Modals and Passive Voice - Passive Voice Usages


There are certain instances where we tend to use the passive voice instead of the active voice. This is true when the agent is unknown or unimportant. We also use the passive voice to change focus or to conceal the agent. Find out more about this topic in this video.

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This unit is all about classroom management.classroom management can be done by controlling the kids that is giving instructions for them to follow.Also by allowing each kids to participate in the lesson which you have to teach.furthermore,by playing games,songs interacting with them by discussing with them while creating funny jokes also goes along way to manage the class.student wish to be able to speak as soon as possible and develop in their productive skills, however writing skills are very important. I will keep writing skills as part of my teaching skills, not leaving it as a forgotten aspect of teaching. also learning about how to allow the students to be creative and balance this with accuracy at the right time has been very helpful.

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