Employment teaching EFL in Czech Republic - Prague

Date posted:2002-09-27 | Writer: Caledonian School, Prague | Email: [email protected]

The Caledonian School ( Contact us), a large private language school centered in Prague, is looking for qualified and willing-to-be qualified English teachers. We accept applications on a year-round basis and usually have job openings every month with September/October and January being our biggest intake times. As of today, we still have several openings for qualified teachers who can start immediately. For teachers without a TEFL certificate we offer a competitively priced, International TEFL/TESOL certificate course in Prague for those individuals who are looking for an initial 4-week TEFL/TESOL course. The course is offered regularly throughout the year. There are still openings for the October, November and January courses. If you successfully complete the course, we guarantee you a job with our school. This course requires no commitment to the school, but most teachers who do the course work for us following the course. Check out our web site fo! r more info about our schools in Prague and Bratislava.. and our 4-week, TEFL/TESOL course... or e-mail us at [email protected] and ask for our INFORMATION PACKAGE FOR TEACHERS and/or INFORMATION PACKAGE FOR THE TEFL/TESOL certificate COURSE. We would be happy to provide you with the names and e-mail addresses of teachers who have completed the course and who are currently working for us.

More info about us:

We usually hire teachers who have a TEFL or TESOL certificate from a 4-week training program that includes supervised classroom teaching practice, but teachers with at least one year's full-time overseas TEFL experience or one year's TESOL experience in an English-speaking country, other foreign language teaching experience or business education/experience will also be considered. Prague is one of Europe's most beautiful cities with fabulous architecture, great cafes, pubs and a rich cultural life. The Czech Republic is on the fast track to membership in the European Union. Major European cities (Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Paris) are easily reached by direct train from Prague. The school's central location is just a 20-minute walk away from Prague's famous Charles Bridge and historical center. The school has over 5, 000 students and employs over 200 teachers in five language departments � English, German, French, Spanish and Czech for Foreigners. Contracts, which are renewable, ! usually run for the entire school year � mid-September until the end of June. Teachers who join the school during the year may have shorter contacts. New teachers arriving by plane are met at the airport and are given an orientation to Prague by a Caledonian School teacher. Our teachers receive a somewhat-better-than-average Czech wage/benefit package that equals about 500 US dollars a month, which is enough to live on, but don't expect to save any money if you work in Prague. Teachers working outside of Prague (e.g. Bratislava and towns around the Czech Republic), where housing is fully paid, can save money.

This year our teacher-run Social Committee arranged highly affordable day and weekend trips (bus & hostel) to Germany, Austria, France, and interesting places in the Czech Republic. The school subsidizes many of the trips � we try our best to keep the trips affordable and fun! New teachers are welcome to work with the Social Committee.

At the Caledonian School our students are adult and young adult learners who come from all walks of Czech life. Our corporate clients include international banks and Fortune 500 companies. Class sizes range from 1 to about 12 students. Coursebooks come from the Oxford University Press, Longman and Cambridge University Press EFL collections. Teacher development workshops are held on a regular basis. The school provides housing assistance and a free local transport pass. We have a Senior Teacher for Resources on duty every day in our teachers� room/library to provide teachers with pedigogical and administrative support. For teachers working out of Prague in the Czech Republic the school provides free housing and a monthly round trip ticket to Prague. Although long-term, full-time foreign (non-Czech) teachers working in the Czech Republic do not receive airfare, they do receive a relocation bonus and a contract completion bonus. Teachers have free access to e-mail and the Inte! rnet from the staff room. The school provides a health care plan at no cost to teachers. Teacher development workshops are held regularly and every teacher is assigned to work with a Senior Teacher who provides support and guidance. The school has a strong support library/resource center with over 3, 000 titles plus audio tapes, videotapes, an OHP and photocopiers. The school�s cafe serves soups, sandwiches, salads and other hot/cold dishes, soft drinks as well as beer and wine.. If you want more information about Prague and the Czech Republic and /or Bratislava you might want to look at Baedeker's Travel Guide for the Czech Republic, Lonely Planet, the Rough Guide or Let's Go. For more information about the Caledonian School we invite you to visit our web site - Contact us � and read our INFORMATION PACKAGE FOR TEACHERS or e-mail us at [email protected] and ask for our INFORMATION PACKAGE FOR TEACHERS � the information package is the same.

If you would like to speak with a teacher who currently works for our school, feel free to call our school and ask to be connected with the Teachers� Room or just enter ext. 129 when you get the message right after the phone is answered. Our phone number is: your international code � then: 4202 57 31 36 50. If you would like to speak with me, my ext. is 116.

Paul Michel, Director of Studies Caledonian School, Prague [email protected]

The following former teachers have agreed to act as "contact people" and tell you about their experiences at the Caledonian School:

Helen E. Nathan, M.A.T., currently living and working in the USA e-mail: [email protected]

Craig Miller, currently living and working in Manchester, England e-mail: [email protected]

Bob Demare, in and out of Prague and Canada e-mail: [email protected]


Courtney Barrett, Senior Teacher Caledonian School, Bratislava e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

If you would like to apply for a job with our schools in Prague or Bratislava, here's how....

Applicants in the United States and Canada should contact: Mr. Thomas Norris, Director of Recruitment for North America, Caledonian School Toronto Office 6 Greenmount Court Toronto, Ontario M8Y 1Y1 Telephone: /416/ 231-9546 Fax: /416/ 231-1730 [email protected]

Applicants from Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or other English-speaking countries (except the United States and Canada) should contact: Mr. Paul Davies, Director of Recruitment - Caledonian School (UK) "Bryn Teilo" 2 Wooburn Mead Wycombe Lane Wooburn Green Bucks HP10 0HP U.K.

Tel. No. 01628 533007

[email protected]

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Overview of the different kind of roles of the teacher (such as manager, assessor, prompter and monitor), and on which role to employ and when. We also talked about the behaviour, learning experience and motivation of certain age groups, for example, that young children have a short attention span, or that adults tend to have higher expectations. In addition, we learned about different levels and their characteristics of L2 learning.I think these videos were very informative. I like how it showed the discerning difference between a teacher who engages the students and successfully allows them to learn and the opposite situation. It's clear that with a friendly and comfortable environment, student's are able to learn more effectively. I also learned that gestures and pictures make a stark difference in material learned by students as they have a more visual aid.