Josephine Bangug


Hi everybody, my name is Josephine from Philippines but I?ve been living here in Italy for more than 20 years now. I?m a graduate of Accounting, major in Business Administration but English is my second language, so it was always my desire to teach English, especially to young learners and thanks to ITTT, that is International TEFL and TESOL Training, after 6 months of online course, I now have a certificate in teaching English. Now, I have two students online. One is Chinese and the other one is Spanish. And about this online course; it?s very flexible at an affordable price. You can finish it within 2 to 6 months - it depends on your availability. So, I encourage any English speaker to acquire methods of teaching. Through ITTT, you will learn effective methods of teaching English - that?s for sure. Bye! Thanks!

Name: Josephine Bangug
Where would you like to teach: Online
Teaching experience: yes
TEFL certified: yes
Earliest possible start date: Immediately