Job Teaching English in Ecuador

Date posted:2014-04-10 | Writer: Centro de Estudios Interamericanos | Email: [email protected]

Centro de Estudios Interamericanos School, part of the CEDEI non-profit foundation, has openings for TEFL certified teachers who are available to start in August 2014. We are a non-traditional, dual language, content-based preschool to early high school.

Our school is guided by the following philosophical tenets:

• Multiple Intelligences

• English as an instrumental language

• French as a third language

• Inclusion of children with special needs

• Multiculturalism

• Emotional stability as a prerequisite to learning

• Music, movement, and art as expressions of self

• Environmental stewardship

• Freedom

• Development of critical thinking skills


Seeking teachers for the 2014-15 school year with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree plus TEFL with preference given to those with a teaching degree.  We are located in Cuenca, a beautiful colonial city, large and modern enough to meet all your needs but still compact enough to retain a quaint, small city feeling. Cuenca is a walking city, and teachers can obtain all their needs within the city center. Teachers can enjoy a variety of parks, green spaces, free cultural events such as a symphony and art expositions, and the national park and ruins located a short distance from the city. Ecuador is small enough to allow one to travel throughout the three main regions: beach, mountains, and rainforest during breaks and on weekends. The climate is ideal with spring-like temperatures throughout the year. In recent years Cuenca has become a hot spot for foreigners looking to relocate.

Positions available:

• Preschool teachers

• Elementary teachers for 2 grade levels with classes in Language, Math, Social Studies

• Middle school to early high school teachers: Language, Math, Science, Social Studies

Duties: 4 day work week, 7:25 to 1:45 Monday to Thursday, 22 teaching periods per week, 10 planning periods per week

Term: 10 month contract

We begin orientation in the last week of August and school ends the final week of June


Monthly stipend, free Spanish and dance classes.

Teachers are responsible for their own airfare and the cost of their visa for the 1st year ($80).

Application Process:

Please send your resume for consideration to: Lori Wrenn, International Coordinator at the email address given on the job heading.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


we need to learn how to be a good teacher and how to be a good learner: As we know, we are not only teaching in our class,but also we are learning from each lesson.As a teacher we should change our roles to face different students,and try our best to help then.We must use different methods to teach adults and younger learners.As a teacher we need to constantly learn a lot from our teaching time.To me, this was one of the more challenging units so far. When dealing with future tense, it can become difficult to master which tense to use in which situation and expressions. I think when it comes to teaching students future tense it will be very important to match lessons with conflicting or similar tenses and expressions, as it makes it easier to understand one tense by learning the other.