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C. E. - Canada said:
How Teachers Can Increase Their Confidence in the ClassroomIn the last course worksheet, the teacher?s preparation and outlook/mentality were stated as the overarching themes essential for effective teaching. These themes encompass a variety of issues, techniques and ideas in the classroom and include the planning of lessons, doing one?s own research and even instilling in students the belief that they are also capable (of learning the language). These themes therefore also influence and reflect the teacher?s level of confidence in the classroom. What the level of confidence means here is how much a teacher believes in his/her ability to educate others. To increase one?s level of confidence, the teacher must therefore take steps to teach more effectively. This means using tangible items e.g. adapting material from the course book while aiming to achieve a positive mentality towards his/ herself (as well as the students). To embrace this positive outlook, English Language (TEFL) teachers in particular should remind themselves that they?ve already shown determination and motivation in becoming a tefl teacher. Furthermore, the teachers who have taken certification courses such as this have shown that they?re willing to do the hard, tangible work that is necessary to be competent teachers. These educators should then use this knowledge of themselves to realize that if they make the effort, they could accomplish their teaching goal(s) - whether that is to be a fairly competent teacher or an outstanding one. Some of the ways TEFL educators can make this effort to become effective teachers (and thus improve their confidence) is by acknowledging their weak points, being flexible in the classroom, faking some confidence, and by surrounding themselves with those who believe in them. Surrounding one?s self with supportive people, i.e. friends, family and other teachers, allows an educator to thrive off of their belief in his/her ability. He/ she can gain confidence from this support group and is able to receive advice when he/she needs it. When it comes to increasing confidence it the classroom, the most helpful of these advisors may likely be that of an experienced teacher; this is because they may have had the same fears and gone through the same situations. Every teacher however, does not all go through the same situations and there may be times when a teacher will have to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Situations such as these can be daunting but their possibility allows yet another way for teachers to increase their confidence. This is through striving to improve one?s flexibility or improvisational skills in the classroom ? a skill that is generally a sign of experienced, confident educators. Ironically, to improve one?s flexibility in the classroom, teachers should consistently observe their class and research potential problems and their solutions; this is in order to use that knowledge to figure out solutions to these new, unforeseen circumstances. A teacher?s improvisational skill is not the only aspect that a teacher should strive to improve; a teacher must also recognize and strengthen his/her weaknesses in the classroom. This is by consistently reviewing lessons, checking for repeated student errors and giving correct and sufficient feedback. This is in order to ensure better learners as failing to realize and correct one?s faults in teaching would result in increasingly frustrated students, and only reflect negatively upon the teacher. If all else still fails to increase a teacher?s confidence in his/her ability, then he/she must take the much-said advice of ?faking it?. It is general knowledge that when you are not confident in yourself it shows. Following this logic, the students will also know, and it may result in their decreasing belief in their teacher?s capability. If the students are already unmotivated and doubt their instructor?s ability to teach, then this will show in their work and only ?prove? the teacher?s incompetence. It is therefore essential to then fake some confidence, while working to increase it outside the classroom. In conclusion, whether teachers fake their confidence, improve their skills in the classroom or lean on their friends, there are various ways in which their outlook and preparedness can increase their confidence.