TEFL in Jilin City, China

Date posted:2006-04-20 | Writer: Jilin City No. 1 High School | Email: [email protected]

Jilin City No. 1 High School is a public school. It was founded in 1907. Now, it has grown into a modal high school of Jilin Province. Now our school is a high school only, which consists of 78 classes for 4426 students. The total number of teaching and administrative staff is 340. Our school has just moved into the new school site, in the southwest of the city. It covers an area of 280, 000 square meters for 6, 000 students. It's designed as a garden-style campus, cradled in a lovely landscape with lawns, green trees, flowers, sculptures and fountains. It includes three teaching buildings, a lab building, a multi-media center, a library, an art center, an office building, three dining halls, two dormitories, a gym center, an indoor swimming pool and a big campus, the total investment in the new school is RMB 230 million yuan .

In 2002, the school was qualified for hiring foreign teachers. And since then, the school has ever employed 14 foreign teachers from Zealand, America, .Australia and Canada. And we had the great honour that two of them was titled Excellent Expert of Jilin Provice respectively in 2002 and in 2004, who were the only high school teachers among all the awarded foreign experts. In order to adapt to the development of education, especially the education of the English language, the school is trying its best to explore more channels to send the Chinese English teachers to further their study abroad and invite more professional foreign experts to teach in the school. All the staff and the students are warmly welcoming excellent foreign teachers to our school. Those who are experienced in teaching or like to take up teaching , please get in touch with us.We are sure that our school will have a brighter future with your great help.

* Monthly salary: 3500-4000 RMB(out of the UK, USA, AUS, Canada) 5000-5500(from the UK, USA, AUS, CANADA because of different currencies) * Allowance for lunch : 100RMB pre month * allowance for trasport: 100 RMB per month * School pays: electricity, water, net service * Foreign teacher pays: drinking water, telephone, other daily expensese * Air tickets: round trip for a whole school year one-way for a term * paid holidays: 1 month, apart from Christmas Day, the Spring Festival, May Day, National Day, New Year's Day * Free Chinese lessons: if required * Medical insurance: emergency and basic medical care. The insurer pays 80%.Â

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I have learned all the needed information in managing the class. The importance of eye contact, gestures and good voice quality using different phases. The pros and cons of grouping the students. Also the different style of seating arrangements according to the size of the class. This unit also helped me in identifying the different types of teaching techniques, position and movements in handling the class effectively.This unit has built upon what I have learned in my college about managing a classroom. This lesson has been more specific and I now have more resources and ideas for handling a classroom and for managing bad behavior. It is daunting to think of the students that I may have and the problems they may come in with like family problems, health problems, etc. I hope that I can overcome these obstacles and be a great teacher!