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Etienne Van Rooyen

Etienne Van Rooyen

My name is Etienne van Rooyen, and I live and work in Hachinohe City, Japan. I'm from the Gold Coast, Australia, and have lived in Japan for over two and a half years and going strong! I work on the JET Programme as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT), teaching at one high school (which is rare for those who have or are working for JET). I graduated with an undergraduate degree in "Langues and Linguistics" with Japanese language studies and English linguistics majors. Alongside teaching, I spend my time staying active with my newfound love of winter sports like skiing and ice hockey. I am also an avid videogame/movie fan, reader, cook and pianist.

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There are three types of senior high schools in Japan. Each senior high school (grades 10, 11, and 12) has a different purpose and students attend it. Understanding this helps us learn how English language learning in Japan is differently yet similars each school. With this knowledge, as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) you can adapt your lessons plans, materials and style to fit your school/s.

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