The Truth about Online TEFL Courses: Pros and Cons


hello everybody welcome to another live stream session with itttt my name is lisa and i'm glad
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uh so this is how we try to be helpful and um
how we try to help teachers and those who want to become teachers
uh to be more or less aware about what's going on
in this tefl business in the tefl industry and everything basically
related to teaching so uh today's live stream session is devoted to
uh the truth about online tefl courses and i'm gonna share some pros and cons
and of course i would like to um you know like compare
online tefl courses with um offline with in-class courses
because i believe that this information is uh usually
that one that concerns a lot of people who want to become teachers
so stay tuned and in a couple of moments i'm going to
start um the main presentation although today i don't have any slides uh because i
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so this is how i try to be um different every time yeah i think
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something interesting probably and something useful um once again uh and if
you know if you don't know me yet my name is lisa i'm an online temple
teacher uh i'm from russia originally uh but i used to teach in china for like three
years approximately then i moved to thailand i didn't teach there but um i
was like a freelancer at that time uh anyway i learned a lot about the country
and the culture so um basically i'm super interested and excited about
different cultures and the ways people learn english there
so this is my experience and these days i work online only
i prefer to deliver my lessons via
different you know technology like zoom or
some other platforms and if you are curious uh in various
types of uh online classes and how to deliver uh lesson successfully
make sure you check out uh one of my previous live streams because i talked a
lot about online lessons and yeah
well people find them pretty useful so make sure you check that out
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all right so um i hope uh that this introduction didn't
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uh move further to the main topic and yeah i see
um one of the old commerce uh philip thanks for joining us
thanks for coming to this live stream yeah so um england is probably
raining during this part of the year as well um okay so we are going to discuss
different pros and cons of online tefl courses and let's begin with uh online tefl
courses itself because later on i'm gonna um
you know like compare uh online temple courses with in-class courses
uh and as for um online um learning mode i would say that there are more pros
than cons to me personally but everyone um studies differently
uh and it is also really subjective to your own experience
so basically what i see as a pro is that it is convenient
uh because you don't have to spend time on uh getting to your classroom uh you can
just start learning at any
convenient period of time and at the same time uh you don't have
to spend much resources like money uh energy you know uh time uh to to get
somewhere um or to get something in terms of uh content so you can just simply uh open
your uh com you you can simply start your uh
computer and uh login into um your dashboard on on the website and
um get every necessary materials there uh if they are
provided of course you know sometimes um it depends on um providers but
sometimes um materials are not delivered in the same
way so as for itt for example we have um our
special uh platform where every student
can get all necessary materials and you don't have to
get emails in order to access your materials nothing like that
so you just log into your uh personal platform
and uh on your dashboard uh you get in every module and you just can
study it this way um at the same time you can also download some uh useful uh
materials uh in in the form of pdfs it is also pretty convenient um
and if you want you can um will print them out and uh
note down there something and so on um what else uh i consider as a pro
is um online tefl courses prices well they are usually um
much lower compared to the in-class courses uh just because um it is
an extremely different type of uh delivery uh when it comes to teaching in
a real classroom uh you have to like um the provider has to pay
uh to teachers to methodologists uh they have to uh rent the place to deliver
those courses so there are many different um well
coasts uh that influence uh the um price that
uh a student gets so basically um if you want to save up
uh on education i would probably recommend getting an
online course uh it's not actually just about tefl courses but about
any online courses so if you want to work on your professional skills or even
on your english skills just consider taking courses online but you have to
be motivated and and
determined to finish um because usually well often
people just you know ignore um well they they do some uh modules and then they uh just
give up so it is important to um evaluate your
own learning ability and just decide and be frank with yourself that for example you
can work online um and now um i would also
um love to dwell upon some disadvantages
of online tefl courses and to me it is a lack of networking
probably although we have a really nice facebook group
on um that allows people to get connected and keep in touch
for example our tefl team delivers this live stream sessions and
this is the way we want to connect with our students and with our uh future students as well
but in terms of global networking it's probably not the same for online
study uh as for in-class courses uh well it's like
100 clear that if you uh go somewhere uh you will meet people
there and you will have a chance to communicate in real life occasions
for some people it's a great disadvantage some other people especially you know
those who are super flexible in terms of using
technology it's not um that much of a disadvantage because
there are many chances to meet people online as well and you know after this uh
meta universe announcement uh well the chances are um in a couple of years in a
couple of years we will see those five d technologies and stuff and
we will probably get connected in some vr
space you know and probably that will be a different
time and a different approach to study and communication who knows uh all right
so let me check the chat box i see some people joining us um nice to see you
guys thanks a lot for saying your greetings uh i really
um feel uh pleased and you know amazed that many people um
get in touch with me via these live streams i really appreciate that because
this is the way i understand that we're truly global and we have this teaching
community community which is pretty pretty strong and powerful um yeah i've mentioned that there is
less networking but at the same time if we tune in every
week uh at the same time uh to this live stream sessions together we can have
this strong and powerful community uh and we can you know uh bond a lot
uh at least i try to do something like that when i ask you questions when i try
to engage you into this communication because because for me it's just you know speaking to myself and that's it uh
if i don't see any comments i feel like uh there is nobody sitting and listening
to me and well who actually cares um so let's move on to the next point um
it is like a quick overview of some uh advantages and disadvantages to
in-class chapel courses uh so basically um if you have already listened to
some um online tefl courses pros and cons you uh probably understand that
uh when it comes to in-class courses uh the main um
drawback is probably that they cost a fortune sometimes
not all of course but still uh for some people they're less affordable and
i would say that sometimes they don't even have much of ben well many benefits
compared to online mode of learning uh so as for me the
main benefit is that you can have this networking um opportunity
uh but at the same time it is very important well online
uh not online in class courses can be very important for some particular types
of learners so when it comes to teaching english uh it is obvious that there are different
types of learners uh for us as teachers but but when it comes to uh professional
development development of teachers uh we also
become learners ourselves and we all have various uh styles and various
approaches to uh process information so
some people they know that they can't study online because they are less
motivated less engaged and even if there are all
various types of um you know interactive activities it
still doesn't work because this is not the way they accept information
by the way let me know what type of learner you are what is the best way for you to um
understand and to you know comprehend information um as for me i'm completely
digital with kid i really love to i really love studying online and i like
teaching online as well uh it doesn't drive me crazy
so um i really enjoy especially when i um prepare lessons and when i think about
various engagement techniques and how to help my students um
well get the most out of it so yeah but basically that's probably because i
started using the technology really early uh in my life
so i had that opportunity as a child so that's why
it is okay for me um so yeah um and um another problem for
in-class courses would be that sometimes materials can be really
limited well uh if you study online you can access to any information
um in a couple of seconds you just have to google uh even if you don't have some
like materials on platforms you can just google and find whatever you need the
same about teaching materials we don't have to um spend much time on creating activities
or adjusting materials to our students uh but when it comes to studying in a
real classroom it is usually limited to uh just those uh printed copies of
materials and that's it sometimes um in training centers it is even not um
possible and affordable to get a course book and um frankly speaking as a um
as a combined type of student myself here um in this perspective of you know
having real materials i would say that sometimes i spend so much money on
getting real course books uh it is crazy
it annoys me a lot because um well i have to um count on
some specific um expenses so i have to include them in
my uh monthly spendings and stuff so
uh this is probably a great drawback for me as a teacher and a student
and let's move on to the overview of idt's online tefl courses so right now
i'm gonna share my screen and show you uh those options we have on the platform
uh so you will see um our website so if you haven't uh
experience if you haven't had this experience of using our tefl website you will see it
right now so maybe uh you will have some questions related to
um those um online courses let me know in the comments section
probably you're curious about some specific types of courses but right now
i'm gonna share my screen and show you what we have today because we try to
update our courses on a regular basis and deliver
well the most up-to-date materials okay so
uh right now let me share my screen it will take like a second probably
yeah so here we go uh let me know if you see my screen
right now so this is our tefl course website so it's our official website itt's official website
i'm gonna share the link to this section with online temple courses via the chat
box i and it will also contain a coupon
link this coupon link gives you a 30
discount of any online tefl courses so if you feel like uh you wanna um
take a course uh soon in your life like maybe
today or um in a couple of days or so on so you have this opportunity to
use the link from the chat box or uh this qr code code from the top right
corner it will also give you a 30 discount of any tefl courses
and right now let's see what we have what we've got so our basic course is
120 hour temple or t soul course um it has this level four
um and um this course is perfect for um people who
didn't um deal with teaching uh before
who haven't deal with teaching before so for example you are a specialist
in a different profession in a different field but you um feel like you would like to
teach english um well at the same time you are pretty fluent in english
and you want to use this skill to make some extra cash
so for this reason 120 hour tefl course would be um the most
useful one because it helps it contains the basic
um methodology the basic guidelines uh for
people who haven't um taught before
uh and by the way this is like almost a minimum requirement uh all over the
world usually if you um find a job your employer your potential
employer will ask you to have at least 100 hours of tefl certification
uh and in this case you will have this opportunity of um well taking 120 hours
uh tefl course so this is a great um program
uh if you haven't taught before if you don't have any experience
uh the next type of course is 170 hour course uh it also contains uh the basic
120 hour course plus uh it contains a specialized part
uh so you can choose either an online teaching
certification or some other types of additional
certifications so um it is also pretty beneficial for
people who don't have experience and want to well you know have some broader
experience after this tefl course then we have some other options for
people who have already been taught for some period of time but want to um
upgrade um somehow so we have this 20 uh 220 hour master
package it contains the initial certification
uh but it is also flexible because you can uh add some more um
some more types of courses like specialized courses in teaching
young learners or in teaching business english for example
the next one is 370 hour diploma course so
after finishing this one you won't have a certificate you will have a diploma uh
the different the difference is that it has this extended number of hours
of basic hours you will also have more time uh practicing
um practicing planning practicing um implementing new knowledge and new
skills in your real life teaching um and what else um and also
uh this option uh is delivered uh with tutor support
only so you will basically have an opportunity to work with your personal
coach so um if you find it um
easier when you're guided by another person by a professional teacher a
professional tutor it's a great um option for you it's a great opportunity
and it will also um it will also include a free course of
your choice uh and the last two types of courses
they are even more extended um you will also access them with tutor support only
it will also provide you with some videos and additional materials
and um at the end of this study you will be
able to get either separate certificates you know paper certificates
or you will you will be able to have this one certificate
with this uh maximum number of hours for um some
people it is more useful you know
but if you for example work online um so how i do that myself is
uh i list all different certificates uh not at once but
i publish them like for example this month i published this
certificate then next month i show a different one and this is the way i show that i
actually keep uh on my professional skills
i don't say that you know i um mislead people because
it's actually true it requires a lot of time to get certified
uh but at the same time uh this is the way to show off your skill show of your
professionalism um so yeah basically certificates are really
helpful if you want to um show your potential clients that you uh grow as a
as a as an expert yeah that's it uh so that's probably it in terms of the
types of courses and right now i would like to answer some questions so um i see that there is
just one question probably um all right
so if yeah if i open this comment uh it is so
big uh on the screen so i have to you know straighten um
i have to stretch up all right so basically uh
i hope to pronounce the name correctly said uh or yeah probably say it said
asks about the opportunity to get tefl certified
uh so yeah it is actually possible you can take um
one of our online temple courses and you will be able to study at your own pace
uh let me send the link once again to the chat box it's actually right here you can copy
that or you can follow it so uh just let me know if you can open it
and at the same time there is this qr code so it's basically the same the keyword
the qr code gives you a 30 discount of any tefl courses
and the link from the chat box uh contains the same piece you know the same uh coupon
uh so if you want to save up a little bit uh you can use it um you can copy it
and then apply with the 30 discount yeah that's how it's done
and yeah one second uh let me change the banner quickly
so if you guys have any questions related to tefl certification
online temple whatever please let me know in the chat box i will try my best
to assist you otherwise um we will finish this live
stream so if you don't have any questions about tefl certification
or um online tefl courses uh that's it for today
um anyway i will wait uh for a couple of moments okay
um yeah yeah just uh you can ask me whatever
comes to your mind uh if you probably feel um unsure about
some uh courses or if you want to know about
tefl certification a little bit more just let me know and right now by the way you can see how
sunny it is today in my place so uh i mentioned at the beginning of this
stream i mentioned that it's like nine degrees below zero and it is snowy uh
the whole city is covered with snow but it is super sunny and the sky is so
blue sometimes we don't see it like for weeks
but today it is really really nice yeah the weather is so
uh cheerful i should say i feel really inspired in such days
on such days sorry okay um yeah
so i don't see any further questions that is why i should wrap up
um probably thanks a lot for joining in uh
that was a great session with you my colleague linda will go live uh next
thursday or friday uh make sure you check out her live stream as well and if you listen to this
live stream uh in the form of a podcast thanks a lot for listening thanks a lot
for downloading this live stream session i hope that it was helpful and you find
it useful somehow at least you learn something
important or something that you can use a bit later
um i will uh go live next week at the same time uh
on the same day so thursdays are my live streams usually
uh and also if you want to keep in touch with me
um let me share a link to my facebook group
um i try to grow my community of teachers you know i
really like to be helpful uh for those who are interested in online teaching
especially so feel free to join in the group from the chat box
and that's all for today guys see you next week bye bye