Course Books for English for Specific Purposes and English for Academic Purposes

 English for Specific Purposes is an area of English language teaching and learning that encompasses business English, English for Academic Purposes as well as courses that teach English needed for specific professions. In this infographic we look at course books aimed at teaching English to those in certain professions such as finance, law, tourism, medicine and aviation. We also look at course books available for teaching English for Academic Purposes. EAP focuses on the language and skills needed for students to study in English at university level. As with other English teaching, EAP deals with reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as vocabulary and grammar but these are linked to the students’ specific study needs such as essay writing.


There are several publishers involved in producing course books for ESP and EAP classrooms. The main ones are Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press. These two publishers produce EAP course books across a range of levels in British, American and International English varieties. Other publishers include Pearson/Longman, Macmillan, Delta Publishing and Garnet Education.


EAP course books cover a range of academic English topics and skills from books focused on specific subjects to others dealing with particular study skills such as listening to lectures and note-taking. Most can be bought direct from the publishers’ websites, Amazon or in the EFL section at your local bookshop. If they don’t have them in stock, you can always order them through the bookshop. Any good quality language school will have a well stocked resource library with plenty of titles to choose from for your classes. If you are working as a private tutor, you will need to buy your own course book and you are bound to find something to suit yours and your students’ needs in the list of publishers covered in this infographic.


Infographic Course Books for English for Specific Purposes and English for Academic Purposes


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