What TEFL Course to Choose: Non-Native Teacher Needs Analysis


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so yeah thanks a lot leo um by the way welcome uh at today's
session uh i hope you will enjoy it and i hope you will find something useful for
yourself uh so my name is lisa you can see my full name on this slide
um i you but i usually go uh by lisa because it is easier so my russian name
is slightly challenging i believe but it's the same as elizabeth uh so i'm an esl teacher uh working
online primarily um so i've been working online for two
years already starting in 2020 right before the beginning of the
pandemic and i'm also a tefl and tesol expert
with itttt so we're um itttt is a leading tefl and
tesol provider if you guys haven't heard about itttt or
if you've if you've come across this tefl provider and considering our
courses today's live stream is going to be exactly for you because i'm going to uh
deliver a really popular question i'm going to answer a really popular question um
regarding um the tefl courses to choose especially if
you're a non-native esl teacher or if you change your careers
so uh stay tuned and um let's do it together so let's review the courses and
probably uh um and probably outline a career track
for you your career development track um before we move on please let me know
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um and leo is actually a native speaker that's great to know thanks a lot um i'm
actually really um pleased when native speakers come to my sessions uh because
um i'm a non-native speaker and um i still have you know
a lot to learn myself as a student uh so thanks a lot for your support um i
hope that this session is going to be valuable for you um and let me
move on and change the slide so let's um jump right into the discussion
so the point of today's session is uh what apple course to choose and how to
build your career development and uh before we start
um before we consider the courses itself uh it is extremely important to think
about your teachers development needs so basically
when non-native speakers or native english speakers ask me about
some ways to start their teaching career they are curious about um
getting certified and then um they they want to jump right into the
work itself uh but from my point of view uh it's a slightly uh incorrect approach
because it is always important to think um like in the future
so to to think about your future perspectives uh because if you consider uh teaching
as just a side hustle it's probably not practical at all to um
think too much about your professional development although it is still important
uh so but in those cases when you really want to um
make teaching your career your lifetime career then um
start thinking about your development needs as early as possible and there are
actually uh two approaches from my perspective um think about your
background and also um consider your goals your uh
perspectives so uh as for the background um
answer the question so are you um a beginner teacher so are you at the
beginning of your teaching career or um are you an experienced teacher
already so um if uh you're that person who who is just
beginning uh this career path then um
it is one way uh to build your career track uh if you
if you are experienced then um it's it's another it's another um
you know uh process uh and you will think about um some other uh needs as
well but at the same times um bear in mind bear in mind uh that it is important to
uh consider some specific goals uh related to uh the niche and uh the group
age uh the age group you're going to deliver lessons to
so basically uh also think about uh who you want to teach either children
or adults or maybe you want to work with some specific groups like business
english students or even special needs um
so uh such special needs as i don't know dyslexic students or um
some other variants of you know special needs so um these goals should be um in your
mind when thinking about your development and also
choose between two modes of teaching online or in class
you can also combine somehow and many things related to in-class teaching can
be implemented in your um
online setting as well uh so everything is and interchangeable
uh however um when it comes to um narrowing down your niche
uh you want to make sure that you're a professional in the specific field
um and before i move on i want to ask you guys so what is your um current
situation are you a new teacher or um you are an experienced one and uh what are your
career goals what do you want to achieve so let me know in the comment section i
will be pleased to know and i will also share uh with the audience i will share
your answers with the audience um and yeah it's it's always interesting
to know uh what are some uh thoughts um and what
um what is important to the audience okay and i also want to draw your attention
to this um qr code at the top right corner of the screen so if you guys are
considering taking a tefl course with itttt this qr code can give you a really nice
30 percent discount of any tefl courses and today i am actually going to tell
you uh about different options you can choose um
you can look at uh while considering your career development
um and yeah i think that this this incentive this discount might be really
helpful um and you can also uh
you you can just follow the link from the chat box it looks like this
so uh if you think like doing the course just feel free to copy the link and
uh check out all possible variants all right and
unfortunately i can't see any comments maybe you guys are typing uh and it
takes time um and for the sake of not um spending too
much time on it yeah oh that's cool so um i'm not sure uh if it is a real name or
not or just a nickname but last says that he is
starting a university degree to become a teacher oh that's awesome so you are a
freshman right um so if you think that teaching is something
you're going to do for life this live stream is definitely for you and by the
way uh are you going to be an asl teacher or um just some general subjects
so let me know as well and um all together let's change the
slide um and see some options for different
needs so the first plan um is going to be
uh for early career teachers so last this slide is for you
and there is also a sieve joining in uh nice to see you
uh asif from lebanon nice nice to see you at the course
um so yeah by the way so last says that he isn't young
by the way there are no age limits for taking a toefl course or tesol
um at itt and i believe if you start your university degree it's also
not a problem it's it's not a problem as well i believe that um
when you are mature enough and when you understand what you want to do in the
future it's always better than to be you know young and wild
that's actually what happened to me back then and that wasn't um
that was just how it was but i feel like if i um
did something differently it would be probably more beneficial for me but
anyway so uh let's see uh what courses you can
uh consider uh if you are an early career teacher so
basically at itt we have several options uh the first two ones uh 50 and 60 hour
teaching courses they are related to those cases
when you don't have any prior experience or
education in the field and um but you want to get some hands-on
experience in uh planning for example or in teaching grammar and phonology so uh
the content of these courses is um absolutely comprehensible for uh those
people who haven't taught at all but they want to understand um
what is it what it is about and how to organize
the experience in general and they can be used as initial courses
uh before getting any further education or starting
teaching in general but if you um feel like
you want to know the basics the most important key points of this teaching job
then the 120 hour tefl course would be more suitable for you
because it is the most basic course that includes
both things related to planning and also teaching some specific skills but at the
same time it covers um such things as um
oh i'm going blank sorry so it also covers uh stuff like um classroom management
and some organizational things as well uh and also i would like to mention that
um usually when you find a job um the general requirement would be to have no
less than 100 hour course 100 hour certification so that is
why um the 120 hour tefl course is the most popular option
so just because uh this is the general requirement all over the world and if
you get uh this type of certification uh the chances are you're going to be um
eligible to work uh in various um parts of the world
okay um so uh and the last certification listed in
here is uh actually quite uh useful for those
people who don't have any practical experience so if you are for
example if you are a non-native teacher or even if you you're annoyed
sorry a native teacher you um but you don't have any teaching practice uh you
can seek this um teaching practice recognition
and um we will provide you this um
special certification where you uh teach and then
you finish uh some specific um
assignments and then get certified uh as a teacher with practice
okay so this option is actually suitable for both uh experienced and not
experienced people not experienced teachers so you can also
think about this option so um and as for these courses
uh the two course the two courses above and the last one are special um
specialized tefl certification courses and uh the
the one uh in the middle is a basic course um so it's it's a general tefl
certification which is required all over the world uh and um
employers usually ask you if you have at least 100 hours certification
okay so let me check out um in the comment section so asif asks
which countries except non-native speakers so asif the thing is um it is
actually very subjective to specific countries so if you for example want to work uh in
a in a certain destination uh what you have to do is um
go to their embassy website or any other
governmental website and check out the visa requirements section uh to see um what are some
specifications for uh teachers so there are countries where um
only not only native teachers are eligible to teach but at the same time there are many
places around the world where non-native teachers are accepted as well
but also i just want to remind you that getting a job doesn't mean that you have
to um hold a specific passport or to be born in a specific country
it's also important to be proactive and show your interest
that is why i always recommend trying whatever destination even if there are um
certain rules uh in you know uh accepting accepting some
specific nationalities so uh in my personal experience um that
was in china so i got a job in china um several years ago
um so i was a native speaker of course at that time regulations were
slightly different and it was much easier to get to china compared these
days however schools actually preferred native
speakers there but those companies that uh understood how
the esl world worked they um accepted those teachers who had
um education experience and who actually wanted to um
develop as teachers and in those school where i worked i
actually got a lot of useful trainings and i should say that my teaching
development started at that time and was provided by my
employers so always think that um it is on you
to find the best benefits and the best place to work
okay um all right yeah so uh let me dwell upon
this as well a little bit further so i'm going to uh change the slide and answer this
question so perez asks uh if this courses can be combined or not
um yeah so let's see um if you um
before i answer that question i also want to add that there are some other
options so if you guys want uh to seek some further development
uh it is also possible and it is always really good for you um as a teacher
because when you narrow down your niche you have more career prospects more
career opportunities and you can um you know you can
um open your rate hourly rate uh which is a really great thing for um
your career development as well especially if you are a freelancer
um yeah hello everyone who are joining right now thanks a lot for coming so we
are talking about different types of courses to choose for uh your non-native
teacher career development and on this slide you can actually see
three options these are also specialized tefl courses
but um compared to the previous ones uh uh courses
can't be combined um they can't be taken prior to the main
general course so if you haven't been tefl certified if you haven't got uh
your basic tefl certification uh which is um 120 hour course uh at itt
uh unfortunately you can't proceed with these other courses
but if you are tefl certified already you can consider taking a business
english course um a course in teaching business english um
teaching young learners course or teaching english online so these three
specialized courses are for those who have this primary tefl certification
and let me now explain the thing with the packages
of course we have these great value packages you can
obtain several courses together as a bundle uh they will cost a little bit more than
this general certification but in this case you pay
for the bundle and you get this reasonable price which is why
these options will suit various needs and all budgets
the most general certification the most general bundle
would be number one uh 170 hour tefl course plus um
certification in teaching english online so basically it's our uh 20-hour
120-hour uh tefl course which is this general course general tefl
certification and then after completing the general course you will be assigned
with the um teaching english online certification uh so basically two courses together but
you pay less uh the same about uh um 220 hour master package so this
course this bundle includes a little bit different outline
let me quickly um check out the outline itself um
um so if you are interested if you're curious in it so basically 20 20 hour tefl
course also includes this 120 hours
certification yeah let's just
go to the special page on the website and let me
check quickly because uh unfortunately i don't learn it uh by heart and always forget
and recently we've already we've also had um some major changes uh
in the courses outlines so uh they might have changed as well
so yeah uh this package uh the 220 hour uh master package includes um
one the 120-hour scuffle certification uh and the 50-hour uh course and
teaching english to young learners and um also
um teaching business english and um there are two options for this
package as well uh you can do it um on your own or with the help of our uh awesome tutor
so if you consider the tutor option uh you can also get a
tefl certification in teaching english online um as a bonus
and as for um the other packages um they also have some specific um
outlines and include um more courses um
for less money uh just not to spend much time on
explaining all these details here uh let me send you a link
so just quickly i'm going to send the link to these
courses right in the chat box so if you guys are interested in the
great value packages check it out and yeah
so and i'm going to answer the questions from the chat box so let me see
so thanks a lot asi for being so active i really appreciate that
uh because when someone asks questions it is always easier to you know um
to deliver the session sometimes it happens like when i talk talk and talk and then
uh my throat gets so so dry i i start you know my voice starts
changing all right so uh which course i prefer so
several years ago um let me think when it was so it was in october oh actually
um how many four years ago so in october to 2017
i took my tefl course and it was uh the 120 um hour tefl course
uh without tutor so i wasn't um
that uh you know um i i didn't choose actually between the
um tutor support and without tutor support
i just just decided doing everything on my own but i believe that it was a
mistake because it took me much more time than it could take
so basically um i had a lot of challenges uh doing the um lesson plan
which was um one of the requirements to get a tefl certification and um
these days i'm thinking um about suggesting you um
considering the option with the tutor support because if you have any troubles if you
have any questions if you don't understand some contents
you can always reach out to your tutor and ask and uh by the way itttt
provides a 24 7 support so if you have any issues
regarding the technical aspects or the course itself you can always um
get back to us and we will help you out so uh this is what we provide for sure
and uh this is one of the advantages we offer to our clients
so if you have any you know troubles we're always here to support
you what's next um so
yeah let me see milo's question as well um so milo is temple certified already
congratulations by the way um did you take your tefl course with itttt or not
so what course to peak next to increase chances
uh well so let me change the slide and show you
these three options so basically uh if you want to
continue your teaching development your teacher career development
you can try to narrow down your niche which is always a great idea because if
you get more experience in a specific field for
example business english teaching it increases your chances not just to
get hired but also to get paid more uh because uh specific courses um specific
uh services always spend are always cost
more at least this is a trend in russia
so um tutors all over russia uh try to narrow
down their niche uh if they are smart enough you know if i if i may put
it like this but the thing is many teachers still provide this general english courses to whatever students
possible just to make at least some money so those who want to you know develop
the career they change the approach and narrow down the niche
choose specific students to teach and increase their our hourly rates so
um to in order to enhance your career perspectives i suggest
that you look at our 50-hour teaching business english course or
teaching english learners course and the last option would be teaching english online
uh also if you want to refresh your knowledge in
planning you can consider this 50-hour elt
academic planning course as well or teaching grammar and phonology and i would say that teaching grammar
and phonology um might be really useful and i'm actually thinking about this
course of course myself right now because i have um a group of uh
non-native english speakers living in um native english-speaking countries
and their problem is actually not the language itself they are pretty advanced
but they still have some gaps in their grammar which is why
we have one group a week and work on grammar specifically
so this option also might be useful for those who want to
change the career somehow who want to
set a higher price and stuff like that
and also when you look for uh employment in some companies
um being um a specific um
field teacher is always is always a bonus because you can actually provide um
higher quality services to your students um in in my uh perspective
uh being a general english teacher is your first step in the career
and then you have to move on and think about what suits you
as a person best that was my idea when i decided to work
just with teenagers on exam preparation
and that is why when it comes to teaching
young students i work with teenagers only they're from 13 to 15 years and we
work on the cambridge exam preparation and i would say that exam preparation
is actually a great idea to offer um services and um it is really popular
these days all over the world so consider it as well and um
yeah this teaching english learners teaching young learners course uh can be
suitable for this uh perspective um okay so i hope milo i have answered
you i have answered your question uh if you still have any doubts let me
know and if you want to look at the courses a
little bit closer you can actually follow the link that i have just dropped in the comment
section and i'm going to answer phillips question as well
so um is is russia now becoming a good place to teach english
so it really depends i would say that um in russia
we've got a really strong teaching community but teachers are
the russian english teachers so we have um you know a pretty solid um
educational system regarding the teacher training
and then teachers who have this general degree you know in
education they um also if they are interested in teaching uh
they seek some some further career development uh ways uh and all and
constantly try to develop uh so when it comes to uh offering
private um lessons uh this market is actually boosting
because like all over the world because online teaching um and not just online teaching but
one-on-one teaching is um a great way to um
you know um for both uh students and teachers it's a pretty convenient way and a comfortable
way uh to work um so there are many uh companies that hire
both native teachers and non-native teachers uh those companies are online companies
and also i just this regular companies
um i'm not sure about the visa processes and stuff in russia uh it can be rather
challenging for uh some specific destinations um just due to this you know
relationships between russia and the other countries
um but generally speaking yeah there are many job offers um within the country um
you just have to research um and it's it's not that hard uh to get
a job let me just quickly drop a couple of options you can quickly consider if you
want to teach in in russia so you can teach online basically
for for several russian companies and the most uh famous one is called um
skyeng like this so you can google it uh and the other one uh is
um um
yeah i think like this the other one is yandex practicum um or some something like that but if
you google it you will probably uh find the links so these two companies are
really big uh and they work primarily with um adult students so if you feel
like you want to try to work with russian
students russian adults you can consider these two companies
so they are both huge at tech companies uh in russia
just check check their websites and see if such opportunities
may work for you but um again um hourly rates might be really low um
in terms of your low location and um this company's market
uh so you always have to consider that um you know russia
and many other countries um have uh
you know some some standard rates um in terms of um russian ruble for example and american
dollar so exchange rates are uh pretty tricky
here and the life costs lower compared to the uk or to the
us that is why uh teachers may be paid much less than
um in first world countries you know uh so you also have to uh research this
point as well so if the country isn't the first world country um the chances
are you won't get paid higher and for this reason i would suggest you uh
trying to work as a solo teacher to work as a freelancer
and see if there are opportunities to work for
higher hourly rates so that's probably it
and let me change the slide once again so i don't have any further um slides
related to um some career development and um ittttt
tefl courses um so just a second
all right so um last last asks um how to settle in a country
um what country do you mean exactly and um could you give me some more um
specific explanations of your question because i'm not sure how to answer it is
really subjective right so uh if you consider moving to a different country you have to basically
research um the life expenses
some possible life expenses they might be really different um
um in your country in your mother uh land um yeah for example if you are from the
us if you're a native speaker from the us and you've charged like um
you've charged like 25 hours uh 25 dollars an hour
uh and you want to go to russia um i'm not sure that you can
get the same uh hourly rate uh in this country because um
the cost of the cost of life is much lower uh it doesn't um
happen like uh it it doesn't um mean that uh
the same thing will happen uh in some metropolitan areas like
moscow and saint petersburg so uh those places they are re rich and
uh you know they offer more chances more opportunities
to teachers yeah so it's it's really subjective
uh but basically uh what else should you consider is um your
cultural background so before moving to a specific country
you have to research uh what rules um they have
uh what cultural uh habits and stuff like that
um yeah probably that's all um
if you find an employer uh in in your destination in
your choice destination in the destination of your choice uh they will help to solve uh all things related to
visa and um whatever so
yeah like this um basically that is all for today um i
hope that uh today's uh session was useful for you um let me know what you think by by the
way and if you have any further questions feel free um to ask once again
uh yeah i am going to send the link once again so
this link um this link contains the 30 discount or
you can simply scan this qr code um uh that you can see in the slide right
on the slide right now um just follow the link from the chat box it's if it's more convenient for you
um yeah that's it and let me also say a little bit more
about our um live streams so basically uh we go live
every week twice uh i go live uh at the beginning of the week and my colleague linda goes live at
the end of the week linda is a native english speaker and she can also um
give you uh some hands-on experience share some hands-on experience because she
used to teach in china she worked in south korea and she also travels
a lot um around the asian countries especially so uh if you want to learn something
specifical uh some something specific related to the native english
speaking opportunities just check out linda's live streams as well um what else
uh itt is presented on various social media so right now i'm streaming on um
youtube and facebook but at the same time you can find our
profiles on um instagram and pinterest um and linkedin if if
if it is the most convenient uh social network for you uh we share various um
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stay tuned and probably um subscribed uh and follow uh to get uh to get
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uh to get updates um and as for facebook uh we um actually
share job prospects um a couple of times a week i believe or maybe once a week uh
check out the feed as well if you want to find some ways to teach
um yeah that's pretty much but i would like to invite you to my facebook group as well
uh so i have a facebook group on um facebook uh it is for um both non-native
teachers and native teachers and um i'm trying to build this community
um and um i'm going to share useful information
related to um teacher career development and uh
language learning as well so feel free to join in and if you guys have any
questions um regarding temple certification uh teaching opportunities esl and stuff
like that you can always direct message me on facebook or on instagram maybe
so feel free to do that and i will um see you next week
uh at on the same day at the same time so i hope uh that we will get back
together again uh if you have any suggestions related to the live streams to the coming live
streams if you want a specific topic to be covered just feel free to um suggest me as well
i will be really glad because um i want to deliver um
the best services to my audience and help out as many people as it is
possible um yeah thanks again thanks for coming
thanks for your support uh it is very nice uh it is very nice to
work with you guys and have a great week see you soon bye bye