Teach EFL in Ankara, Turkey

Date posted:2003-07-15 | Writer: English Club Language School | Email: [email protected]

We are looking for responsible, dynamic, reliable, professional and enthusiastic teachers for long term positions. We expect our teachers to be competent in their field and be experienced in working with adults. You need to have enough competence in different teaching methods and have knowledge about the mentioned examinations.

Qualifications: - must have B.A. in any field - TESOL, TEFL or TESL certificate / Cambridge CELTA (Will be apreciated) - Minimum 1 year experience


a compatible salary depending on qualifications and experience ๏ health insurance provided ๏ shared house / hotel residance ๏ Further information on the type of contract will be sent to the applicant we plan to interview ๏ Great experience in a safe and friendly atmosphere and a chance to taste Turkish hospitality

Company Background:

English Club is an eleven- year old company and has been able to have a safe and sound progress remaining its fame as a successful language centre. Being located in the captal city of Ankara offers us a lot of opportunities. First of all, there are 8 univesities in Ankara all of which have departments taught in English. This, in return, creates a huge demand for learning and improving English language. Also, as all the governmental offices have their headquarters in Ankara, the public officers also come to our center to attend our exam classes (for the exams applied by the government to test foreign languages). Working with adult academic learners has helped us to widen the range of courses offered at our centre. We have also become a respected centre for the private companies and individual tutoring. Business people work with us both individually and in groups to enhance their language skills. Our schhol is in the city centre without any transportation problems. It is a nic! ely decorated modern buiding. In our well equipped comfortable classrooms you will enjoy four seasons in Turkey. Try our website for a closer look and a better understanding.

Contact us:

Adress : Ataturk Bulvari No:64/1 KIZILAY - ANKARA TURKEY Tel: + 90 312 425 85 28 Fax: + 90 312 419 73 25 e-mail:[email protected] web site: Contact us

Attn. Melih DEDEOGLU (Director of Studies)

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


The introduction is very informative with what to expect in the course. It is basically a syllabus for the course. I look forward to what could be learned in each unit. The various acronyms related to English education is good to know, but not sure how important it is relative to this course. A better understanding of what is needed to teaching young learners is important in a world where English is the best medium for communication.This is a very difficult unit. It divides the future tense into many categories that are not normally known by English speakers. Some of the distinctions do not make immediate sense to me, such as the difference between \"I am eating dinner tonight\" and \"I will eat dinner tonight.\" I am worried that if I cannot understand these differences, then a non-English speaker will really struggle. Definitely the hardest material so far.