Teach English in Dublin, Ireland

Date posted:2008-07-30 | Writer: Applied Language Centre, UCD | Email: [email protected]

Applications are invited from tutors with a recognised postgraduate qualification in TEFL for our 2008 Summer Programme. Appointees will teach 20 - 25 hours per week in addition to leading social programme excursions.

Salary ranges:
Teaching: €23.58 – €26.39 (per hour)
Field Trips: €36.64 – €49.43 (per session)

The ALC, now in its eighteenth year of operation, is engaged in a wide range of programmes. These include the provision of applied foreign languages for undergraduate students across the University, English language teaching and language teacher education, testing and assessment, research and policy development, and external language services.

The Centre's main activities are based in the Daedalus Building, a purpose-designed language teaching facility opened in 1997 and centrally located on the campus. The high quality facilities include specialist teaching rooms and materials preparation space, a multi-media library incorporating an extensive ELT print section and a 25 position computer unit, language and video laboratories, a recording studio and administration areas.

The year-round programme offered at present has approximately 50 full-time students and 120 students studying on short courses. The ALC summer programme has a capacity of between 250-350 students studying English for both general and academic purposes. Expansion in the areas of English for academic and special purposes, foundation year, study skills and autonomous language learning programmes is planned.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Teach 20 hours per week on Summer Programme 2008. Classes take place from 09.00 to 13.00 Mon to Fri. Additionally, carry out the appropriate course support including preparation and correction work. Submit class plans daily
  • Accompany students on at least two social programme visits per week (afternoons & evenings), or Teach an additional 5 hours per week on the Intensive Programme which runs from 14.30 to 17.00 on Tues & Thurs
  • Assist in conducting placement tests and student reception for Summer courses
  • Complete required record-keeping duties including maintaining attendance records and providing written reports on students
  • Occasionally accompany students on weekend trips
  • Attend weekly meetings (normally on Friday afternoons)
  • Assist coordinators in the smooth administration of the ELT programmes
  • Assist coordinators in evaluation and assessment of programmes
  • Any other additional duties as designated by the Director or nominee.

Selection Criteria
Selection criteria outline the qualifications, skills, knowledge and/or experience that the successful candidate would need to demonstrate for successful discharge of the responsibilities of the post. Applications will be assessed on the basis of how well candidates satisfy these criteria.


  • Undergraduate degree
  • Recognised postgraduate teaching qualification in TEFL / ELT
  • Competence in and sensitivity to teaching in a multicultural environment
  • Good knowledge of aspects Irish culture and society
  • Competence in didactics particularly with regard to authentic ELT resources/materials
  • Good computer skills (word processing, presentation of materials).


  • Diploma or masters (or equivalent) in ELT
  • Other teaching qualification (HDipEd, BEd)
  • Overseas experience
  • Experience of organising social and cultural programmes
  • Experience as an examiner/teacher of IELTS or Cambridge examinations
  • Teacher Education experience
  • En effective team player
  • Experience of co-ordinating student testing/placement.

Particulars of Office

Teacher Induction/Support

All teachers will receive a class visit within two weeks of commencing employment. An exit interview is conducted with all teachers at the end of the contract period.

For application forms and/or informal enquiries, contact:
Recruitment Administrator,
Applied Language Centre,
Daedalus Building, 
Belfield, Dublin 4. 
Telephone: (01) 7167900  
Fax: (01) 7161188. 
Email:at the address given on the jobs heading page.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit was thought provoking in the same way that the last unit was! I had never before considered ways to hone the productive skills specifically, and especially had never thought of the different uses for both writing and speaking. For example, the information on controlled versus guided activities for practicing either accuracy or fluency, and the information on the different aspects of writing in English.This section provided useful handouts that would be used during the study and activate phases of a typical ESA lesson. I found factors considering the usefulness of the course book in this section quite helpful in knowing when to employ a coursebook and when to adjust your course accordingly. These factors are very important for teachers to take into account so that students may find success in their classrooms.