Everyday vs Every Day - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


In this video Linda breaks down the difference between "everyday" and "every day". Due to their spelling, it can be quite hard for non-native English learners to understand the difference between the two. This video explains exactly how to differenciate between both expressions.

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I think this unit was full of useful advice. There is some brand new equipment for teaching which I haven't worked before. For example, the IWB and the OHP, both of them could be really helpful if we now how to use them. It was very good to have some aid how to use them. Moreover, it is really worthy to be updated about the new resources and equipment that a teacher can use.This section teaches the importance of the order in which lessons are learned. It was interesting to read because I am trying to learn another language myself and have been focusing more on vocabulary than grammar. In fact I have neglected grammar almost entirely. For some reason I feel it is less important and will not be as difficult to learn. I should probably reevaluate.

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