TEFL in Thailand - Songkhla

Date posted:2002-12-11 | Writer: Thaksin University Language Centre | Email: [email protected]

Job: English Instructor School: Thaksin University Lamguage Centre, Songkhla Tel: 074-324747 Email: < [email protected] >, < [email protected] >


Required -English InstructorQualificationsA native speaker of English.A Bachelor's degree or Master's degree in English, TESL, TEFL, or related fields. Working experience in International Relations or teaching is an advantage. Computer literacy. Interpersonal relationship skills.

Salary30, 000 baht per month (Salary + housing allowance)Please apply in person or send your application, together with detailed resume stating full information about yourself, qualifications, experiences, letter of recommendations and 2 recent photos to International Relations Office, Thaksin University, Karnchanawanich Rd., Koarupchang, Muang, Songkhla 90000 Thailand within 31 January 2003More information about our university can be accessed at Contact us Call/Fax: 074-324747Email: < [email protected] >, < [email protected] >

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Though this was a short lesson, it does have a lot of bearing on students being able to understand the lesson. Even though certain methods of learning the receptive skills are more/less effective than others, they are all equally as important. As far as learning by listening, as far as the teacher is concerned, he/she must speak at a nice slow pace and be very clear when speaking in order for students to be able to absorb information.I had trouble with this unit as I felt that the context which wasn't provided of some of the questions could change the answer to the question. For example \"John is going out tonight\". If said by between people who live with John, I would call it future simple tense. If said by friends of John anticipating a night out with him, I would call it future continuous tense. But perhaps I just don't understand the subject of future tenses.