Job For EFL Teacher in Mexico Starting August 2020

Date posted:2020-06-09 | Writer: Colegio San Jose | Email: [email protected]

Colegio San Jose is a private regular school providing PreK-7 instruction in content areas (English, Spanish, math, science, etc.), accredited by the State of Sonora, Mexico. A major goal is to have English class (ESL PreK-7) taught by native level speakers with TESOL training and experience.

Bachelor degree in Education or EFL Certification or Teacher Certification, teaching experience in regular school.

Teachers are expected to work Monday to Friday, from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. (class time, recess and students entrance and exit supervision, weekly class planning). Included in the time between 7:00 and 3:00 there is a weekly staff meeting and an individual weekly meeting with the academic coordinator. These meetings are where teachers and the academic coordinator have the opportunity to review lesson plans, test design, observations, student performance, and general school happenings. In addition to the regular school day, there are several special events that the school holds throughout the school year where teachers are expected to participate (Christmas Play, Parents meetings, sport event, etc.).

We ask for flexibility in our teachers, and at the same time strive to respect personal preferences, leaving open the possibilities for changes in classroom assignment according to the needs of the school. Generally, each English teacher teaches at different grade levels at a time.

Teachers at our school are expected to participate actively and implement the discipline rules the school sets, inside and outside the classroom, working as a team with the rest of teachers and school officials.

Scholastic year contracts: August 2020 - June 2021 (renewal of contract for more years desired)

Transportation to the city of Hermosillo is at the teachers expense. Hermosillo has an international airport with flights to the U.S., and the city is a three-hour drive from the Arizona, USA border on a modern four-lane divided highway (foreign cars do not need special permit). Another (and maybe more affordable) option is to fly into Tucson or Phoenix, AZ and then take a bus into Hermosillo.

Hermosillo is the capital of Sonora state, with about 800,000 inhabitants very close to the Gulf of California, and backed by the Sonoran desert. A few miles from Hermosillo are the beautiful seaside resorts of San Carlos and Kino Bay, both with great recreational activities such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, and water sports.

Many Americans and Canadians own homes in this area due to its proximity to the border and its beauty. Because of its southerly latitude (mid-Florida), summers are hot and winters are mild and sunny. Hermosillo holds several cultural events during the year and is host to a AAA professional baseball team, as well as soccer and basketball teams.

Payment Schedule: Salary paid at end of each contract month and on the 15th of each month (two payments per month).

Salary: Salary will be paid in pesos. The monthly salary will be $26,600 pesos cash.

Renewal: A bonus of $15,000 pesos is given upon completion of contract. Each annual contract is subject to renewal with increase in salary, dependent upon successful completion of the contract, quality of performance, positive evaluations, and mutual consent of the teacher and the administration of Colegio San Jose. Teachers with a multi-year commitment to Mexico and the institution are encouraged to apply.

Vacation Leave: Two major holiday periods occur during the school year--- Christmas vacation and Spring Break---each of which is approximately two to three weeks, plus various other Mexican holidays. These are paid holidays. They cannot accrue as cash and must be taken during the scheduled holiday dates.

Sick Leave: Colegio San Jose will provide 3 days of paid sick leave. After the expiration of these 3 days, teachers who find themselves in a position of needing more leave, upon presentation of proof, will be granted leave with a deduction in pay at the daily rate. The school provides Mexican major medical insurance for the duration of contract.

Top notch Medical facilities are available in Hermosillo.

Housing: Colegio San Jose does not have faculty housing available. However, the institution will assist new teachers in finding suitable housing. We suggest that teachers arrive, at latest, 3 days before start of contract for the purposes of getting settled. We will provide host housing for three days, during which time teachers can look for an apartment, with our help. After the three day period has expired, we respectfully request that teachers who have not yet found housing, relocate at their own expense. It is estimated that a one- or two-bedroom furnished apartment can be rented for between $6000-8000 pesos per month, depending on the location. Also, sharing housing with other ESL teachers is possible.

Visa, Mexican: Colegio San Jose will facilitate application for the visa to work in Mexico and reimburse all visa fees at end of contract.

Send the following items to the email address given on the job heading. 

1) A detailed and current resume

2) Three teaching references that include telephone and email contact

3) A cover letter explaining your interest in this position and your qualifications

Colegio San José
Salamanca 215, 
Las Riberas, 
CP 83164 Hermosillo, 

TEL: +34 662 3139002 and 3139003