Online ESL Teacher

Date posted:2023-08-18 | Writer: Nevy's Language | Email: [email protected]

About us
•    Nevy's Language is a platform for online group English language classes for adult immigrants in Canada and the USA.  
•    Most of our students are adults beginners at levels 0 and 1
•    Our classes take place between 6pm-10pm, New York City time.
•    Students are grouped into groups of 6-8 students.
•    Groups are assigned one teacher. Classes run Mon - Fri at the same time each day. Classes are daily and move through the curriculum.

What you'll need to teach on the Nevy's platform
•    Paid Zoom or Google Meets account
•    Free teaching materials (we have a curriculum outline for you to follow)

How much you can earn
•    Teachers get paid a monthly fee for each group they take on. Pay is equivalent to USD $5-7/hr.
•    There is an internal job board where you can assign yourself to groups.
•    Take on as many groups as you want and control your income.
•    Once you assign yourself to a group, it is yours until you choose to leave it.
•    Pay is stable and monthly. No booking system, classes run daily.
•    Payouts are monthly and done using Wise

Preferred qualifications and requirements
•    Great attitude and enthusiasm for your students.
•    Excellent teaching styles.
•    Certification such as TEFL or equivalent teaching experience.
•    Comfort and speed with technology. High quality headset, microphone and camera. 30+ Mbps internet speed.

Application process
•    An application form
•    Interview with our team

For details on how to apply, please contact the email address given in the job heading.