Teach EFL in Czech Republic

Date posted:2012-11-29 | Writer: Spevacek Education Centre | Email: [email protected]

Spevacek Education Centre is a well established language training school in Prague. We are looking for native speaking EFL teachers who are able to commit for at least one year to join our team.

Teachers will be typically teaching 80-90 contact hours a month. Teachers generally work between 0730-1000 in the morning (in-company classes), 0930-1240 for post-secondary courses and 1500-1900 in the evening (in-company, public courses), with time during the day for lesson planning, relaxing, sightseeing or chatting with colleagues in our lively teachers' room. A huge part of the teaching job is travelling from business to business and/or school premises in different central parts of Prague. You could be teaching anyone from the Reception staff to the Managing Director. Teachers have individual or small group classes (typically up to 6 students) and full academic support.

We offer our full-time teachers: monthly bonus, teacher development workshops, ESP training, promotion opportunities, paid late cancellations, free Czech lessons, fully equipped teachers‘ room.

Teachers are paid hourly based on the total number of classes taught each month, and the rate is based on a 60-minute teaching hour. Full-time teachers can expect to have minimum of 17 – 20 scheduled hours per week. Experienced teachers can get up to 25 hours a week. Salaries are based on previous experience and any business experience that is relevant to our course offerings.

We offer salary guarantee to all full-time teachers (details will be provided during an interview).

We look for full time teachers. The contracts are open-ended, teachers are expected to stay for at least one academic year. Summer work is available.

Successful applicants should demonstrate:

·         teaching certificate and proven ability to teach,

·         teaching experience, and

·         flexibility, creativity, and enthusiasm.

 Unfortunately, due to a complicated and costly visa process, we can only consider applications of non-EU citizens if they already hold a valid visa for the Czech Republic. Please contact us at the e-mail address given on the job heading.

Telephone          +420-222-517-869

Fax                     +420-222-517-870

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Unit 18 has dealt with passive voice, clauses, phrasal verbs, and modal verbs. It is a very grammar focused unit. Nothing was entirely knew for me, except for the phrasal verbs, which I had never used that classification before. Thus, I believe that it was new information. There were also some tips for classes, such as games and activities that teachers can use. These will be useful for the future.This unit covered the topics of materials and coursebooks. They lesson defined authentic material, which is any material that would be used by a native speaker. This includes magazines, newspaper articles, and videos. The lesson goes on to define created materials, which are materials created by the teacher for the lesson. Lastly, the unit covers the pros and cons of the use of a textbook in class.