The 10 Crucial Skills for ESL Teachers to Develop in 2022


hey everyone out there my name is lisa and i'm super happy to welcome you at
another livestream session with itttt uh while i'm waiting for some more
people to join let me know if you hear and see me clearly um i hope that
today's live stream is gonna be smooth um and flawless because um last time i
saw like a comment uh stating that there were some issues with the sound
uh so just in case that you experienced some troubles listening to me please let me
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feedback okay uh so uh today's live stream session is uh devoted to
a rather uh controversial point because there are so many things
that appear these days online and in the real world
and i feel like it is absolutely important to discuss what um
skills teachers should possess in order to be successful next year
uh so we're almost at the end of this year 2021.
that's why i decided to come up with this topic and
share you several ideas what skills to look at uh when preparing for the next year and
when thinking about your goals and career so stay tuned and before we start
just let's get into this contact i have already mentioned that my name is
lisa let me know who you are uh let me know where are you from guys uh so i
have been streaming from uh a beautiful city of yekaterinburg
located uh in the middle of russia uh so i'm a non-native esl teacher and
i'm i'm super proud of it because um you know there are some
uh doubts and um misconceptions about esl teachers
especially those who are not native ones uh and i'm here to you know to conquer
this belief that uh esl teachers should be natives only um actually this idea is
called as nativism and uh the esl world tries to uh show everyone that these
days it is actually uh possible to teach english even if you weren't born
being an american speaker or a british speaker
and so on so i'm happy to popularize this topic
and uh today's live stream will be helpful basically to
anyone who wants to teach um even if you are a non-native esl teacher or an
native esl teacher i hope that some of these ideas will be
interesting and insightful for you so let me change my um
slide right here so i will zoom it in and just in case if you hear me not
clearly or if you see me not that well let me know in the comments section okay
uh so i hope that we have this connection that we can communicate a
little bit we have this comments section we have this chat box so feel
free to uh message me uh at any point of time at any point of this live stream
and we should be good okay uh so
yeah so you can see me in the corner somewhere here
all right um at one of the parts of the uh presentation and right now i'm gonna
start because um i think it's time all right
uh so yeah here is my brief introduction i am lisa as i have mentioned but this
is my full name uh it is really long in russian and uh it's basically the same
as elizabeth so some people call me elizabeth some people call me just lisa
uh both options are all right and
apart from being an asl teacher myself i'm also a marketing manager
and a teflon tesol expert with itt okay
and to begin with i would like to start um with
this point so uh basically one of the skills that i
consider to be absolutely important for um esl teachers both native and non-native
is pronunciation the problem is that most students um
coming from non-native english-speaking countries they suffer from um understanding
uh speech not pretty well and this is one of the most stressful
moments when it comes to learning english that is why i would like to
share this idea with you uh having a neutral pronunciation for
the teacher is an absolute must and
well these days i see a lot of courses and self-study trainings that help esl
teachers and not just esl teachers but um whatever speakers to practice
pronunciation skills and i strongly recommend you that you
take one and try your best to practice your
speaking skills uh especially like how to pronounce this or that word correctly um with this
neutral pronunciation so that your students uh get your get you clearly and
then as a consequence they communicate they can communicate with other people
uh knowing these standards and knowing that if they have
this neutral accent neutral pronunciation uh
everybody can understand them so pronunciation is not just
important for students themselves but for teachers as well uh and sometimes i see um you know
especially on youtube or on some other resources native esl teachers who have a really
strong um not strong but really peculiar accents
like from the british islands for example or from some parts of the us
and sometimes it's really difficult to get and
those students who are at the lower levels of english they might not
comprehend the content the video content the lessons you know so it is super
important that you practice just neutral pronunciation
um and of course i i never say that i never mean that
um your um accents are bad or something like that uh it is absolutely all right to
have an accent but it is important that you uh moderate it even if you are a
native english speaker so um it is my personal opinion uh as an
as a lifelong english student and um as a teacher as well
and then i also recommend that you think about some activities for your esl students to
practice pronunciation on a regular basis usually this point is neglected and uh
for some reason it is even avoided in some course books uh but it is crucial
because students have to practice it uh on a regular basis they have to know how
to use this speech apparatus and it is important that teachers
explain that uh we all have different uh you know organs um producing producing
sounds in different language languages so
including some pronunciation activities in your lessons uh also is a must and i
think that if you take this idea to the next year
um it will be absolutely helpful for you so let me know in the comments what do
you think and i hope uh that this idea doesn't
drive you crazy uh that you find it useful somehow uh let me know uh how
you personally practice your pronunciation i'm really curious
and i will move on to the next part so basically most of my suggestions will be
pretty um clear and you can find them not that sophisticated but it's just the
beginning uh wait for the last five ones because they are more um
pro tips or something like that so the next uh thing you have to um
take to the next year and um look at it as close as
as it is possible is grammar so um
again for both uh native and non-native esl speakers csl teachers it is
important to have this understanding of
grammatical rules and things that you explain to your english
students to your esl students so uh it is a must for esl teachers to
uh have this precise grammar in plugged you know um and it is basically a matter
of practice on our own so it is important that english teachers also practice some
rules and exercises but basically you have to understand how
to explain it to your students clearly sometimes
it is challenging that it is challenging to explain students
this or that rule uh due to their level and due to your level so um make sure
you practice before lessons yourself sometimes uh it is also applicable to
native english teachers i actually experienced that as a student
when you ask your teacher your native english teacher and they can't explain
you why this or that you know and you feel so miserable so uh to avoid
such uh occasions try try to predict what questions might your students have
and to prevent any misunderstanding you absolutely should practice yourself
so uh before giving some exercises before giving examples always try to
predict uh what may happen and of course try to avoid giving grills and you know
those automatic um exercises it is always better to show examples and to
give some engaging activities to make your students feel um like grammar is
actually a part of their speaking skills of their listening skills and so on uh
when they realize that grammar is not just something
uh ubiquitous they will be um less
daunting to practice exercises as well
so again uh let me know what you think about it
while i'm moving on to the next point uh the next one is teaching methodology
so again it's pretty obvious that we esl teachers have to be flexible and we have
to know um as much as it is possible in terms of teaching approaches
that's why i recommend that you check out um some resources online or
some printed resources and try to find uh as much information
related to the most outdated uh the most updated methodology as possible uh these days
there are so many teaching communities so many uh various
um websites that provide uh interesting and um
you know applicable methodologies uh you should know both popular modern
you know and outdated uh methodologies as well because uh if you have um a lot
um in your you know in your mind you can be uh flexible and
you can plan your lessons uh faster and easier
and you can also predict uh some possible challenges problem problems
your students may have so um knowing more methodologies than one particular
is actually really important okay uh i i can see that my picture becomes a little
bit different that's because we have the sun shining right now
it was a rather gloomy day um at the beginning
uh but anyway so uh teaching methodologies are still important and uh
you can be uh you know uh pretty flexible if you
uh yourself are proactive and try to find something new all the time so um i
just recommend that you note it down uh maybe to your bucket list that next year you
should uh learn about two more methodologies um to add into
your practice uh that can be useful and um yeah you can just um change your
approach and become more flexible this way okay
and by the way uh if you are interested in learning pronunciation grammar and
methodology uh in one place at itt our basic uh tefl course uh that
is 120 hours it actually includes these points and many more uh so
if you think about uh becoming a tefl certified teacher
and you wonder how uh to teach practically
these ideas will be actually taught during the course
uh so just consider it and let's now move on okay
[Music] um all right uh so the next one um
i think that i will move a move on to this point but right now i think it is
important to check out the comment section okay uh so uh teaching grammar grammar
inductively and teaching um based on task-based learning uh these
are all different uh methods of teaching different approaches um
what i um advise you to do is to um
research to make a research yourself because this live stream session is not
for giving you particular answers how to uh teach grammar inductively or
uh how to use this task based approach um what you can do is to check out um
like some possible resources and come up with several insights ideas
uh and try to implement them in your teaching practice so
i feel like the question how isn't that um correct uh because
uh there is no direct answer um you will know how only if you try it so
something like that uh and the next point um that i consider
to be once again crucial for uh this esl
teaching um in 2020 uh in 2022
is classroom management uh basically these years um
for the past two years uh the style of teaching has changed a
lot and um when we talked about classroom management like two years ago or three
years ago it was pretty clear in terms of the setting but this day uh you these
days you also have to consider that sometimes uh you can be
told by your manager for example or by your student's parent that they
cannot join this real classroom so you have to adjust to the online teaching mode
and classroom management is not just about uh teaching in a real classroom it
is also applicable to online teaching so um try to think how you can organize
your online teaching if you work um with your students via
skype or zoom um so whenever wherever uh try to think uh how to
organize your classroom if you work uh with a group uh in a manner that everyone feels uh
feels their um their belong to this community and
that they are engaged um so it is basically important to um
have this idea that uh although your students are in a kind
of a classroom online they still are separated by the technology and um the
fact that they are uh not present in the same room uh may be challenging um for
you as a teacher and for them as students so think about um
versatiling your classroom pace and think about some approaches um that
can help to manage your classroom um at one hundred percent even if they are uh on
zoom okay um yeah the next one
so this is probably one of the most um important skills to possess um
well basically i think that uh if you haven't
acquired online teaching skills yet you have to do it as soon as as it is
possible because uh knowing uh some useful online teaching tools is a must
for esl teachers these days uh because it helps you uh being
flexible and uh this way you can actually even make more money these years
because um online teaching mode uh is
pretty popular it becomes even more popular uh all over the world uh not uh
everywhere it is actually still accessible but uh
i feel like this is the future of education especially in terms of
teaching english and there are more jobs online compared
to in classroom jobs uh because of the cove restrictions
so make sure you also um try to
work on your online teaching skills and to be more exact uh what i mean is
right there oh no not yet but it is closely
connected with uh one of the next tips i would like to give you
um but um first let's consider this one as well
so what i think is also neglected in asl teaching often
is evaluation testing and recycling so when it comes to
teaching individually especially online uh it is challenging for us as teachers
to evaluate tests and of course to help our students to
remember things in a period of time so i've been there as well and i know what
i talk about what i'm talking about you have to come up with some ideas how
to evaluate your students uh in a better way so
just compare to examples so
in a real classroom we usually have this thing students
do some tests or what else they write some paperwork uh
handle it to the teacher and then the teacher checks it um crosses everything
with red color and gives like a b mark or a c mark whatever
even a but usually they use this red pen and they don't explain anything they
just mark uh and then students don't understand like where they did wrong
uh what was not um to the extent of the teacher's
expectation and so on uh so as i see it it is absolutely um
useless to evaluate and test like that because students don't uh get the understanding of uh their own
practical work uh so uh i think that it is better to come up with
some other strategies how to provide feedback and how to evaluate students
so that they don't consider it too personal they
don't get worried about their mistakes
and they feel like they have to try um even if they make
mistakes it is okay uh even if they write something incorrectly no one will judge them this
is just a part of learning and they can actually make mistakes
uh so that that's uh what i consider is important to
you know re rethink in terms of evaluation and testing
and um this part of the job is pretty uh difficult for teachers especially those
who used to got used to work in this real classroom
and who have done it for years like that but probably it's time to
become more personalized and to to be more aware of students
feelings as well and the next thing is recycling
well um we often forget that recycling matters
especially at the higher levels of english
it is important to give students some time to review what what they have done what
they have achieved and um to help them to
remember everything um not just once or maybe even twice or three times a year
uh so basically if you have um done something several months ago it's a
great idea to start it all over again there is nothing bad if you repeat
things it is actually for better it is uh for your students to succeed
uh so make sure you use recycling in your teaching practice next year this
year like as early as it is possible and we're moving on to the next
point which is motivation once again uh online teaching mode has
changed everything and i found it super difficult to
motivate students uh the same way as it as i did it in a real classroom when we
when we could just share our emotions uh with each other and stuff like that
uh so these days um i try to uh come up with
some other strategies to motivate my students and
it looks like uh being more personal and being more you
know close to your students also matters sometimes um you will
probably stop your lesson at some point uh and just um probably talk to each other
um and it's okay as well if your students feel safe with you
especially online and they can share their um doubts or emotions
their feelings uh it is super helpful um for their motivation
uh for example last week i had a talk with my student she is a teenage girl
and um she shared some personal issues with me and i decided like to talk about
it during the lesson uh for at first it was a part of the lesson because he
talked in english uh but when she
got stuck um and i saw that she wanted to share because um it
it it made her uh really upset i said okay i have time we can talk
and we spent like half an hour just talking in russian
uh and she um shared a lot of emotional things with
me um and i believe that today when we meet another time after that
she will feel even more um connected with me um
than we we had than we we did like before that so if i
know if you know what i mean uh so sometimes it is also
normal to talk to your student um as if you're a psycho psychologist
of course you are not you can't give them you know psychological advice or
even a personal advice but listening to your students is also motivating
uh so think about some strategies how you can
change your approach to motivation and it can make a lot for your
practice as a teacher all right just three points um to finish
um i think i i'm really talkative today sometimes it feels uh really challenging
to speak but today um i feel more or less calm
it is also a matter of practice for me so the next point uh so this one is
closely connected with the idea of possessing some online teaching skills
so lesson design matters uh in online settings a lot
um i feel like lesson design in um in a real classroom is less is less flexible
uh because there are less tools to use well like we can use a board we can use
you know some videos and stuff uh but not all of those things can
engage students as much as impressive online teaching tools
so as a part of lesson design i think that you have to
learn about tools that are present in this online
teaching world um and simply in online settings
and um you have to you know have your toolbox so what i mean by
by the toolbox is that you should save for the future like different ideas
different tricks and games uh and when you are ready and when you
see that your lesson needs something you know spicy
uh you can provide those things to your students and they
will be impressed for sure uh for example as for me i really like
uh this tool called word word wall um it helps to create
uh fun esl games like in five minutes uh even less and sometimes
i just uh search in the community section and take those games that other teachers
created so it is helpful for me as a teacher because i save time and students
feel super motivated to play those games because they are not the same as in a
real classroom when they you know do some uh usual exercises and things
like that um it is especially applicable for uh children and teenagers
they know how to use the technology uh so you es esl teachers you have to know how to
use the technology in your lessons as well um it will give you much more
credentials and you will look um you know as a modern teacher versus to that you know
uh fossil fuel from uh some meme
uh so i base just for your information i don't try to
say anything offensive maybe i can sound maybe i sound a bit rude right now
but i just wanna help you realize that um
knowing online teaching methodologies and different tools is important
because this is the way we can guarantee high quality of our services as teachers
all right let's move on and um the next one so
this idea might seem slightly um strange
but i believe that social media management uh is one of the skills all
teachers should um acquire all teachers should develop uh this is one of the resources we can
basically find students at and uh it is also a great way uh to show
off your personal brand and to connect with your existing
existing students with your current students uh so
these days um online esl teachers can promote their services um
and what else they can find potential clients there so social media management is not just
about running your personal profile uh it is about
more like about your business probably uh but being a self-made person uh
well is not the same as being a businessman uh a business person
but you can think about yourself as a business owner because everything you do
uh online uh is for something to be sold uh for something to be you know
monetized uh so social media management is crucial
if you haven't started your personal branding yet uh think about this idea for the next
year uh and try to start doing something and if you have if you if you want some
tips and tricks if you need some help uh you can always contact me on facebook
because i provide uh some personal sessions for those people who want to
um use social media as one of the ways to
find students as um as a resource to find clients basically
so by the way let me share my facebook group with you
so it's right here um just a second so if you want um to
get some advice um yeah just feel free to join in my facebook group
and um if you want um a personal session you can always
contact me on facebook as well um just direct message me
and we will talk about it and yeah
the last point uh to mention for today is your business development um i think
that it sounds really ambitious but it is actually great when you think
bigger and when you plan your years ahead
uh so right now for example i myself um am a freelancing teacher uh
i don't have a huge business or something like that but this is some something
i'm thinking about and i feel like right now at this point of time
i can work with students one-on-one or with small groups but in
future i would like to have more students and probably it's um
it is the time to consider to create you know this um
online teaching school or something like that uh and as i have mentioned already
uh online english teacher online english teaching uh
will become even more demanding so
why not thinking about creating your own business uh it's a great idea and
i think it's more practica practical for those who um
considered you know teaching as a lifelong career
because sometimes working for others is not the best way
to make money is not the best way to support the family and stuff like that
so uh if you feel like um you want something bigger
um developing your business is one of the ideas uh so if you guys have any comments or
questions let me know right now because actually i have shared all of the points
i wanted um i hope that you found some of them insightful
let me know if you feel like these are the things you would like to try in the nearest future
so personally one of my ideas one of my uh common
goals is actually developing my own business um i have several ideas but um
to work on them i have to test you know this is how it is done um so let me know
uh what are you up to
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you know um for your activity yeah can i say like that i
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bye guys