Teach English in Korea (4)

Date posted:2011-08-22 | Writer: ESL Starter | Email: [email protected]

ESL Starter is an official recruitment partner of the public school program (EPIK) in South Korea. We have some excellent opportunities available for TEFL qualified teachers to work at public schools throughout Korea's capital city with the Seoul Ministry of Education starting February 2012. The Seoul Ministry Of Education represents some 2,210 schools with 1,573,684 students and 72,711 teachers. Its aim is to improve the English speaking skills of students and teachers in Korea and promote cultural exchange and strong global ties between Korea and the wider world.

Salary & benefits

    * KRW1.8 - 3.0 Million monthly (depending on experience)
    * KRW1,300,000 Entrance Allowance to cover flight cost into Korea
    * KRW1,300,000 Exit Allowance upon completion of contract
    * KRW300,000 Settlement Allowance (one time payment)
    * Free fully furnished housing or, where housing is not available, a rent subsidy of KRW500,000
    * 21 Days PAID vacation + all Korean national holidays (approximately 12)
    * 22 hours of class teaching required per week
    * Full completion bonus equivalent to one month's salary
    * Tax exemption for 2 years apart from Canadians due to lack of ROK Treaty
    * Compulsory medical insurance - 50% of premiums paid by employer
    * National Pension scheme - 50% of contributions paid by employer
    * One year contracts
    * Full orientation provided


    * Nationality of UK, USA, SA, AUS, NZ, SA or IRE

Applicants must also have at least ONE of the following qualifications:

    * Bachelor's degree in Education / English / English Education / English Literature or Linguistics
    * Valid teacher certification for either Elementary or Secondary level schools
    * TESOL / TEFL or an English Teaching Certificate comprising a minimum of 100 course hours (can be applied for now as long as qualification will be received before mid January)
    * Master's Degree
    * Bachelor's degree with at least ONE full year of English teaching experience

 To apply, contact us via e-mail at the address given on the job heading. Closing date for applications is the beginning of December.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


I was taught the teaching theory, methodology and techniques in this unit. I felt that I gained a deeper understanding of the ways we can teach and the different structures that can be flexibly changed and modified. I now understand the importance of lesson structure and planning. Furthermore, my approach to correcting others has now changed and that there is a difference between a mistake and an error.This unit has provided me with good knowledge of a variety of ways that present tense is used. It is also important to know that different culture and different languages might have different interpretation of tenses. So, as a teacher it is good to know the language background of the students you will be teaching. this unit also , provided me with some insight of what errors to expect from students .