TEFL Teacher Wanted in Mexico

Date posted:2009-02-09 | Writer: Centros de idioma y Desarrollo | Email: [email protected]

CID (Centros de idioma y desarrollo) is a start-up private school on la isla de Carmen in Campeche. CID is looking for one full-time TEFL: qualified native English teacher to commence employment in March 2009 (or as soon as possible). CID is a small language and culture center that attends to two different types of learners: 1) children (5 different groups ranging from ages 2-13 years) and 2) adults (of various levels in content based classes).


Teaching English to students of all ages for approximately 35 hours per week Preparation of your own class teaching Active participation in the school events and activities Classroom management


Applicants must be a native speaker of English. BA is required or higher degree. Actual classroom teaching experience with young learners along with TEFL/TESOL teaching certificate and/or elementary/primary teaching credentials/qualifications.

Additional: - Sensitivity to cultural differences (ability to adapt to a way of life requiring understanding and flexibility). - Genuine commitment to students, the profession and to a student-centered learning. - Creativity, flexibility, commitment, and ability to adapt to an experiential, project- and needs-based program. - The teacher should be hard-working, patient, team player that is friendly, cheerful, reliable, professional and comfortable to teach both children and adults. - Previous international experience preferred. - Other languages are a plus. Salary: $21 – 23,000 pesos per month - Transportation to Ciudad de Carmen is offered for those coming from USA, Canada or other parts of Mexico. - Working VISA sponsorship is offered. - Contract is renewable. - Great health care plan. - Paid holidays are approximately 4 weeks for a year (plus, national holidays).

If you are interested in the position, please email us at the address given on the job heading page. In the SUBJECT area of your e-mail indicate CID ESL Position): 1) Cover letter 2) Resume

In your cover letter, please a) confirm that you fulfill the credential requirements and have the required experience; b) provide a brief summary of your educational philosophy; your reasons for wanting to join CID, and the dates of your availability.

We will contact all qualified applicants within 1-2 days. If you don't hear from us, please resend your application materials

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