Elbow Room - English Idioms


The idiom "elbow room" refers to having enough room to move in or having the ability to act freely, for example: The concert was so crowded that there was hardly any elbow room at all. This means, there were so many people at the concert that you could barely move.

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Unit 8 dealt with the future. Because the future is so mysterious to talk about, we learned 7 ways to express it. Most of the future tenses were easy to understand. With the future, we deal a lot with predictions and plans, so it is important to distinguish these with how one communicates. I think the future perfect continuous is probably used more for higher level students.There are more forms of future tenses as opposed to the past and present tenses. Although there are more, a few of them are present tense forms that can be given a future tense meaning as well. Once again the format was the same except with more forms to cover. The teaching ideas are always useful as they can be used to form a base to come up with similar activities as well.

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