3 Best Tools to Gamify Your Online Lessons


hi again everyone this is another live
stream session by itt and my name is
lisa i am happy to welcome you to this
livestream session
and today we're gonna discuss um
three interesting tools you might
utilize to make your lessons
uh interactive and engaging because
these uh things will help you to gamify
to gamify your classes so in my previous
live stream i actually shared uh several
trends uh like 10
uh trends for
2022 that you have to
think about to implement in your
online classes
and today i will
dive into this idea of gamifying
lessons and share several tools that you
might actually use to
help your students uh get excited and
engaged into your content
and i hope that you will love these
uh these are going to be actually
um online teaching tools so they are um
some of them um
they can be used free of charge but at
the same time
some of them um
like cost a little bit
uh so just make sure you uh learn
everything about all of those things i
mentioned and
try them out with your one-on-one
classes or maybe with your groups and
see how it works for you
so let me quickly change my screen
setting so that the presentation is more
um is is bigger for you
uh and
i also have to say that today's live
stream is gonna be
shorter than usually
i just want to give you this piece of
information that you can
implement straight away and it's not
something you know it's not this rocket
science i don't have to explain
everything in details because
the main point is to try it
uh but before i start my um presentation
so let me quickly introduce myself if
you don't know who i am so my name is
lisa and
i'm an esl teacher and at the same time
um and marketing specialist and i also
work for itttt as a tefl and tesol
expert so if you have any questions
related to these three different spheres
feel free to ask me uh and also i would
really love to hear from you uh use your
uh comment section to let me know where
you're from
uh what are you doing um like at what
stage of your tefl career development
you are
right now so as for me i've been
teaching for
uh many years already i should say i
started like back in 2014 when i was a
university student
and then i worked
in real classrooms i also worked one on
and had a really nice opportunity to
spend some time abroad working in china
last year i decided to switch to this
online teaching mode and
i've been working
as an esl teacher online for um
two years already
so yeah something like that
uh and yeah don't be shy to
use your comment section i really
appreciate when you uh communicate with
me and it's always easier you know when
i know that there are some people
watching and uh
someone who finds this live stream
sessions useful and helpful
uh and i can actually see
um adam who is actually a regular
visitor visitor to these live stream
sessions thanks adam for tuning in
let's move on and discuss the first tool
that i have already prepared for you
so um
you can
check out this online teaching tool uh
which is called advice but um a couple
of months ago like a month ago they
actually called were called
um progress me so you can actually find
both versions
that's because they decided to change
the brand the brand name
uh so
for the global audience they are going
to be advibe
but this is a great online tool um that
contains various um
templates that you can use to create
your lessons interactive and
and this is also a great way to
gamify your classes because each time
your student um
does some um
exercises they can see the results
really quickly
uh so
um it is
like partially this gamifying technique
uh but it also depends on how you
structure your class so basically you
can utilize
uh these beautiful um lesson templates
to create whatever idea you want to make
whatever style of a game or lesson you
so basically step by step you can lead
your student
through various stages of the lesson and
it might be also
created as this online game
so um using this platform
it is really easy
um so
uh by the way
apart from lesson templates that you can
use to create your um lessons there are
such options as virtual classrooms for
online classes so basically you don't
have to use any other
uh soft uh to
deliver your classes so you can start
your um one-on-one class um
right there
uh you can also schedule your lessons uh
and your students will will get notified
via email or um sms
this is a really nice choice if you want
to have everything
for yourself to create and deliver your
and also if you are a
teacher who wants to create a language
school for example uh this platform can
also be used uh so you can
all different classes and set up um
dashboards for each uh
teacher and for each student and
organize everything on this platform so
it's not just this uh exercise tool or
uh activity tool but it is something
bigger like a platform that you can use
and compete with uh huge online teaching
schools like vap kids or something like
um all right
the next uh tool that i really really
like to use myself
uh is called word wall
and these are actually just activities
templates but apart from online teaching
templates there are also
modes for in-class teaching so
regardless of the activity you create
you can actually
uh set it
for both online teaching classes and uh
offline classes as well so these um tool
is really really nice if you want to
versatile both online teaching classes
and uh real classroom lessons
um and also there are many uh different
designs that you can use to
make your
activities more engaging but you have to
pay a little for these two
basically um
i i can't say how much it is now because
i have this recurring payment and i
don't even notice when they charge me
but it's not no more than like five
dollars or something and you will have
so many various templates uh there are
just uh you know like nine of them but
in fact they have
maybe 15 or something i think even more
and each template has various designs so
for example um as for this maze chase
uh there there are such options as um
the space maze chase uh and
also this christmas mode so this is a
really nice tool to create uh various
types of activities
and you can uh set your students to play
um although using your um
screen sharing mode for example or you
can assign uh this template to play um
for example if your students have like
if you work with a group of students uh
you can just drop out the link uh to
um your class chat
and they will open each one on their own
computers uh set their names and play as
a group like
against each other it's a really nice
way to
you know to support this competition
to boost
their interest and also to engage to
engage into the lesson content
so there are various types of
activities you can create and also it's
a really nice um
website where you can find actually
ready-made materials so if you for
example don't have any time to
prepare for your classes you can just
type into uh your keywords like for
example if you are going to teach
present continuous you can search for uh
ready-made materials in the community
section and you will get all various
templates done by other teachers
and you don't have you don't have to
spend any time preparing for your class
so you will just use
something that um
the other teacher has already created
and implement in your
classroom routine
so as you can see there are quizzes
word games and many more
and the last uh template not no not
template the last uh website which is
also an
gamifying tool
it is called kahoot
it is more
popular i would say in the western world
because i saw that huge
universities and um you know colleges
use this tool to engage
huge groups of people like um students
during lectures
or um
some workshops you know
uh and it can also be used in many
various ways there are also ready-made
templates by
well-known organizations like for
example i found
lessons created by disney
uh what else
nasa and stuff like that
the only option you can do using this
tool is to create um
like quizzes but at the same time you
can utilize these
activities in many various ways so you
can actually introduce new topics review
content uh you can break the eyes using
quiz templates
on the other hand there are some
ask your students to get
into the content so you can also
review their knowledge this way so if
you don't want to spend time on a
regular test you can create this test um
in with with this tool kahoot and offer
it uh as a non-standard way how to carry
out a regular test
so it is actually really easy and
motivating as well
and as you can see you can create your
template uh so you can create your game
any other type of activity then you can
host it during your lesson and make your
students play it
um on the other hand you can set it as
an assignment uh as as a part of their
homework uh by sharing a link to this
and that's it
this is how it is done
three ideas three tools that you can
actually google right now
and start working with them
in your next class so
that's it
uh so easy but you know what i actually
know a little bit more um platforms
where you can uh create games and um
motivating activities so i would like to
share those ideas in a blog post in my
facebook group so here you can see this
qr code
if you scan it you will get to my
facebook group
and i will definitely um
give you access um first of all to this
presentation so that you could click on
every uh link from this presentation
and also i will share several more ideas
that you can use to make your lessons
uh game-like mode
and i hope that um it will help you to
versatile your content and make your
students uh more motivated and engaged
so i have just dropped
out the link to the chat box
uh you can copy it
join my facebook group
that is actually it
i wanted to share just these three tools
today but if you guys have any questions
related to gamification or
different ways how to create lessons
please feel free to ask me out right now
in the comments section
uh because otherwise i will finish this
live stream a little bit earlier than
than usual
uh so
yeah feel free to ask
and i can see
um i can see a comment by um
hope to pronounce the name correctly
thanks a lot for your feedback
i hope that uh these tools um are useful
for you and you will definitely um try
them out at least once each one
that's it
all right if you have any questions
related to gamification creating
materials some stuff feel free to ask me
out right now
okay yeah
there is also letter
who is our regular uh viewer thanks a
lot for joining in and sending your
um all right
and um
what i would like to add is that um if
you follow
itttt on
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we try to share valuable content uh on a
regular basis
so um just
stay tuned
and if you want to get some more ideas
of online teaching
materials or online teaching
tips and tricks
feel free to ask
right now
uh because i'm here to exchange my
experience with you
um so today's presentation was uh
shorter than usual
but i think that it is more precise this
uh okay that's an end that's an
interesting question i should say
uh i don't manage students um who have
different abilities because
this is the best part of freelance
teaching i can choose those students i
at the beginning of this school year
i decided to interview each student who
i was going to work with and that was so
successful i should say for me as a
teacher on the first place and for
students as well
so i narrowed down my niche i stopped
offering those general english courses
but rather
you know
focused on
people who prepare
for international exams
uh and that's it
uh that's how i started managing just
one um
type of request
and um i also narrowed down the age
group to
students of
13 14 years so teenagers
and that's it yeah so how i i did it
uh but when i was
a school teacher um i mean and in an
in-class school teacher
i worked with various types of students
and uh what helped me uh was
to getting more involved into their
interests and lives
and that's how i worked with all of them
simultaneously but i should say that i
didn't deal with um like huge groups
really often um i worked with um
35 plus groups uh when i worked in china
at that time um i
got some help from from the chinese
teachers from the classroom teachers
um anyway it wasn't that successful
as i can
you know
reflect right now
so if you work online
what i suggest doing is narrowing down
your niche and focusing on a specific
it should be much better for you as a
teacher because you save time on
uh you don't spend much time on
you know
building those relationship with people
who are not actually that interested in
learning english uh in the long term
and yeah and so on and so forth so
uh this is actually uh one of the trends
uh in 2022
uh in online teaching if you wanna
boost your teaching career you should um
you know narrowing down your niche and
picking uh the sphere which is really um
in demand and which is more
profitable as a consequence
in my opinion it was
exam preparation
and also um
that group of teenagers i really adore
working with
so i don't like working with adults for
example because they quickly lose their
motive motivation
at first they come really inspired and
say that they really really need english
but then uh eventually i see i notice
that's actually not
what they want to spend much time on
and yeah i have to be frank and say that
well sorry i i can't work with you right
now because you have some other
interests and
something more important than english
yeah so that's it
all right guys do you have any further
questions related to online teaching or
english teaching tools
feel free to ask
so uh if you don't have any further
questions i think that that's it for
today but as i have already mentioned
check out my facebook group tonight
because i will drop out several more
ideas of online teaching tools that you
can use to gamify your lessons to spice
up your lessons
feel free to ask me any questions on
facebook as well
and see you next week bye bye