Job Teaching English in the United Arab Emirates

Date posted:2018-01-25 | Writer: Footprints Recruiting | Email: [email protected]

This is an exciting and very unique opportunity to work on a special project in the Northern Emirates of the Middle East. Take part in one of the biggest educational reforms in history as an Early Years, Middle School or High School Teacher in the United Arab Emirates. Leadership positions also available. If you're looking to broaden your resume this could be a perfect fit for you. Footprints Recruiting are currently seeking English, Business, Science, Math, Design and Technology, Primary and Early Primary, PE, Performing Arts and Health Sciences/Life Skills teachers. For applicants from the UK we also offer positions as Special Education Specialists and Psychologists.

These positions are for 2 year contracts with ongoing intakes and start dates throughout 2018/2019

You must be able to attend an in-person job interview. Interviews take place in the UK, Ireland, North America, Australia, New Zealand and the UAE.


4 year Bachelor's Degree in an education related or subject specific area (ie. Math, Science, English, etc.)

Computer Literate

Master's degree in TESOL / TEFL is an advantage

Professional Teaching license or TESL/TEFL/CELTA

Experience living and teaching in the Middle East is an advantage

Must be a native English speaker or hold an IELTS 7 or higher

Drivers Licence

In addition to these base requirements, each positions specific requirements are as follows:


Tax Free Salary of 21,000 AED / month (equivalent to GBP 4,600/month, USD $5,700/month, or CAD $7,500/month). This includes all allowances (housing, transportation, etc.)

Bachelor’s Degree in English (or relevant field, such as literature, communication, journalism, linguistics, etc)

Minimum 3 years of classroom teaching experience in English at the High School Level

CELTA or TEFL certification


Contact us via email at the address given on the job heading.


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This section along with past tense was a little tricky. I personally feel like this material is the kind of material that someone needs to learn outside of a computer based system. The lack of peer communication is what will allow someone to struggle in their efforts of understanding. I've learned fromt this section that out of the 7 different tense we use \"be going + infinitve verb\I thought this section was far more interesting than the others. Reading and listening are topics that are so essential in English, and learning strategies to teach them is very helpful. I Ike the creative examples used in the chapter. It certainly gives me some ideas about future classes I would like to teach. Hopefully, I'll be able to implement the skills used throughout this unit.