TEFL in Thailand (Chiang Mai)

Date posted:2004-05-31 | Writer: Open Society Institute | Email: [email protected]

ONE TEACHER needed, with TESOL skills and at least one other area of subject expertise, at the Intensive College Foundation Course (ICFC), Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Each year ICFC prepares a small group of displaced people from Burma for university education in Thailand, India and elsewhere. ICFC is a program of the Open Society Institute's Burma Project Education Office, which has operated in Thailand since 1996.

ICFC now needs a teacher to join a small team who will be working with a total of 24 displaced people from Burma, working in small mixed-ability groups on a 10-month course. The program is challenging as students come from deprived educational backgrounds and need to make rapid progress if they are to move on to study at university within 18 months of entering the course. Stress levels can sometimes be high, but so can satisfaction levels.

The syllabus covers English language, social studies, maths and science. Core subjects studied include English as a foreign language, academic reading and writing, study skills, maths, combined science (biology, physics and chemistry), together with some components of social studies including literature, history and politics. All teaching is in English. Previous courses have worked towards an external exam, and this will continue although the choice of exam is now under review.

The positions are open to people of any nationality, and teachers from Burma are especially welcome. Minimum qualifications include the following:

People from Burma: a great deal of teaching or tutoring experience; a degree is an advantage.

Others: a first degree plus a teaching qualification, and 2 years teaching experience, preferably at high school level.

You should also satisfy the following requirements:

- be a native or very good speaker of English
- have suitable specialist subject knowledge
- be flexible
- be creative and able to improvise
- be a team player
- be good at individual counselling
- have a basic knowledge of the politics of Burma and refugee issues
- have a strong commitment to social justice
- be willing to commit to more than a 9 to 5 job.

- a local salary
- starting salary depends on qualifications and experience and may vary widely, maximum 30, 000Bt per month
- paid vacation and sick leave
- local health insurance
- probation 3 months.

Please note that this is a local hire and there is unfortunately no support for travel to Chiang Mai. Preference will be given to applicants already in Chiang Mai or failing that, Thailand. Interviews will be in person, or if necessary by phone.

Application deadline: 15 June 2004
Start date: as soon as possible after 5 July 2004.
Contact: you should send a CV or resume, and a cover letter, including the names and contact information of two referees, to: Richard Sproat, coordinator, Intensive College Foundation Course, email [email protected], fax +66 53 216 356, postal address PO Box 8, Mae Ping, Chiang Mai 50301 Thailand. Sorry, no phone enquiries at this stage.


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit helped me to understand the recognized evaluation methods available worldwide to assess the proficiency level of students. As I believe, all forms of tests mentioned in this unit are important in placing the students in appropriate levels, grading their English proficiency at the beginning of a time period, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses over a period of time and making them suitably prepared for later tests.I am always listening and reading, because I personally think that these 2 skills are very important for the day to day living, you don't talk to the newspaper, or to the tv, or to the movies, you don't even need to talk to some people, sometimes all you have to do is just listen and read, understand and grasp the ideas that are trying to get across, speaking is important as well, I just enjoy listening a lot more than speaking.