How to Pronounce 'THOROUGH' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word thorough. This word is used as an adjective and means being careful about detail. The word comes from the Middle English word thorow, which came from the Old English thurh.

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This unit covers the different types of classes an ESL teacher will encounter, one on one classes, business, children, beginners as well as the differences in teaching monolingual versus multilingual classes. The Information in the unit on teaching children and beginners was very thorough as well as practical, This section in particular was filled with a lot of useful advice.Today I reviewed the various types of equipment and teaching aids I can use in future classrooms or sessions. I was given a short synopsis of each equipment along with ideas to help me use the equipment during a teaching session. I reviewed both past and present teaching equipment. I now have a steady understanding of which equipment and teaching aids to use in the classroom.

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