The Most Affordable Countries For Teaching English Abroad


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probably can't really do that right now myself included i have not left the
country in almost two years and i'm super excited to go on a trip with you today we have a lot of
countries to cover and i'm super excited hi hello everyone hi juliana hello
hi tiana welcome welcome i hope you're ready to go on this trip with me today
we have a lot to cover a lot of great places today i'm super excited as you can see i'm ready to go on a little trip
today how about you where would you like to go let me know what country are you hoping to see today
on this list keep in mind these are the most affordable countries for teaching english abroad so what do i mean by that
those are the places the countries that are basically they have a very low cost of living it's very cheap to live there
and also to travel there if you don't want to commit full-time um so yeah those are the countries i'm
gonna cover today and hi thank you so much for joining hi nice to
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make myself smaller we can get into the presentation and just have let me have one more look
at the comments thank you so much hi there's whale or yeah whale walks well
from vietnam hi awesome and juliana says i would like to teach
english in japan france and singapore great and yusuf from algeria wants to see
russia thailand south korea in my life okay we'll see so keep in mind these are
the most affordable countries for teaching english abroad that means where the cost of living is the lowest you can
you don't have to spend a lot of money every month to live there those are the places that i'm gonna mention
today some good suggestions um and we'll see if the places that you
mentioned will be on the list today but we are definitely going on that journey a quick introduction just about myself
and this picture fun fact i just took this picture last weekend i was at
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it goes yeah and so let's go back to or let's
start let's jump right in so the most affordable countries for teaching english abroad you already named some
countries that you would like to see um so
like i said what i mean by the most affordable countries those are the countries that generally have a very low
cost of living that means you can you don't have to spend a lot of money every month to live there rent is cheap food
is cheap like overall cost of living is just cheap in those places and they also have a good demand
for efl teachers esl teachers and that's what we're going to look at today
and i'm super excited because this means we're going on a virtual
world tour today so we are basically at the airport and these are the places
that we're gonna hit up today actually more than that there are a couple more i think two more um that i didn't put on the list but
these are the places so i only listed the capital cities of each
country but so you get an idea of what kind of what countries we're gonna look at today
so in the comments have a look at these capital cities and leave the countries that you think we're
gonna hit up today in the comment section so we have buenos aires
phnom penh beijing prague bangkok vientiane mexico city kapandu lima
manila and there's two more i believe that didn't fit on the list but these are the places we're gonna travel to
today and just imagine we're at the departure gate we're ready we're traveling in a
group together today and as you can see remarks all of the flights are already
boarding so we better get going so tell me where are we going what countries are
we going to all right we already have a clue china
yes we are gonna go to china we are gonna go to china great
what other countries do you think we're gonna go to today have a look at the cities
awesome thank you tiana argentina vietnam china czech republic thailand
yes those are all among the countries we're going to go to today and more more
more more i'm so excited um
i really miss international travel so i thought we could just have a virtual trip all together i'm sure a lot of you
also aren't able to travel at the moment so this is as good as it's gonna get
all right then we have mexico portugal philippines all right
portugal no not really but mexico yes and philippines yes but no portugal today
i'm sorry i really like to go though all right
well i have all sorted them alphabetically i hope i think so
um so we're gonna start with a and we're gonna go to
argentina first ah look at these amazing pictures like i
i have not been to argentina i really want to go to argentina um it just looks
so amazing like look at the nature there and i have these amazing key facts for
you so about the demand there is a strong demand for foreign teachers throughout the country
but the largest market is definitely in the capital of buenos aires and that was on our departure list from just now
um significant markets for esl teachers they can also be found in other major cities like cordoba rosario mendoza and
the beach resort of mar del plata the salary is ranging between 600 and 1
200 a month and some requirements to teach in argentina include a bachelor's
degree and a tefl certificate of at least 120 hours and so if you don't have
that yet i just want to mention that again in case someone missed it we do have a 30
off opportunity during our live sessions so you can take a tefl course we also
have a 120 hour course 30 off so why is argentina
uh one of the best places or one of the two what was it called the most affordable affordable
places to teach because and i always for every destination i listed the same
things here so three things the price for a bottle of water the price for one-way ticket of local
transports that could be a bus or the subway and apart a one-bedroom apartment
outside of the center the prices for those three things are on all of the locations so we can sort of get an idea
of what things cost and you can compare that with your country or your city where you
currently live so for example in argentina a small bottle of water costs 81 cents u.s
and a one-way ticket is only 25 cents so that's either bus or subway like i said
and an apartment outside of the city center costs around 238
dollars a month so what do you think is that quite cheap compared to where you live
how is the price as a price compared to your place i think that's really very very affordable
especially the one-way ticket seems like traveling around argentina is very very affordable and also the
rent is very very cheap it seems so that is great and also you can make up
to 1 200 so that means you can actually
save quite a lot of money a month if you only need about 200 dollars for rent
um and so some of you might ask hey where did you get these numbers from
um there's actually and i mentioned this i think in the live session
two live sessions ago there's this website and i can share that with you real quick um where you can compare
the cost of living of different places so you can actually put in your city and compare it with the city
where you want to go to it's really really cool actually so i'm gonna paste it into the comments
section and then you can just play around with that on your own
but you can basically put in your city and then the city where you want to move
to and you can compare the cost of living this is the link right where you can do that
so it's called num slash cost of living
number number
that's a cost of living comparison site basically of all the different places so yeah this is it for
argentina um very very affordable and also the demand
is quite good um they are hiring at the moment as well so if you're interested
in this part of the world definitely give argentina a go all right
let's continue with the next one so buckle up we're gonna go to the next
place and that is cambodia cambodia
also again super beautiful landscape nature history i actually
really want to go to cambodia i have also not been um one of the few places i guess in like
east asia southeast asia that i have not been to yet and i'm really intrigued i really really
want to go the demand in cambodia the capital city pham pen has plenty of great
opportunities year round and then there's other places like cmrap bottom
bank and shannonville they also offer a significant number of teaching positions
those are the biggest cities in cambodia the salary ranges between 1000 and 1200
a month and some schools they also pay an hourly rate between 10 and 12 dollars
in our us dollars the requirements there is no requirement to possess a four-year
degree so cambodia is a great destination for people who do not have a university degree
because a lot of people think oh i can't teach abroad without a degree no there are still actually places where you can
find positions without a degree and cambodia is one of them but you should have a
tefl certificate of at least 120 hours and now let's take a look at the cost of
living so we have a small bottle of water costs 45 cents
a local transport a one-way ticket is 1.50 and an apartment a one-bedroom apartment
outside of the city center costs around 138
and 89 cents that's really cheap so
definitely cambodia seems to be definitely one of the most affordable countries to live in
and also the um demand is quite good right now also for
english teachers so yeah i would actually really enjoy teaching in cambodia i think
it seems like a wonderful place look how green and beautiful it is
the rice terraces here encore wat i really want to go to angkor wat
the ruins or temple complex ruins that's actually near cmrap
so yeah anybody interested in teaching english in cambodia i would love to know let me
know oh and i also just if you're wondering i always put the country
map um the outline of the map up here in the right hand corner unless
in case someone's wondering what is that that's the country map just for
just for reference so yeah take away cambodia very cheap especially
rent is super cheap um and you do not need a degree to teach
in cambodia so yeah i think that's really really great a really great destination and the
salaries are still quite good um there are some places we're gonna cover that
don't even have that high of a salary as this so if your rent is really that cheap and
rent really makes up most of the expenses i actually did a live before about um how to save money
um and pay off debts when teaching english abroad not too long ago so you can check
that out and um rent is actually one of the biggest expenses so look at the price
here very very affordable very cheap and you can definitely save a lot from
your monthly salary in that case so that would be a great destination
okay then let's have a look what's next yes china
china next and this is actually a place where i used to live and teach and work um
before it's a shame i didn't realize this qr code would cover the map
anyway i tried um yeah so actually china is the biggest
market for teaching english as a foreign language there are more than 100 000 foreign
teachers working in china probably even more than that i think it's definitely grown since um
since this number was put out i think there's opportunities at uh public schools kindergartens at
boarding schools universities international schools and there's like literally language schools on every
corner pretty much in big cities um it's there's so many the demand is so big
there's actually a higher demand um then or there there are more vacant positions
than teachers to fill them with um in china the salaries are also quite good
and they have been getting better in recent years so you can earn between 1 000 to 2 500 a month i think definitely
1 000 is um maybe like in really small places sort
of like more rural places i definitely think if you teach in like the bigger cities like shanghai beijing
um hangzhou guangzhou all of these bigger cities there's and there's a lot
of big cities in china they like we don't know them we maybe don't recognize their names but there's
like cities that have millions of population of millions of people um and they're considered small cities in china
it's really funny i think you can even make more than 2 500 in certain areas certain schools for
sure also a lot of times in china the schools they
will give you a lot of great benefits like free accommodation paid airfare and an end of contract
bonus um the requirements generally for teaching english in china are a
bachelor's degree two years teaching experience and a tefl certificate of at
least 120 hours and now to the cost of living today's
main point so to speak so a small bottle of water in china costs you 26 cents
a one-way ticket of local transport that could be bus or subway or something like that
31 cents and an apartment one bedroom outside of the city 180
however i want to say that this definitely depends uh from city to city so places like shanghai and beijing are
definitely more expensive so the rent might be slightly higher actually put in the city where i used to live in which
is called changsha in hunan province so it's one of those like they are huge cities but they're not very well known
um and i put the cost of living in for that part for that city so it might be different for shanghai or beijing you
can definitely go to nambiyo and check it out compared to different
cities in china as well and um yeah
i am a huge fan of um i really like china um
you know living in china obviously uh it's a bit also controversial you know
with the situation but aside from like politics or anything it's a great place to live it's a huge country
traveling inside of china is amazing there's a lot to see and do and it's
very affordable it is still a very affordable place however i will say that when i was there it was the first time i
was there was 2012 um and i lived in guangzhou that's kind of near hong kong south
and um i think that prices have definitely gone up since then so that's because that's
like nine years ago yeah that's nine years ago i'm very bad at math anyway that's nine
years ago and um definitely prices have been on the rise i've read lots of articles about that
but um still it is remains a very affordable place to live and especially
with the celery and those bonuses that you get the free accommodations you
don't even even have to worry about um housing which is great um you also get
paid airfare and end of contract bonuses so that's what makes china so super attractive for teachers
so yeah that is china
love it love it so let's move on to the next destination and feel free to just add your comments
at any time uh don't worry about it just yeah
all right the czech republic is next um so i'd like to make i mentioned the
czech republic in a lot of live sessions before actually because it is one of the
best places to start teaching in europe and it's one of the most affordable places for efl teachers in europe as
well all the other countries like the popular ones italy france
spain um germany all of these kind of countries are very
expensive the cost of living is very expensive there so that why they didn't that's why they didn't make the list
today um they're just very they're not very affordable to live in they're really not um so czech republic
um the most common form of employment for foreign teachers in the czech republic is through private language
schools and also what's really great about the czech republic is that non-eu citizens they are they can find
positions there because the visa um the visa regulations aren't that strict
that's also a big problem in other european countries because they pretty much only hire
um people with the eu passport um because then they don't have to worry
about any visa the visa process but the czech republic they have really like
loser visa regulations so also non-eu citizens can find work there
uh but it's recommended to secure a position from within their home country and then apply for a work visa through
the school office on arrival that's just but uh once you found a job they the
your employer your potential employer future employer will definitely help you and walk you through that process
the requirements for teaching english in the czech republic are a tefl certificate and a bachelor's degree in
any subject so that's also that means the bachelor's degree does not have to be in english or tesol
or teaching it could be any any major is fine salary is between 700 and 1200
dollars a month and many teachers they also supplement their income by taking on private students and this definitely goes for
any location you can always top up and supplement your income as an esl teacher
be it by private tutoring face-to-face or also online that's become super easy
to do super popular there's so many teaching platforms out there to supplement your income
um the cost of living for comparison so it it is a little bit
more expensive than the previous destinations that we talked about so a small bottle of water is
1.33 a one-way ticket local transport bus or subway that's 1.18
and an apartment one bedroom apartment outside of the center is around
627 dollars a month so still um affordable cheaper definitely cheaper
than other parts of europe for sure so that's why the czech republic is on this
list today all right great so we went from argentina to
cambodia to china now we're in the czech republic let's see where we're gonna travel to next buckle up we are going to
ecuador super exciting this is actually the first time i think i've ever mentioned
ecuador so if latin america excites you interests you
ecuador is a great place super affordable and also the country has seen a
significant growth in the demand for foreign teachers in recent years and teaching positions can be found in
big cities like quito that's the capital we have guayaquil and uh
i don't know how to pronounce it i'm sorry as well as in smaller numbers in other towns and cities across the country so
you can really find um positions pretty much all across the country which is great um
the requirement is basically a degree and a tefl qualification will
significantly enhance your earning potential so that's actually also something i mentioned in my life about
how to save money and how to pay off debt uh while teaching english abroad that the first step is definitely
getting a tefl certificate a tefl qualification because a tefl usually
means you will earn a higher salary so you want to start with the highest earning potential the best situation so
that's why you should get a tefl certificate so you can get a higher salary um
and yeah in ecuador you can earn between 500 and 1 000 a month
a small bottle of water let's have a look at the cost of living a small bottle of water will cost you
63 cents u.s a one-way ticket of local transport 25 cents u.s in an apartment a
one-bedroom apartment outside of the city center in ecuador will come to around
260 dollars u.s um very very nice it's also very
very affordable and there is a demand the salaries aren't great but also not that horrible so
you're definitely going to be able to live um and uh maybe even save a little bit of
money a month and just look at how beautiful this is i've also never been to ecuador
um so i don't know where these places are unfortunately but it just looks so beautiful so colorful so vibrant
um [Music] um i would really love to visit so yeah
i might be looking into a latin america trip very soon might be doing some
um volunteer teaching who knows there's a lot of opportunities obviously in latin america that region also for
volunteering so um i think actually more than actually paid positions um but yeah anyone who wants to go into
volunteer teaching you will definitely find a position pretty much anywhere um they always
like volunteers obviously but yeah that's another thing
so yeah let's see we went from europe to ecuador
and now we're going to laos we're back in asia yay
i love laos i've been there once uh it was too short i was on a visa run
actually from china i took a bus all the way to laos to luang prabang when they're i think the second largest city
used to be a capital city in like the kingdom times um so i really love laos i really want
to go back it's such a beautiful country there's so much amazing things to see the locals are amazing super welcoming
and friendly so i definitely can recommend laos um
almost all teaching jobs are located in the capital and vientiane
um and there's also a lot of volunteer positions that are available all across the country including remote
and rural areas and i'd be super interested in that um [Music] imagine like just living in the
countryside in laos like with amazing rice terraces like this and you
volunteer there for a month i mean that would be so amazing such a cool experience to do
it is easiest to look for teaching jobs once you are in the country as there are
few listings online so maybe you if you're interested in teaching in this part of the world you
could combine your job search with like a backpacking trip a lot of people obviously backpack through southeast
asia so you could do that and then while you're doing that you could figure out a
job um i think that would be a really good way to do it the requirements for laos are a tefl
certificate and a bachelor's degree in any subject again in any subject means
it does not have to be a tesol bachelor's or bachelors in education anything like that it can be any major
you can earn between 800 and 1500 us dollars a month in laos which is
actually really good for this region um looking at the cost of living now so we
can kind of get a sense of why it is one of the most affordable countries to live in or teach in a small bottle of water
is going to cost you 68 cents as well as a one-way ticket of local
transport also 68 cents an apartment a one-bedroom apartment outside of the
city center is going to come to 298 dollars
so just a little bit of a range here all right hi fauzon hi just saying hi
good to see you here so yeah this is laos definitely very affordable the salaries are actually not
bad but as you can see most of the countries most of the countries that i mentioned today actually don't have any
benefits they except for china we just mentioned but benefits like free housing free airfare
most of these countries do not give any of benefit any any benefits any of that so you're only going to get your salary
but because the cost of living in all of these places is so low um it's still a great place to actually
spend some time abroad and teach english
all right okay so laos let's see where we are flying to
next in our virtual journey around the world today
next up we have mexico oh my god i'm so excited mexico i have
never been unfortunately i really want to go to mexico so let's take a virtual
trip and see what mexico is all about from a tefl and teaching perspective
so definitely mexico is a very good demand because of mexico's close ties to
the us so there's a very strong demand for the english language in pretty much any town
and any city no matter how big or small and opportunities are a lot for business
english actually but also just general english and also teaching children
but definitely a lot of more like professional and business kind of english and companies and also like
beach towns resorts for hotel staff and things like that like tourism staff
requirements a tefl certificate if you do have a degree it's definitely a plus but it is not necessary actually
but a tefl certificate you should definitely have that salary in mexico is between 500 and 1000
us dollars a month and the cost of living let's have a look a small bottle of water in mexico is
going to cost you around 65 cents and one-way ticket local transport 48 cents
a one-bedroom apartment outside of the city center is going to cost you around 376
us dollars so quite affordable actually just had a friend or ha i have a friend who um just
moved from teaching english in korea back home to the us and then she actually
spent a couple of months in mexico living there and it was just so affordable she loved
it she really wants to go back there and um yeah so this is also that's the great
thing about the teaching career teaching english abroad you can just you don't need to stay in
one place you can you know teach there for a year finish your contract move on to completely different part of the
world and also get hired there and teach there because you do have teaching experience
from your previous job and so you can build on that and literally like move around the world what we're doing right
now virtually so that's the great thing about teaching english abroad um yeah so compare that with the cost of
living where you are if it is higher or lower let me know um
i'd be really curious and i just want to mention that again because we have some people who just joined there's this
website where you can compare the cost of living
of any city with another city or just look up cost of living in a city so you could put in your city and compare it to
a city in mexico a city in germany a city in anywhere and you can see oh how
does that compare what's more expensive what's less expensive so you can kind of get an idea before you move abroad i
highly recommend that so yeah this is mexico and look at the
pictures i've i just that's actually my favorite part about preparing these live sessions the photos
and like the presentation um i don't know it just makes me so eager
to travel and go there i'd love to see the pyramids in mexico and latin america and the beaches obviously so imagine
like living there and it's actually affordable to live there i just think that's so great so great
anyway ah let's move on there's a couple of more places that we need to cover today
and i'm so excited to do that on our journey around the world so let's see we went from argentina to where do
we go cambodia to china to ecuador then we went no we also went
to the czech republic and then we went to ecuador and we went to
laos right and then we went to mexico i think that's it so far
let's see where we're gonna go next we are stopping by nepal i think that's
also the first time i mentioned napoleon on my live sessions
and nepal is actually also a place i have been to and visited so i can actually
um you know give you my personal thoughts on that as well the the demand for tefl teachers in
nepal is actually on the rise but fewer than one percent of the population they actually speak english
as a second language but that's also why it's on the rise and the desire to learn
english mainly comes from the younger generation who are hoping to succeed in international business and work abroad
so you're gonna have a lot of um business teaching and also um general english teaching to children in
nepal and i just want to mention that right away almost all the positions in nepal at the
moment are volunteer positions so that means you're not going to earn a salary actually
but let's say if you have taught somewhere in a hot in and you saved a bit of money
and you're like hey i love nepal super interesting i want to go there for a month
and volunteer teach the cost of living is actually super low and it's not gonna
cost too much to do that so you know it always depends on what your personal
goal is for some people um they love you know maybe doing a month of volunteer
work somewhere in a place and um also they have to spend a little money a little bit of money to do that
but um it's just such an amazing experience i would definitely recommend that to anyone
so the requirement obviously um there are no real requirements because
they are volunteer positions but if you do have a tefl then that is definitely recommended
and then pretty much with a tefl you will then be able to pick and choose where in which program and so on you
want to go and volunteer at the cost of living in nepal i think is the lowest we've had so far
in this uh presentation today so small bottle of water is gonna cost you about 20 cents u.s a one-way ticket of local transport
17 cents and then an apartment outside of the city center around 91 dollars
which is really really cheap actually but i'm i'm pretty sure like if you do you know
excuse me if you take on a volunteer position they would provide you with housing so i
don't think you actually have to worry about that at all so yeah i think and look at the pictures
like nepal and i have been to nepal only kathmandu the capital city um but it's
it's such an amazing country it's so colorful there's so many different festivals going on all the time
it's a really great mix between like um hindu and buddhist
these two religions are predominant so you have like a lot of religious festivals everywhere
and they all live like pretty much peacefully together it's really really great you have mount everest the himalayas you can do hiking
there if you're into hiking it's a great place to do that so nepal is definitely a place that i
really really love and i really really want to go back to and i might be looking into doing some
volunteering there as well that seems really cool and totally affordable so
um yeah maybe something to do during like a summer break for sure
and then also this is a great way to also gain some teaching experience right imagine doing like a one month volunteer
um teaching thing in nepal this is definitely also going to set you apart then for
other teaching opportunities in places with higher salaries for example so um yeah definitely something to look
into all right i'm excited so we went to nepal now let's see where we're gonna go
to next and please at any time feel free to just add some comments into the comment box ask questions there also be
a q a at the end very soon i think we're through it uh very very soon but um yeah
all right let's see
next next up peru okay great peru a place i've always
wanted to go to i have not yet so far but the demand for tefl has definitely
risen in peru in recent years and uh especially since their um economic
growth since 1993 there's a growing demand especially business english is growing in popularity and the tourist
industry also means that many peruvians they want to brush up on their language
skills so there's a real need for that side of english language teaching in peru
requirements are a 120 hour tefl qualification for most positions
and having a degree is preferred but not required for all jobs
and yeah the salary is between 500 and 700 us dollars a month and also
freelance teaching can earn you around five to twenty dollars a month depending
on your qualifications and maybe where you're located looking at the cost of living it's also
very very low in peru so small bottle of water is going to cost you 44 cents u.s
a one-way ticket of local transport again that can be bus or subway um is 49
cents u.s and the one-bedroom apartment outside of the center is going to cost around 300 that is actually quite high
um compared to the salary um so you might want to you know look at
that that's i mean going to be the highest cost but then everything else the food and transportation and things
like that are very low so it's manageable but you probably won't be able to save a lot of money when
teaching english in peru so yeah and just look at the pictures again so beautiful i really really want
to visit machu picchu and just see their colorful culture and the llamas
and alpacas i just i love that i really would love to go has anyone been there
let me know um i will be very jealous though i don't know peru has always been
a place i've just really wanted to visit for some reason um i don't know it just calls me maybe
in my previous life i was a peruvian or i don't know what it is it's just really
really calls to me and i hope to visit soon
so yeah that is peru um next up we have the philippines and i
think after the philippines we only have two more and then we are done so stay tuned there's still some two really
really important ones coming up also that you have mentioned at the beginning in the comments so stay tuned for that
so the philippines is a very interesting place in terms of teaching because english is actually widely spoken in the
philippines right they used to be called a u.s colony actually and pretty much everyone in the philippines they speak
english but because of that actually a lot of people from neighboring asian countries
such as china and korea and i think also japan they actually travel to the philippines to learn english and
actually i have someone in my family my husband my husband is korean and his brother actually did that so he actually
went to the philippines i think for a month and attended english classes there in
the philippines so that's a real thing because it's very close to other asian countries you don't have to travel far
and um yeah there is a demand for people to teach english to these eager learners in
the philippines for sure but that also means actually that the the competition
is very very strong um among teachers in the philippines there are a lot of english teachers there's also a
huge like online teaching market actually in the philippines um so that's why it's important to have a bachelor's
degree um teaching experience would be preferred and also a tefl certificate of
at least 120 hours to stand out from this huge competition um you can make between
and 900 u.s dollars a month in the philippines and then like i just mentioned the online teaching and
freelance teaching um situation is very very strong in the philippines as well and you can earn between five and 20 us
dollars per hour depending on you know how much you want to charge and your qualifications
the cost of living in the philippines is actually very similar to what we just discussed so
bottle of water is 44 cents a one-way ticket also 49 cents and then an
apartment a one-bedroom apartment outside of the center is going to cost you around 300 dollars
so yeah that's what it looks like in the philippines um very very interesting
and also i've actually we had our honeymoon in the philippines and it was amazing and i could definitely see
myself living on one of the beautiful islands in the philippines and just
living life low cost of living teaching and just really having a beautiful time
there i'm dreaming dreaming
ah juliana says thank you for mentioning the philippines yeah of course definitely the philippines should be on
this list but like i said they have a very special and unique position because they actually have a very very strong
local esl market and the competition among local filipino and filipina teachers are so so
high um that yeah it might be there might be a lot of
competition there but once you are in and you get in or maybe someone might wants to want to start their own english
language school there um definitely there's a lot of um
a big market for that there so especially if you taught in like i imagine if you taught english in china
or in korea and japan before and you know that all of these east asian people
um or a lot of them go to the philippines for english
uh that might be a good way to actually set up a business there
might be something i should look into with my experience but yeah
hey fauzon yes i saw your comment and i'm actually gonna answer that after i covered the other two countries real
quick um i i saw it's about online teaching so i'm gonna get back to you very very soon okay i do see your
comments thank you hello good morning
all right so next up we actually have thailand oh i'm so
excited thailand i love thailand i've been a couple of times and i've actually been to
this beautiful lantern festival that was one of my bucket list items and i think
in 20 it was in 2016 or 2017 i went there and i did it and i it was
it was amazing anyway side that was just a side note um the demand in thailand very very big
demand for efl and esl teachers so most teachers in thailand they work either at government schools or in private
language academies and most positions are in bangkok which is the capital city
and chiang mai and phuket the salary in thailand ranges between
800 and 1000 us dollars a month and the requirements you should have a degree in
any subject that is a four-year bachelor's degree and also a tef you should have completed a tefl training
course tefl certificate um yeah let's have a look at the cost of living so you can compare that with your
place and then see how it matches up a small bottle of water is around 39
cents a one-way ticket of local transport 91 cents and an apartment a
one-bedroom apartment outside of the center is going to cost you around 295
u.s dollars so yeah thailand continues to be a very very
popular destination for teaching english abroad it has always been
and i think it will always be i know so many people who have taught english in
thailand and they love it many of them are still there they love it um and i
totally see why um thailand's culture the locals it's so warm and welcoming
the food is great the culture it's so vibrant and colorful there's so much to see and do there in the north there's so
much to see and do um also in the south with all the beaches it's just overall a beautiful
country and i actually have a lot of thai friends also in korea uh i think
yeah there's a lot of thai people in south korea actually and yeah they're all great they're great people and it's
a great country so yeah that's definitely definitely a great country to be on this list of the
most affordable places to teach english abroad and next up we have the last one for
today and some of you have mentioned it already it is very close to thailand vietnam
vietnam i also love vietnam i have been one time so far i really want to go back
the demand in thailand most teachers in vietnam are actually employed by private language schools and
most positions are in ho chi minh city which is the capital and hanoi
the salary and benefits are also quite good so it's between 1 200 and 2 000 us
dollars a month and they also give you free hair care and a signing and completion bonus of
their teaching contract in most cases ah hello you're from vietnam so maybe
you can give us a little bit of input if this information is still valid in terms of the salaries for foreign teachers and
the requirements it'll be really great um yeah a requirement you should be a
native english speaker you should have a bachelor's degree and many employers
will also insist on a tefl or tesol certificate of at least 120 hours
duration the cost of living let's have a look at that very very low
a bottle of water is going to cost you around 31 cents as well as a one-way ticket of local transport so bus or
subway 31 cents and an apartment outside of the city center is going to cost you
around 356 dollars so that means you will still be able to
save quite a lot of money from your salary and then
live a great life in vietnam travel around see all of these amazing places
eat amazing food yeah oh me too juliana juliana says i would
love to visit ho chi minh city me too i actually have a friend in ho chi minh city and i have not been to ho chi minh
city yet and i really want to go and visit her um
all right that's exactly my teacher great so i guess this is still valid the
information so thank you so much for the input and feedback that's great
yeah vietnam i think is a really really beautiful place great uh i have a yeah like i said i have a friend in ho chi
minh and um yeah i would love to visit her she loves
vietnam she loves living there and uh yeah it's a really really great place in southeast asia great to be based and
then explore all the other amazing countries near there as well
okay oh then i i said that wrong i said ho
chi minh is the capital i'm sorry hanoi is the capital great but ho chi minh i think ho chi minh city
is the biggest city is that correct so hanoi is the capital city
and then ho chi minh city is the biggest city in vietnam i believe
correct me if i'm wrong [Music] ah thank you
hope that you can visit vietnam and i will be your guide yes i would love that i would love that i
have been to hanoi and then hue um
is that it those three places
those are places i've been to not ho chi minh city yet okay that's
right all right so hanoi is the capital city but ho chi minh city is the biggest city and those two cities have the most
positions in vietnam great thank you for clarifying
and let turk says i'd like to visit vietnam too yeah i really want to go back to vietnam such a great country
for traveling and also probably living and teaching so yeah
awesome so those are all the places that we cover today in our virtual journey
around the world i hope that you enjoyed this journey um and you learned a little bit about
the different cost of living in places and why these places are the most affordable when it comes to teaching
english abroad let me know in the comments which one was your favorite and why where would
you like to teach and why um also even if it if it's a country i
didn't mention today another country you want to teach in also let me know in the comments real quick
and then we can jump into the q and a part of things and i'm going to answer
your questions that you have for me and also just another quick reminder you can
scan this qr code and get thirty percent off your tefl and tesol course
um or also oh no not this one or also by clicking this discount link i'm just
gonna share this link one more time into the comments
and then you can click on that and get thirty percent off when you apply for teflor t cell course from itt
and then i have a question from fauzon from earlier
who says linda what about online teaching what do we need materials etc
so it depends on you know uh what kind of online class you teach do you teach independently or
do you teach for a platform most of the time if you work for a platform or like online teaching company like um you know
vipkid or q kids or data abc and all of those companies they
will actually give you the material they will give you the material um that you need to teach so you don't
actually have to prep anything but in my case i actually work for a platform where i work on a platform
called cafe talk and i like this platform because it's so flexible and i can actually just teach
the lessons i want to teach i can make my own lessons and in that case i need to
create my own materials so that's
it depends it depends sometimes you do have to make your own materials and you can find a lot of that
um online you can find a lot of those materials online if you just do a quick google search you know for the topic or
also on pinterest there's a lot of great information there or like worksheets and things like that so i recommend you
check that out and then also join facebook groups i know i mention facebook groups a lot they're great
facebook groups um you can search like online teachers or something and
there'll be a group with thousands of online teachers and you can ask them hey where do you find materials and then you
can like maybe get something from them they share their materials and you share your
material materials in turn so yeah good
another question here could you please make a live video about how to answer
situational interview questions linda many job recruiters ask about what
type of visa that i have because i am from algeria so how can i answer this question
thank you so much well i think when it comes to a question like this what type of visa do you have you should always
answer truthfully so just tell them which kind of visa you have
do you live abroad or do are you in algeria
i don't really know um the details here is kind of hard to answer but uh
my i would say always answer truthfully just just tell them this is the visa that i have
i don't know maybe maybe that's the right one i don't know
all right then we have tiana i have had a love for canada since i was 15 years old i even had a work and permanent
residence visa application so i'm looking into that because it's close and there's a big demand for teachers that
is great yeah why not why not is it easy actually to uh move
to emigrate from the us to canada is that easy to do
[Music] then someone asks do you use facebook my
teacher yes i do use facebook i do use facebook uh but yeah if you have any questions
let me know uh you can just send me a message on instagram here
at linda goes east instagram that's actually what i use the most so if you message me there i'll definitely read it
and and i'm also gonna read fawzon's later okay because fasan says i've left a couple of
questions on instagram yes i will answer that as well thank you
okay yes i am in algeria are you in algeria and also from algeria
then you wouldn't have a visa right you just have a passport
i'm not quite sure i understand this question i'm sorry tana says they don't require too
much so it would be a lot easier and it won't cost as much that's great yeah maybe you should do that why not
why not yeah you should give it a go definitely
love it cool cool so i'm gonna stay on just a couple of minutes more so you have a chance to
ask me your questions before i leave
and um yeah oh they just opened the borders to the u.s oh they were closed i didn't even know because of coved and
now they're open again that's great i've actually never been to canada i really want to go i have a great
friend that i met in korea and she's also she's from canada and she's also married to a korean and now
they moved back to um there actually
uh hi yeah so actually if you want to contact me you can just clear atlanta goes east
or on facebook i also have a facebook page also called linda goes east same so
if you search for that on facebook and then you can message me there then i'm gonna get back to you
all right uh are there facilitations to get a visa in case of
applying anywhere so it always depends on what country you wanna go to the visa regulations are different in every
country and you know depending on your nationality so it's really hard to say but typically if you get a job abroad
your employer they will definitely help you get a teaching visa or a work visa for that place
um usually you don't have to do that by yourself they would help you with that but it
depends on where you want to go and teach so it's kind of difficult to answer this question
okay all right yes canada is so beautiful
that's the reason i got a passport oh cool yeah i should go sometime
great yes you're very welcome
all right just a couple of minutes more and then i'm gonna head off uh but it was great i hope you enjoyed
this little world trip today that we did together virtual world trip
uh yeah i think was good i had a lot of fun i always loved
talking about different countries and seeing all the beautiful pictures it really inspires me i just really
want to travel i really want to travel
yeah good just a really quick reminder i think
this is yeah that's the last slide um just do give us a like and subscribe so
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in china before and also online so don't miss that
oh no fauzon it's 3 a.m here and i have to wake up after two hours
oh no yeah go get some sleep i'm gonna get back to you later okay
great all right cool well thank you guys so much for
being here and going on this journey with me today i had a lot of fun
oh thank you i waited for you thank you fausan that's so sweet good night
uh yeah i'm actually gonna i'm gonna go i'm gonna sign off um and yeah i can't wait to see you all
again next week please tune in if you have any um
recommendations that i actually this is this was a good recommendation for another live session the one with the
interviews can you do a live about where was that about interview questions yes answering
interview questions so i was actually going to do that and probably with one
of our recruitment partners um because they know what schools actually ask so i
think that's what i'm gonna prepare and i'm also preparing a live session all
about teaching english in latin america so that's also coming very soon
um so stay tuned for that uh yeah and um
what else i think that's it uh yeah so please stay
tuned uh tune in again next week i'd love to see you there again and i hope you have a great evening or day or
whatever uh time it is where you are and uh yes
i'm definitely gonna check my inbox for sure thank you i'm gonna check it out
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all right signing off now thanks so much for being here today have a lovely day see you
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