5-Day Combined Courses

The 5-Day Combined TEFL/TESOL Certification Course has been designed by a group of experts with extensive knowledge of all aspects of English language teaching. The course is specifically aimed at anyone who is new to, or relatively inexperienced in, language teaching and is looking to work overseas. The short format of this course makes it perfect for anyone who is in a hurry to get started in the classroom.

As most of the course is completed in an intensive in-class environment, it offers a solid introduction to the life of an ESL teacher. Also, to ensure the course is right up-to-date with the latest innovations in the world of language teaching, it is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Course Content:

The materials included in the course cover a wide variety of subjects that provide you with a thorough introduction to teaching English as a foreign language, either at home or abroad. All course graduates also receive ongoing job support for as long as they need it. The course includes:

  • 700-page textbook
  • 300+ page workbook
  • 200+ page Global Employment Handbook
  • Lifetime career support

The materials cover the following teaching related subjects:

  • How to Confidently Teach English in Any Situation, Abroad or Locally
  • 40 Communication-Based TESOL Approaches and Methods
  • Pronunciation, Conversation & Communication
  • Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
  • Lesson Planning and Teacher Preparation
  • Phonology and Linguistics
  • Grammar Review and Student Evaluations
  • Communicative Approach
  • Activity-Based Learning
  • Promoting Dynamic Student/Teacher Interaction
  • Pedagogy – The Art and Science of Teaching
  • Teacher and Student Role Reversal
  • Video Training and Analysis
  • Music, Song and Media for language Acquisition
  • Internet in the Classroom
  • Teaching Philosophy
  • English for Specific Purposes

The materials also cover the following employment related subjects:

  • Finding the Best English Teaching Job Overseas
  • Employment Contacts and Connections
  • Obtaining Tutoring Contracts in Addition to Your Regular TESOL Employment
  • Hot Tips on How to Make the Most Money Possible with TESOL
  • How to Avoid Common Contract Pitfalls
  • Overseas Teaching/Work/Travel Information and Tips
  • Culture Shock! Leave Prepared
  • Teaching and Tutoring English Locally
  • Travel Safe and Secure Abroad Supplement

In-Class Course Content:

This section of the course is completed at the training center you have chosen to attend and is led by our experienced instructors who have taught in a variety of domestic and international environments.

In-Class Teaching Schedule:

Day 1

  • Instructor Introduction
  • Introduction to the Course
  • Introduction to Specializations
  • ESL/ EFL Acronyms
  • Approaches, Methods and Techniques
  • ESL/ EFL Student Levels: Characteristics of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Students
  • Demonstration Lesson
  • Lesson Planning
  • Presentation Preparation & Topic Assignment

Day 2

  • Using Games as Warm-Ups & Ice-Breakers
  • Philosophy of Teaching
  • How to Teach Children
  • How to Teach Adults
  • The Rassias Method
  • How to Teach English Vocabulary
  • Presentation Preparation

Day 3

  • Using Music in the Language Classroom
  • Using Video for Language Learning
  • Teaching Listening Comprehension
  • The Total Physical Response Method
  • Teaching Linguistics
  • Challenges of Teaching Pronunciation Internationally
  • The International Phonetic Alphabet

Day 4

  • Warm-Ups for Visual Learners
  • How to Teach Reading
  • Global Language Test
  • How to Teach Writing
  • ESL/EFL Student Assessment Techniques
  • TESOL Student Lesson Presentations
  • JET: A Year of Exploration

Day 5

  • Warm-Ups for Tactile Learners
  • TESOL Student Lesson Presentations
  • Peer Evaluations
  • How to Teach English Grammar
  • Grammar Quiz and Resources
  • How to Teach Idiomatic Expressions
  • Overseas Job Guide Presentation
  • How to Write a Teaching Resume
  • How to Live Overseas

Overall Course Components:

  • 35 hours of in-class instructor-led lectures and teacher training
  • 5 hours of out-of-class creative lesson planning, presentation preparation, readings and exercises during the week of the course
  • 20 hours of readings plus exam to be completed after the course at the student’s convenience
  • 35 + 5 + 20 = 60 Hours of Study
  • TESOL Certificate is awarded at the end of the in-class course

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