Theories, Methods & Techniques of Teaching - Audio Lingualism


So what we're going to do is to run through a series of methodologies that were created mainly in the 1900s that adopted the idea that language learning should be much more communicative, much more natural. The first one is called audiolingualism and it's also called the army method because of where it was developed. Basically, psychology, during the 1950s and 60s, was building up new theories about behaviorism. Perhaps the most famous experiments that were done in this particular area were by Pavlov, where he was showing that most animals undergo a stimulus response mechanism and he had a series of famous experiments, where by ringing a bell, he could cause a dog to salivate, that would be his response, in the expectation of getting some food. This behaviorist idea of stimulus response was put into an actual teaching methodology. Basically, in the audiolingualism method these two parts of the name tell us what actually happens. "Audio" is to listen and lingual is to repeat. So what we do is a series of drills and these intensive verbal drills help us to get the use of the particular language.

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I learned the terminology for phonetics and phonology. I learned that intonation and correct pronunciation have to do with the way our tone rise and fall when we speak as well as where we put stress on words. The stress on different words in a sentence can imply a completely different meaning. Also, I learned about the different categories of sounds the English language makes.This unit shows possible reasons for the selection of certain materials from a pure language perspective. That is to say that the information regarding the reasoning behind teaching certain words or structures is rather important. This information coupled with the potential lesson ideas mkae this unit rather useful when setting up to prepare a new vocabulary or grammar lesson.

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