How to Pronounce 'OPERATIONALIZE' - English Pronunciation


In this epidose, we cover the pronunciation of the word operationalize. This word is used as a verb and refers to the action of putting something nto operation.

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This unit covered present tenses in depth. Each present tense has different forms and usages. It's explained what time frame and situations these tenses are used for. Irregular verbs that get used often are also covered and are important to know. Common mistakes students make with these tenses were covered as well as teaching methods and class activities to help correct them.I like this chapter it is a quick rundown of some common potential problems. I like the elaboration of trying not to use their mother tongue, only using it when absolutely necessary, and definitely not in a speaking activity, and that students need to become comfortable and confident in expressing themselves even if they aren't going to be grammatically correct and perfect.

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