TEFL in Sunny Suratthani, Thailand

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Suratthani School is a government school with 3, 520 students on role. Within this school is an English program, which delivers courses in mathematics, science, dramatic arts, information technology, physical education and health, and English. All these subjects are taught in the English language.

Suratthani School is in need of teachers for the English Program. Located in the South of Thailand, near many beaches and islands, Suratthani School is the leading government school in the area, providing high-quality education for Mattayom 1-3 students (from approximately the North American equivalent of grades 7-10)in the English Program. Some courses are also taught to the higher levels, Mattayom 4-6.

The school requires new teachers for the 2006-2007 school year. The teachers will be considered full-time at Suratthani School and will have the regular responsibilities of a secondary school teacher.

We require teachers for:
Physical Education
English and Dramatic Arts (teaching two subjects)

Please specify which subjects you are interested in teaching.

We require teachers for the new semester to arrive as soon as possible.

The minimum requirement for a teacher in a Thai government school is a Bachelor's Degree. Only applicants fulfilling this requirement will be considered for the positions. We prefer teachers with degrees in the appropriate fields (mathematics, science, computer science, etc.) or in Education. We also prefer teachers to have some experience in the classroom with this age level and a TESOL certification.

Please note that only native speakers from Canada, the USA, Australia, Britain, New Zealand, and South Africa will be considered. Others need not apply.

Have a degree in an appropriate subject or in Education.
Must be from one of the countries listed above.
Must be available before the end of April.
Must be under the age of 55.

Job Description Working hours are designated as 7.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on government working days. Responsibilities are as follows:

1. Teach courses in the designated subjects to students, 16-20 contact periods per week (1 period covers 60 minutes).
2. Perform duties as an assistant class tutor with the duties attendant to that position, such as compiling student records, standing with the students at the morning assembly, escorting the students to their home rooms and assisting in daily tutor group activities.
3. Teach and give support to teacher assistants in the English Program
4. Prepare an overall plan in addition to targets for each semester (20 weeks), as well as daily lesson plans before teaching.
5. Produce supplementary materials and teaching aids according to the subjects taught.
6. Prepare tests and evaluate and report the educational results for the students taught in accordance to the subjects taught.
7. Co-operate with the school in terms of helping to plan, organize and participate in major activities organized by the school.
8. Supervise/advise the English staff on the methodology/techniques of teaching English as well as producing supplementary materials in English. This duty is to be on an "ad hoc", voluntary basis and to be included in the 16-20 hours contact time.
9. Help the local community in Suratthani by assisting in training / seminars / workshops / camps, etc. which occasionally may occur on the weekends. (Not more than 3 weekends or 6 days in any one-year contract.)
10. Work full time as one of the teachers of Suratthani School.
11. Complete other assignments related to their duties as requested.
12. Do no work outside the school without permission from the employer (Suratthani School).
13. Be well groomed during school working hours and follow the English Program Department's dress code.
14. Perform the duties to meet the standard of assigned courses taught.
15. To attend "In-Service" training where necessary, within the specified working hours.

Holidays and Benefits: These dates and times are approximate, as each school year must be organized around new events and changing situations. However, they give an indication of the time scales and activities involved in the English Program.

1. The academic year and contracts begin on the 1st April, with an "Introduction Course" for the new M1 intake.
2. The academic year ends around 10th March.
3. There is a holiday of approximately 3 weeks at this time.
4. The mid-year break occurs around 10th October. 5. There is a holiday of approximately 3 weeks at this time.
6. There are approximately 9 public holidays in each year when the school is closed.

1. Salary of 25, 000 Thai Baht, per month.
2. Accommodation allowance of 4, 000 Baht per month.
3. A year's contract, including visa, renewable by mutual agreement.
4. Loyalty bonus of one month's salary on completion of contract (does not include the housing allowance).
5. Work Permit and visa costs refunded at the end of the contract. (Not inclusive of the required 3-month non-immigrant B visa to be obtained before beginning the contract).
6. Five weekdays teaching, 16-20 contact periods per week, (each period is of 60 minutes duration).
7. Private medical insurance and limited medical expenses for accident coverage.
8. Free unlimited use of the internet on the school campus
9. Assistance in finding accommodations
10. Yearly salary increase of 3, 000 Baht.

For more information regarding the English Program and Suratthani School please visit our web page at Contact us (a full job description can be found at our web site). Please send all applications to [email protected] .

We ask that you send your resume and cover letter as an email, and attach a recent photograph in .jpg form. We will not open large attachments due to program and virus problems. We ask that you send applications in the form of an email. Do not send the email through the web site's automatic mailing option, as the email address is different than the one we are using for applications.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Present tenses are composed of different groups: simple present, present perfect, present continuous,and present perfect continuous. An example of a simple present is: I love flowers. This is a general idea and can be changed to Do you like flowers? in a question form. An example of present perfect is: I have eaten durian. This is talking about experience and can be changed into Have you eaten durian in a question form.The understanding of the tense system is essentially to the proper usage and learning of the English language. It can be a difficulty for the foreign student to understand but drilling the concept of time and continuous examples can the learning be facilitated. There are various teaching ideas such as telling stories, use of charts and pictures and developing actions in progress to aid in an understanding of the tenses.