TEFL in Lopburi, Thailand (2)

Date posted:2005-11-29 | Writer: Winitsuksa School | Email: [email protected]

Winitsuksa School is seeking the services of two native English-speaking teachers for their bilingual programme to replace two teachers returning to their homelands. Winitsuksa is a prestigious private high school of 3, 500 students located in historic Lopburi, 150 km north of Bangkok. The school's website is Contact us. The bilingual programme has operated for 9 years, teaching English, maths, science, art, history, computing, etc. to a select group of 350 students. The school is committed to ensuring this programme remains a benchmark in the region.All class have a maximum of 45 students. Classrooms are air-conditioned with TV, computers and other audiovisual equipment. The bilingual programme is autonomous, reporting directly to the Academic Department. Bilingual programme teachers are also be expected to conduct some general English classes for non-bilingual programme students.The cost of living in Lopburi is considerably cheaper than Bangkok, particularly accommodation. The regional guide for Lopburi on Contact us contains further information about this pleasant town.Requirements of Applicants: (1) NATIVE English-speaker, male or female, up to 55 years old (2) Degree and CELTA or equivalent (3) Experience teaching Matayom level in Thailand is an advantage (4) Qualifications, teaching experience or general experience in subjects other than English is an advantage (5) Applicant must have a current Non-Immigration B Visa (6) Applicant must be able to attend an interview in Lopburi. Conditions: (1) Salary is 30, 000 for Degree and CELTA (or equivalent) and 35, 000 for Masters and CELTA (or equivalent) (2) A performance bonus of up to one months pay is paid after 12 months upon performance evaluation (3) Paid public and six weeks of school holidays including all April and half of October (4) Although a 3 month probation period applies, the school immediately attends to all teacher's license, work permit and visa requirements at the schools expense. The school enjoys an excellent working relationship with the relevant authorities (5) 20 hours contact time per week between 08-00 to 16-00 Monday to Friday. Providing lesson plans and student grading and marking are up to date, TEACHERS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO REMAIN ON PREMISES (6) Up to 15 days sick leave is paid. (7) As Winitsuksa is sympathetic to the requirements of foreign teachers, 10 additional days off are allowed during semester each year with pay, to attend to personal business matters. Please note we are unable to pay any one-off inducements, moving costs, etc.Interested applicants can forward their CV to a covering statement to [email protected] or call Jeff on 01-6161243 for further information or to talk with a current foreign teacher. Applications failing to fulfil the above requirements will not be acknowledged. Our goal is utmost transparency in the recruitment process to ensure expectations generated during the recruitment process are fulfilled, on both sides.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this unit I learned that conditional patterns is usually start with the word if. There is a lot of different conditional patterns and in this unit I have learned the about the five basic of it. And I also learned how quoted speech can be translated to reported speech. In reporting a speech you have to translate the sentence in past tenses, but sometimes it is alright to not change the sentence if it is absolutely true.Unit 6 covered past tenses and how they are used. After studying the various present tenses, it was easier to pick up on the differences in past tenses. I learned how to explain when each tense should be used in a clear manner. I also learned common mistakes students may make in using these tenses and brainstormed good ways to correct them that would improve their understanding rather than just bandaging a deeper problem.