you avoid you want to avoid that as best as possible
um four great tips the first one here that they recommend is reading your resume
resume aloud right most of us we just uh read it like in our head on
the on the laptop but um try and read it out loud because reading out loud helps you concentrate
better and you can actually hear how it sounds um then read your resume backwards this
is one of the best techniques to pick up mistakes you better you pay closer
attention to the details with a fresh look so this is also something i had never heard before
with reading the resume backwards which i thought was super interesting um and definitely a good tip
and then this one i already mentioned to ask for help a friend or a friend family member um having that proof read
and the online proofreading tool also something that i met i mentioned
and they also recommend and i am not familiar with those two like i
said i typically use um grammarly but feel free to also check those out they
might also be worth yeah a look so those are four steps to properly
proofread your resume to avoid those mistakes because like i said 80 percent
of hiring managers if there's a typo in there spelling error
um they you're not going to be considered especially when you're applying to be a english teacher
so there you go all right fauzon has a comment thanks a
lot i confirmed that you do reply helpful as usual thank you so much for being there for us i have something to
ask you if you would after you're live on ig yeah sure just send me a message and
then i'll get back to you later okay no problem
good okay so this was the second mistake right that we're going to talk about
today all right see what's next not attaching a cover letter
the third biggest mistake when applying for a tefl job not attaching a cover
letter so let's dive into that um [Music] if you don't attach a cover letter
there's actually a 99 chance a hiring manager won't even glance at your
application if all you've submitted is a cv or resume right
application always consists of a cover letter and a cv resume plus your attached
documents so cover letter is very very important it's basically the letter in which you
sell yourself right why are you um a good choice for this job so they want
to you can also show your personality in this cover letter and kind of uh talk a little bit more about yourself
whereas to see your resume is more like uh something like dry
like just a list list format of your life and your background but in the cover letter you
can really show like who you are as a person and your personality so that's why it's very important and you need to
make sure that you stand out with your cover letter so there can be a lot of competition for tefl jobs so you need to
make sure that yours your cover letter stands out and
one of the best ways of doing that is with a strong cover letter obviously so um you want to make sure that you have
that and actually at itt we provide you with um
help with cover letter and resumes tv tefl cover letters and resumes so all of our
course graduates this is part of our lifetime job support so once you graduate from your tefl course you can
take advantage of that and we also will help you with that and help you writing this
resume and cover letter for your job um
and here also some additional tips on how to write a cover letter basically just the structure of her cover letter
so what should it look like so number one here as you can see definitely have a header with your name and your contact
information that is also very important some people also forget the contact information so you want to put um your
email address up there you want to put your address up there you want to put your phone number up there for sure if
you have like a professional website you might want to put that up there whatever um
so definitely have that and then number two we have an opening paragraph that should grab the reader's attention
then we have body paragraph number two where you should expand on your qualifications
and body paragraph three should be focused on connecting with the company
and then we have a closing paragraph a call to action and gratitude so what
should they do now obviously they should get in contact with you and you thank them already in advance for taking the
time and then closing and signature also don't forget that usually you want to
end with sincerely and your name and if i mean you can also electronically sign
it if you want um but yeah usually this is just what it looks like i'm sure most
of you have seen this setup or layout before of a cover letter and like i said
i'm not gonna go too much into detail now with this cover letter because you do
get help with your cover letter and resume from us when you graduate from your tefl
course so you're going to have more detailed information then
but this is just something to keep in mind for right now
most important takeaway don't forget your cover letter okay it is just as important as your resume or cv
and this is what makes your application an application cover letter resume and
your attached documents all right
good any questions so far do let me know or if anything doesn't make sense or if
there's something that you're like oh but i heard this um this is different i was i thought it was like that or
whatever or from your own experience feel free to share that as well
okay so number four another point also about the cover letter
um so first of all you want to have a cover letter and then this was the third point and now number four
a mistake is if you don't tailor your cover letter so let's look at what that means
basically there are most of us are probably going to google cover letters or also the stuff that you will receive
from itt um sort of we will google sample cover letters or
templates and stuff so you don't want to use just those and copy and paste them and then send them
off to your potential employer because it's pretty obvious when it's a template or an example cover letter
because they're usually more broad they don't go into too much detail
obviously so you need to make sure you take the template you take the example cover letters and resume that you find
online and then you tailor that to the job and the school or
the company that you apply for
so let's have a look hello maiden how are you doing
made in the 80s love it how are you doing today
so keep in mind first thing here make it unique make your cover letter unique
it's immediately obvious to a hiring manager if a cover letter is a one size fits all job so a template an example
that you found online they they deal with this every day so they know
they've probably seen the same uh thing over and over again so when they see something like this it just shows that
you put very little effort into your job search where that's what they think and they don't they think you
might not take it serious enough and you're going into the trash pile again so avoid that
of course you can use some parts of a cover letter sample but just each one but each one you send
should be tailored to the role and the employer so mix and match with caution
here okay um of course you can use some examples but then make it your own add a little
bit of spice your own spice um and make it unique and stand out and tailor it to the
company and to your own needs and uh to your own uh skills and qualifications and kind of show a little bit of your
personality that would be great so yeah these are some examples um that
you can find online you can just do a quick search like um yeah there's different types
professional cover letter creative cover letter there's so many different kinds you can find online so don't just take
this and copy and paste it and then send off your application really tailor it to
the job offer um a good way what i learned before when i was in
school was to use to sort of use the words that they use
in their job offer certain like keywords uh because then they read the cover
letter and those kind of stand out to them because that's their their own words and their own language basically
the internal company language that makes sense also check out their website and look
for any of those keywords or special words that they use how they describe
their company how they describe their employees that already worked there their work climate etc and you can use
these words so you already sound like you're part of the team if that makes sense
so yeah and then you can take a couple of cover letters that you like online templates
or the things that you will the material you will receive from itt and then just kind of mix and match take some parts
from here some parts from there and make your own and then also put in your own little magic your own personality and
make it stand out and make it unique that way and that will that should be great [Laughter]
all right good i think this is number four now moving on to number five i think
yes fifth biggest mistake when applying for tefl jobs applying for a job in a
country where you don't meet the visa requirements okay so this is a big one
um obviously we all when we think about teaching english abroad we already have
sort of an idea of where we want to go right what country we want to go to with some interests
like i said i've always really wanted to go to asia so um that's where i ended up
make sure before you start your entire process to research the visa
requirements in the country or countries where you want to go one of the most important things you can
do at the beginning of your tefl journey and even before you take a tefl course is researching the visa
requirements because visa requirements are inflexible
right it's not like a job offer and we're going to talk about that in a second but a job offer where they have
like 10 requirements but you don't have to really meet all 10
if you only meet seven it's okay but with visa requirements they are inflexible this is what they are and
there is no way around it with visa requirements so for example in korea
right now for being an english teacher in south korea you need to get an e-2 visa which is the
english teacher visa and to get this visa you need to be a citizen and national
of one of seven countries only those are english-speaking countries um that is
canada america us um ireland uk south
africa australia and new zealand i think that's all so only those seven
uh nationalities are accepted to get this english teacher visa in south korea
so if you're not a citizen of one of those countries you cannot actually be a career a
teacher in korea sadly that's how it is and there's no way around it it's inflexible
there's no negotiating if you don't meet these requirements there is no negotiating so don't waste your time
applying for jobs in countries where you can't get a visa focus instead on those countries where
you can legally work and of course sometimes dreams can be shattered because you really really
really want to go to korea but you're not a citizen or you're not a national one of those countries then you can't be
an english teacher there so you might have to look elsewhere so
that's just how it is and um the earlier you kind of realize that
and find then a destination that works for you where you meet the requirements
um the better question here or comment
i made sure to keep a few cover letters for future reference that i made in past
for fire inspector jobs at outside agencies i love that a fire inspector cool
yeah absolutely i mean yeah you can keep you can look for resume examples for
other jobs and then take something out and um yeah just for reference for sure
we'll use that as a base and customize the wording to fit the job i'm applying for yeah
absolutely definitely that works okay
um i think i don't have anything more for this one oh there it is oh yeah so
a little tip here just contact us at itt for a consultation if
you're not sure where you can and can't go um if you're not sure which country
which destination which region um fits you best just contact us for a
consultation at itt and we'll help you find the perfect destination for um yeah
that fits your background and skills qualifications nationality etc so just contact us at
courses at tesol minus you can also contact us obviously on
social media via facebook messenger or on instagram totally cool and we also have this
really cool callback feature on our website so we can actually call you back if you would like to speak with us um on
the phone so you can just find that on our website i'm just gonna check real quick where exactly that is but yeah
it's just right at the top in the header um sort of in the middle where it says request a call back so you can just
click that and then you put in your phone number and you will receive a call back and we can give you a consultation
that way or just like i said via email or social media
all right good ready for the next point
i think this is point six seven six okay all right just we just talked about
number five applying for a job in a country where you don't meet the visa requirements now this is kind of similar
don't make the mistake of applying for a job you're not qualified for all right so let's talk let's talk a little bit
about that for a second um just read the requirements carefully the
requirements and the job offer if you clearly don't meet the criteria set out
by the by the employer just don't even waste your time applying but if something's not clear or you want
to make sure um about something about certain you know if they require certain like uh certain
years of experience or like a certain certificate or whatever you can always get in touch with the employer for
clarity clarification ask them for details um explain your situation
this is the one side so um but also take this with a grain of salt
and actually there were so many hiring managers interviewed and i'm sure we've all seen these job offers where they
just have a ridiculously long list of requirements for their um employers or
for employee the future employee the hiring the candidates um
and so basically many hiring managers they see this as a wish list
not really the requirements okay so also maybe put change your mindset about that and also
think of these requirements more of as a wish list
um if you believe you can do the job and you are a good match save for this thing or that thing you
should absolutely put yourself out there so it's a bit of both sides i mean if you
clearly like if this is a job where it's just super clear you're not qualified
for if they're if they ask for like 10 years of work experience but you're just now start you're just a new teacher then
obviously maybe you're not right for this job but if there's this long list of
requirements and let's say you fulfill 70 80 percent then of course go for it
all right um i have some examples here i want to show you guys so for example this one
um has a long list of requirements and you just kind of need to pick
and see for yourself um
yeah so maiden also says yes that is true that some requirements are wish lists
for sure so like this for example this is actually for an international school
the requirements that they have so bachelor's of education et cetera at least three
years experience in international schools so here maybe you do have three years experience or even more but not in
international schools so don't feel like you can't apply you can still apply and try you know if you have
more than three years but it's not in an international school i mean just try
um what else i mean you can see uh or the last one here experience of the
ib's middle years program would be highly desired and experience of diploma
program would be desirable so whenever it says desired highly desired desirable
this is not a must so this is just something that you know would be great to have but not um
required basically so take these kind of requirements sort of with uh
think of them as a wish list rather than oh i need to really have 100 of all of
these requirements no you don't but if it's a job where you just clearly under
qualified for then it's probably better to look for other offers
i hope that makes sense okay
i think that's it is there one more no okay i just found this one but i mean you can look at different job offers and
see some of them they have um ridiculously long lists of requirements
and some they only have like two or three it really depends and like i said you don't really need to have all of them
think of them as a wish list okay number seven mistake
not providing proof of english proficiency if you're a non-native speaker
all right let's have a look at this so this is specifically obviously for
non-native teachers if you're not a native english speaker it is really important that a hiring manager is able
to instantly see that your english is of a high level and the easiest way to do
that is by attaching a certificate of english proficiency
so there are many many different english proficiency certificates out there but it's most most importantly don't
make the mistake of assuming your tefl qualification is a proof of english
proficiency because it isn't a tefl certificate proves that you know how to
teach english but it's different than an english proficiency certificate
so if you haven't received formal education in an english-speaking country
then it is strongly recommended securing securing an english proficiency certificate like the ielts or
any other like c2 proficiency and even if they don't state this in
their um application like requirements that you need to provide that if you are
a non-native english speaker i would always attach that in my application
even if they don't ask for it um so for example here they clearly ask
for it so to be eligible to apply blah blah blah be a qualified or soon to
be qualified teacher and fluency in the english language to a level of c1 or c2 is compulsory
so you need to attach definitely attach a certificate here
and sometimes they also don't even say this so many times we see native and
non-native teachers welcome or accepted and then they don't say anything about an english proficiency certificate but
still always attach it so here are different things that you
could look for definitely you want to be in the upper
range here so the other job offer was saying c1 or c2 level
and this is the common european framework reference these are like the cambridge and other types of
certificates that use this european framework so c1 c2 c2 is basically
native level it's very difficult to get this c2 certificate um
so you want to aim at least for c1 and then also be in this range for truffle
and for ielts as well so you want to be in the upper range here aim for that and
just always attach that to your resume
okay was this number seven already let's see number eight okay this is the
last one and this is a fun one so mistake number eight not attaching a photo
yes while attaching a photo to a resume might actually be
wrong in where you're from in your home country it's not um many european countries or western
countries stopped doing that a long time ago not attaching a photos for different reasons
but it is still very much a thing and very important in many other countries especially for english teaching abroad
okay so um yeah like i said it's very common to
include a photo when applying for teaching jobs abroad so while it might feel unnatural or even wrong to you
because it's not something that's done in your country make sure that you include one if it's requested or it's
the norm in the country you're applying for you need to do your research um
a good thing just always just always attach one put one in your in your resume that would also always be a good
idea so let's have a look at what makes a good photo
if you're not familiar with resume photos the first thing you need to know isn't don't use a passport photo that's very
different so instead use one that really conveys a teacher who is friendly approachable and professional so
basically kind of like a linkedin photo if you're familiar with that
um i also have some examples here oh yeah and this is so this is my own
my own photo as you can see it's kind of like uh it's not a passport photo so it's just kind of like linked in
professional style like pose photo whatever um and this is actually from the oh from
the epic epic application so epic is a teaching program in korea and this is what their
application form looks like so many application forms they will look like this for teaching jobs where you
actually need to have a photo so this could look like that
and they clearly say this so name and passport and photo so they really want a photo and you need
to attach that so that's the case in many many countries when teaching english abroad
you need to provide a photo um and these are some good and bad examples
of photos so obviously it should be a professional looking photo you know you
wear a suit or a blazer or anything else that looks like nice and um you know
professional um could be like a fun like
linkedin photo or like this kind of a more professional photo just what you want to avoid is uh
sort of like selfie style photos like this or any kind of photo with a weird like
filter on it avoid those those are not great for applying for jobs so you want to look
professional like this and there is one more really good um
good tip here from a photographer called julia nance i found this while doing
google research so these are some good ideas this is actually also for a linkedin headshot
um also good for an application photo so you want to have no shadows across the
face the ice they should the eyes should be bright and in clear view you want to have a professional outfit
on you want to have a non-distracting background so something either dark or
light like this and you want to have a genuine expression and a welcoming smile and make sure it's taken by a
professional so usually these types of photos don't really cost that much
um and it just really makes a big difference whether you take it you know at home or really taken by a
professional in a studio with professional lighting it just makes a big difference and it's really gonna um
make your application your resume to stand out even more and look even more professional like you really care you
really want this job that's sort of the goal here okay i think this is the last one
yes so we can just recap real quick all of the mistakes we should avoid the first
one was you should make sure to follow the instructions for applying how do you
apply via email via their website do you need to
put a certain subject line in the email do you need to number or name your or
title your files in a certain way make sure you got that down second one was to prove read your
application we had several tips how you can proofread so have a family member or
friend look over it read it out loud read it backwards have a
spell checker check it all of those things third one was don't forget to atta
attach a cover letter it's not an application without a cover letter very important
uh number four tailor the cover letter to the school
and to the position as well so don't just take one from the internet a template or an example sample cover
letter and just use that and send it off really take your time and put your
personality a little bit in there and tailor it to the school and the position you're applying for
number five don't apply for a job in a country where you don't meet the visa requirements because visa requirements
are inflexible they do not change um they can't
you know make them bend them to make them work for you it just doesn't work so don't waste your time with that um just focus on where
you can teach and apply there number six don't apply for a job you're not qualified for so if you're clearly
not qualified for a job offer don't apply at all but if it's if you are qualified like 70 80 for this job go for
it or request additional information or clarification from the employer
number seven no one two three four five six seven yes
don't forget to provide proof of english proficiency if you're a native speaker a
non-native speaker excuse me so have a truffle and ielts or any kind
of c1c2 level certificate um attach it even if they don't ask for it you want to
really have that so that the hiring manager can see right away
oh you um your english level is high
um that's basically that and number eight attach a photo even if it might feel strange and
a professional photo no selfie no weird filter going on professional in a
professional outfit taken by a professional that's just really going to boost your resume even more
so this is our checklist feel free to take a screenshot um as always you can watch the replay and you can listen to
all of the different points again and take your screenshots from there um
whatever you feel like uh you can also re-watch this this will be kept in our playlist
both on youtube and on facebook so you can always come back again and re-watch
this all right juliana says thank you for the information those tips are super helpful
thank you juliana you're so sweet all right yeah um if you have any
questions about anything that we just talked about oh and this is how you can find us
online just real quick um and then we are officially in q and a
and um you can ask questions or make comments or whatever is on your mind feel free to share and again you can
save 30 percent off of your tefl or tesol course with itttt you can scan
this qr code or i'm just gonna share the link one more time so you can have it
and apply through there it looks like this ends with facebook live minus linda
if you're listening to this as a podcast this link will also be in the podcast description so you can find it there as
well so uh that's it and i'm just gonna make myself bigger now so you can all see me better and i'm
gonna have a look at the comments some comments just came in so we have la turk
saying hi linda i find your tips really helpful i really appreciate how you prepare your
slides every week so informative thank you so much thank you yeah i take a lot of time in preparing the slides and i
really like to uh look for good examples so um yeah
i think just with with visual uh like slides and pictures and stuff it just
makes a lot more sense and it's more interesting yeah
thank you okay maiden here thank you for covering this topic it has been nearly seven
years since i applied for a job and this came at the perfect time awesome see i knew it
i knew it i had an intuition that this was a good topic
no but really if uh you guys have a topic suggestion feel free to let me know because i
really am looking for a new and interesting topic every week um and sometimes that's very challenging
because we've been doing this for a year and a half now all these live sessions almost every
single week so sometimes um it's hard to find something new and interesting
um but yeah if there is anything you would you want
me to cover in the future just let me know that would be cool if not i'm just gonna brainstorm and see
uh what we're gonna talk about next time all right
um let's see the list again here so which point um of this maybe was
completely new to you guys um if you want to share
amitava thanks a lot once again linda for all of your suggestions and tips regarding
applications for jobs it just it has just come at the right moment perfect
thank you amitava that's so sweet brett says i filled out a questionnaire
for a school where you would attach a cv but it would only let me do one attachment
is there well if you sh if you only have to attach a cv
maybe like you only have to attach the cv and then if you pass like this first stage then
they would ask you to um attach more later upload later
oh i couldn't attach a cover letter oh gotcha
yeah sometimes that can be you know it depends like where you um apply
so i guess yeah because number three was don't forget to touch attach a cover letter i guess sometimes if they do it
um online via their website and they already have like this questionnaire i
guess sometimes they don't even want a cover letter it just depends sometimes on the school
um so don't worry about that if that wasn't specifically asked but usually was there like a message field usually
if there's a message field this would be the cover letter
so you might have to make it smaller like less text but usually if there's like a message field a text field
um this is where you would just copy and paste the cover letter text in then um
yeah probably not sure
interesting so yeah that's definitely number one follow the instructions for implying so if they tell you to fill out
a questionnaire and then attach the cv you just do you just do what they say basically
that's all good should be fine which country was that for
i don't believe there was a message field okay what what country was that for
interesting well you know some schools they just do it differently some they might not care about a cover
letter because they will have you interview later and then you can talk more about your um
more about your uh yourself there and your experience i guess italy okay ah interesting
yeah maybe just their style how they do it cool
you could also if you find out like their email address um [Music]
send the cover letter via email and let them know i filled out the questionnaire
and sent you my cv and blah blah blah
yes yes i'm sorry i will make the checklist a little bit bigger sorry
like this does that work for you
you can take a screenshot real quick
all right
i'm like i don't know what to say now waiting for somebody to take a screenshot
oh man but any other questions we are still in q a now um
just sharing this checklist real quick one more time with amitava who wants to take a screenshot so i made it bigger
but um yeah feel free to leave your comments i know that many of you okay you're
welcome uh many of you have applied for jobs so um i wonder what
that experience was like but anyway
do let me know i still have a couple of minutes that i can be here so if you have any questions
um screenshot good yeah
all right cool nice like i said if you have any questions
like afterwards you can still leave a comment and we'll get back to you even after the live ends we always get back
to all the comments under the live sessions or if there's something you want to ask me specifically you can
reach out via instagram dm just message me and i'll try my best to
answer your question other than that
yeah well if there are no more questions um
we can slowly come to an end too i don't want to drag this on too long but then we start on we start rambling or i start
rambling and [Music]
but yeah i appreciate you guys appreciating my presentation and my slides
um i always try to make it informative and interesting and fun
and um yeah with lots of visuals and examples so i hope that um everything was clear
if it wasn't let me know all good and um if there's anything you want me to talk
about in the future like i said let me know then i can prepare something um
[Music] but next week because usually the first friday of the new month we just do a
casual um a casual q a so you if you have any
questions about tefl tesol teaching or anything under the sun related to
teaching you can um you can prepare your questions and then
come here next week and hit me with them hit me with all your questions
maiden asks is there a preferred cv or resume style commonly used for alt
positions so like in japan or where also i never had to transfer skills education
and work experience maybe a future topic okay
yeah sounds good um so with i feel like with um
with teaching positions oh yes japan okay um so i have not personally taught in
japan i'm not sure but i feel like if you do it through the jet program
they will probably have a form i i feel like i've seen that and i feel like it probably looks like the epic form that i
just showed you so you fill out the form with jet the jet program
um if you apply like for private schools to be an english teacher in japan
um i'm not quite sure so i would recommend googling that but um i just
feel like for teaching abroad there is no one way one correct way for cv or resume
style because we all the teachers they come from different countries so typically probably if you're from the
us you would use more a u.s style if you're from australia you'll probably use more an aussie style or whatever so
um that's what i imagine it would be um different than when you apply in your
own country because then they're the there's more rules and like it's stricter i guess
um yeah but like i said you also will receive
information about these things and like material from us
all the tefl tesol course graduates from itt will receive that so um
but specifically for japan i would just do some google search research and see what they say in terms
of formats and brett is saying i have a couple more questions i'll reach out on ig sure
that's fine i'm doing laundry right now oh i've got gotta do that too later today
have fun okay well then um i hope you had fun today i
certainly did it's always fun coming on here and um chatting with you guys
and then i hope to see you all again next week i'll be here same time same
place i hope you will join me again next week and hit me with your questions
and um yeah i really appreciate you alright there's one more question okay hold on i spoke too soon okay amitabha
says sometimes they ask for a ba in english or education and or a bachelor's of bachelor's of education
degree whereas i have a uh become degree i was a commerce or i am a commerce
graduate okay in that case should i should i or not apply for the set job
um definitely i would apply so usually for most positions that i have seen
a bachelor's in english or bachelor's in education etc is preferred desired it's
a plus is not 100 a requirement so for me i had a bachelor's in management in business
um also not education or english and it was still accepted and usually that's the case so certainly
um still apply and see um what they say
all right guys thank you many things happy friday happy friday happy weekend
uh brett to looking forward to your messages um also juliana have a nice weekend have
a nice weekend too guys and i'll be here for q a session next week again i hope
to see you all prepare your questions i'll be ready and i'll see you there and uh
i think that's it okay thank you guys see you later