Cold Shoulder - English Idioms


The idiom "cold shoulder" means treating someone with coldness or ignoring someone. Our example is as follows: Anna is giving me the cold shoulder. She must be angry at me.

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It made me think a lot about the difference between adults and children, and the challenges you will have as a teacher as a result of these. Also, all the different 'roles' played by the teacher. It was also interesting to pin point the different levels of English language ability. They are close to each other in some ways, with subtle improvements as you move up the scale.In this unit I have learnt about different way of expressing future actions. It is a little bit confusing however, after a more careful approach a pattern emerges that enables one to use the future tense correctly and give more meaning to the action to be completed. It was particularly interesting how a simple word can make the meaning certain or uncertain, rude or polite.

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