Itchy Feet - English Idioms


The idiom "itchy feet" refers to the need to leave or a feeling of a need to travel, for example: Watching an airplane pass by is giving me itchy feet.

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In this unit, I was given an introduction into the field of teaching English to young learners. I am excited to learn about the different learning theories for young learners. I was also surprised by the career and salary prospects for TEFL teachers. I am looking forward to completing this course. I enjoy teaching children, and I think this could be a good career fit for me.We saw a lot of different topics in this unit, like modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs, passive voice and relative clauses. These topics were of a higher level than the previous English-grammar related units, so it is important to understand them wery well. In this unit I was able to correct my mistakes while using the passive voice and learned a lot about phrasal verbs.

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