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hello hello hello anybody here anybody's here
welcome i'm linda from itt and we are doing a live q a session
today so let me just check if this is working
is anybody here if you're here if you can see me if you
can hear me please leave a comment that would be great so that i know that you are
here and please let me know where you guys are tuning in from i would be super
interested to know where are you tuning in from i'm in
south korea i'm about an hour and a half outside of seoul sort
of like in the middle of south korea in a city called chongju it's not that big it is quite big but it's not
pretty well known but um yeah i've been here for five and a half years already so oh
hello some people are here great hi welcome welcome where are you guys
please let me know so yeah i've been in south korea for
five and a half years i've taught english here full-time my first year
and then i started working full-time for itt as their marketing and affiliation
manager and i've been doing that since but i've still been teaching different english classes
um part-time different english teaching projects summer camps winter camps business
english all kinds of stuff oh cool we have people from egypt from
chicago washington state okay
awesome new zealand south dakota canada oh great welcome arizona awesome
thanks so much for joining thanks so much for joining
perfect um could you also let me know where you guys are at in your tefl journey i'd be super
curious to know so are you already tefl certified or t-cell certified
um are you currently taking a course are you thinking about taking a course
please please please let me know that would be super interesting we also have someone from taiwan that's
awesome uh i've been to taiwan yeah 2019
january it's a beautiful country i really want to go back so welcome welcome
thanks for joining oh awesome okay
talia has a certificate from itt that's awesome congratulations
perfect so um [Music]
today's topic is just a super uh relaxed uh teflon t-cell q a
so you can just throw me your questions and i'll do my best in answering them
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oh cool someone's taking a course right now from argentina that's awesome elda great okay jana
just started a tefl course with itt a few weeks ago awesome good luck with your tefl journey
um all right then let's get right into it we already have
a question right here so marilyn is asking do you need a bachelor's degree to obtain a tesol
certification no you do not need a degree in order to take a tesol
or tefl course you um don't have to have a bachelor's so you
can just take the course and get certified without a degree there are
a lot of places where you can teach english abroad or online without a degree
although your choices might be a little limited but um yeah that is no problem
juliana she's also currently taking the 120 hour itt course that's awesome this is our most
popular option the 120 hour course so um and i actually took it too i have the
certificate right here so let me show you what we are talking about so this is that
the certificate right here and i got this five years ago i think yeah 2015.
so yeah and it still looks really nice it's a really really nice um hard copy
and bus certificate all right let me look at more questions
so excited for you guys joining thank you it's 10 am currently in korea friday
um i think for most of you it's still thursday evening so that's kind of fun okay we have
another question to leah i want to know uh two of any
organizations that hire tefl certified teachers without a bachelor's degree i'm currently working on a bachelor's in
secondary education english at arizona state university um yeah so are you looking to teach
abroad is that the question so organizations abroad um we have a lot of different tefl
recruitment partners that hire people also right now even though it's cobit
they're still hiring that's so ongoing and i'm going to drop a link
let me get our job section
um let me drop that
and then you can check that out [Music]
jobs right here okay so i'm going to drop that in the comments and um
you can just check this out
i think it should be appearing right now so that should help you out but um you
know definitely a bachelor's in secondary education is going to help you a lot
so that's a big bonus marcus is asking do you have a center in
taiwan yes we do we have one in taipei um let me also
post a link to that one second locations
ah taipei taipei here we go here taipei
tefl center so we do you can take the four week
in-class course there i just posted it i hope you can see it
all right kevin says itttd tefl is looked at as a good certificate
everywhere i have applied yeah in my own experience as well so i've worked i taught english in china and i taught
english in south korea and i always applied with my um tesol certificates from i uh templar
t-cell certificates from itt mine say tefl but teflon tesol is pretty
much the same thing um and yeah they've always um were highly regarded and employers value
the brand for sure for sure um let me look at
jade's question i'm from the philippines and currently a freshman college can i still take the course yes
you can you need to be 18 at least 18 years old in order to take our course
so if you're 18 then you can definitely go ahead and take a course from us
jenna says um does the certification ever expire no they do not expire never never never
they do say the date on here when you receive the certificate and then there's also a number down here
where you or your employer can verify that this is a legit certificate and
but they never expire so this number this number is really great
because um it shows that this is a real tefl certificate because there are some
people who just fake it and print one out you know from the internet
but um this way your employer can verify that this is a real certificate
let me see okay
luke says i want to teach english in kyrgyzstan but i don't know if i should get a teflor tesol
certificate good um that's awesome that's a very interesting location
i would love to go there um i we always recommend you know getting a teflor tesol certificate
because you know two things many many countries and individual
schools nowadays just require a tefl certificate um some countries even require one you
know in order to get a work visa so it's really important but also you know for you personally you
this course teaches you how to teach so like just because maybe you're a
native english speaker or you've learned english for 10 years um doesn't necessarily mean you know how to
teach it so that's why we always recommend it you know for your own
um development and your own uh yeah for yourself so that you can
offer value to your students i always recommend it
all right let's see let's see
okay next question from moonchild is the certificate of value is it known internationally yes so our
certificates um are known internationally they are internationally accredited
and um employers they definitely recognize um the brand you know itttt has been over around for
a very very long time since 1997 1998 so we are one of the leading teflon tea
soul providers out there and employers around the world they definitely recognize the brand and
it's definitely of value so like i said from my personal experience i found jobs in china and in south korea
with the certificate and employers always really really liked it
all right then we have some questions about how much how much does it cost um okay so let me just pull
up our screen right here so this is our website because the cost
really depends on you know which course you're taking and then uh you can click on courses and
let's just take a look at the online courses real quick um and then you kind of see the price
range so if we scroll down
here are courses so it starts with 60 hours uh we always have a non-tutor and a
tutor option the tutored option is great for anyone who um you know maybe doesn't have a lot of
experience studying online studying alone so then they have a tutor they can always ask questions to and get
feedback from so that's really great so our most popular option is the 120
hour course um and again there are two options the
non-tutored and the tutored option and non-tutor starts at 239
us dollars and the tutored one at 349. um then this one is also a very popular
option the 220 hour master package because that's basically the 120 hour
course plus um 50-hour teaching business english
and 50-hour teaching english to young learners so two specialization courses that are
just going to give you a little bit of an edge when it comes to teaching you know adults business english or
children so a lot of people take this course and that's actually what i have here so that's what that looks like you
can either choose to receive three certificates individual ones
so like this um you know saying which one is this uh
yeah this is the 120 hour this is the teaching english for young
learners and this is the business english so you can choose to receive three individual
ones or you can get one that just says 220 hours
that's up to you so yeah these are pretty popular options then we also have
here the tesol diploma that's a more advanced higher level qualification course
if you already have you know the standard course then this would be a great option for people who want to maybe
move on to a head teacher position and something like that
yeah and there's many many more packages that you can choose from so this one the
470 hour is um the 250
plus the 120 plus the two um the two specializations
and actually you are lucky if you're watching right now because i'm going to
share our 20 off halloween coupon early in this live so actually we're
going to share it tomorrow but because you're watching now you can uh get the coupon right now so let me
just do that so if everyone's interested 20 off halloween coupon i'm going to share it
right now in the comments please check it out um you fill out the
application you choose the course that you like and then you'll see 20 off with this link
so if anyone's interested i hope you can see it just shared it
yeah so these are the options many many many many options here this is
also a pretty great course newer the 170 hour certificate
in teaching online so if anyone if anybody wants to teach online this would be a great course to look at
yeah right let's take a look at some more questions [Music]
all right i am from india awesome can anyone do this course yes anyone can
do this course if you are a fluent english speaker native or fluent
um 18 plus and yeah anyone can do this course so we
offer online courses and in class and combined but the on the online courses they can't be taken by
anyone from anywhere
let's take a look at some more questions
yeah kevin says the 120-hour tefl is good for most countries yes so most countries they will require at
least 100 hours of training usually some 120 that's why um the 120
hour course is the standard one and most people go for that
and in my case i also took um the 120 hour course first
so i had the certificate and then over the years i went back and i got you know
specializations i also recently did the teaching english online specialization because there's always
new courses coming out you know new specializations and you can always stay up to date so you can always
come back you know and take a new course even if you took your initial course maybe five
or ten years ago it doesn't matter
okay here's a good one so tefl certificate means tefl skills
yes i would say so because you take the tefl course and sure you also get your paper your
certification in your hand but you also learn how to teach so a
tefl certificate a tefl certification course will definitely build your tefl skills
for sure so that you are more confident in a classroom you know you learn about classroom management you learn about
lesson planning you learn about english grammar grammar points and how to teach those grammar
points to your students all this kind of stuff so definitely
okay joe says i completed the itt 220 hour master package but i want to do the
certificate for teaching english online so yeah you can do that absolutely it's what i just said kind of so
you can always go back you know and take another course that's no problem no problem be sure to click on
the 20 off link um so you can save a little bit of money but yeah definitely do it it's
a great course you know especially nowadays where a lot of people are teaching online i
highly recommend it for sure for sure um okay
[Music] let's see oh yeah this is
this is the link this is the 20 off link you can find it in the comments i'm
gonna post it again later in case you know sometimes you can't see some comments but yeah
um let's look at this question so i have a masters in education with an authorization esl i've taught
both adults and children with my authorization i would only want to teach part-time in the us or online
what could i do with either teflor tesol okay um i'm not quite sure what
authorization in esl means um you would have to look into you know
what that entails um but definitely you know a teflon tesol
certificate teaches you how to teach um non-native speakers so if that is something that you would
want to do i would definitely recommend it um and also tefl and tesol
um are in actually the same training even though the name is different but um
regions like europe or the uk usually prefer the term tefl and places
like australia and um the us they prefer the term tesol
so it kind of depends just which one you want to get you know what location you're in
um and also for online because there's a lot of online teaching um you know china is a huge market so
there's a lot of online teaching jobs for children in china and people in china are usually very
familiar with teflon tesol the companies so they are definitely looking for people who have a teflor t
cell certificate and we are working with a few um online platforms like
that like magic ears or vipkid um and they hire teachers from us from
with our certificates so definitely recommend that
okay and actually another question from the same person how can i combine my education
with requirements at your school um so you can take the course online
and what's great about our online courses is that you don't have to be online at
like a certain time so you can work through your units whenever it suits you
you have up to six months to complete your course and you can really study at whatever
time you want and complete as many units as you want at in one go so it's very flexible we
have a lot of people who work full-time who take our courses so you can definitely manage that that's
why a lot of people choose our courses because they're so flexible
um let's see all right another question here
if a student purchases the 120 hour package but then wants a package with different hours can it just be upgraded
or must they purchase the package separately so we do offer a lot of upgrade options um we would have to look
into you know which which different course package you would want and then talk about you know
the upgrade it always depends on the case but we do have upgrades you don't have to pay the full
price um you can definitely upgrade it and there's so many options
so that's something we would have to talk with with our course coordinator they will be able to help
you with that but it's possible ah let me see
all right another one from elda i'm taking the 120 170 hours course online specialization
do you provide any teaching online job contacts yes we do so whenever you complete
your course at the end we send you a lot of information for courses for jobs sorry
for jobs um online as well as abroad so all of our course graduates they have
access to lifetime job support so until the end of their teaching career
they can get job support from us so that includes you know contacts
to different schools different recruiters different online platforms and also access to
jobs that are not advertised anywhere else other than itt's website so absolutely and you get
that with every course not just a 120 hour or 170 hour course
any course so definitely included
sharon says is there a trial lesson we can try you know this is a great idea
and we're actually going to continue doing these live sessions and i think this is a great idea for
another live event taking a look at the course itself i think that's a great idea i'm actually
going to you know write that down right now um and then we can do this next time
that's awesome thanks for bringing that up so we're planning on doing more live events like
this um in the future and we're also planning on you know bringing on some guests so some
of our course graduates who have moved on you know to the most incredible adventures abroad
teaching english or some people you know who teach online or some people you know that we work with as partners
like tefl recruiters other tefl experts we want to bring on
and also also some um sort of like an
insider look into our in-class centers around the world so that's
coming and i think this is also a great idea from sharon so thanks for letting me know it's awesome
we should definitely do that
yes yeah kevin right so we send out links for jobs upon demand after completion
um but also much more than that so there's also a whole database you know of information we also help
with things like resume writing um or like
interview prep if a lot of um jobs they require like trial lessons
mock lessons during their interviews so we also provide material for that um
there's really a lot of um like lifetime job support package that you can get at the end
this is also a good one for sharon another one are there any opportunities to teach small groups online or is it
always one-on-one so that depends on you know the platform that you work for there's so so many platforms out there
and all of them kind of operate a little bit differently but there are platforms that um
definitely also do group teaching i have seen that before so it's not only one-on-one
um there's also groups for sure
yeah oh awesome hello from puerto rico i just finished my 220 hour
awesome rudy congratulations that's awesome great great great
okay let me drop that uh coupon
one more time into the comments in case somebody didn't catch that so everyone
listening in or watching this right now can get a um sort of early access to our 20 off
halloween coupon so you know take advantage of that if
you're interested in taking a course saves 20 and everyone else
will you know get this coupon tomorrow so you are lucky today
i also wanted to drop a link to our faq section so if there are some
questions that i might have missed right now or that you know just think of later um
head to our faq section here um and
there's a lot of information more and more more information to any kind of tefl and teasel questions
um i also want to share with you our blog you can also find a lot of a
lot of lots and lots and lots and lots of info there also a lot of um our tefl course grads they share their
stories on our blog which is really cool so you can check out you know their
stories it's always fun we have one more question here
okay uh do you have centers in egypt you know yes we do we actually have two we have one in
cairo and one in alexandria um okay let me drop the link
to our egypt centers right here egypt
egypt castle centers here you go so you can check that out
and um oh one more okay luke says are in class courses better
than online ones i'm still a bit stressed in front of a class and without experience in teaching
i'm scared that if i take the online course that i will not be prepared for being in front of a class yeah
that's a pretty common question we get sure that's a big concern a lot of people have um from my own
experience so i only took the online only i only took the online course i didn't take
the in class course and i didn't have any teaching experience before going to china to teach and um
you know things like that i think are just that the online course definitely
teaches you you know the certain skills and techniques um and then you go into the classroom
and you are able to apply them but you know with every class you're going to get better
the first class is never perfect and also from somebody who maybe took an in-class course you know your
first lesson is never going to be perfect so i think teaching is definitely something that you know improves over
time you get to know your own style you also depends on your students you know what their learning style is and you kind of
figure it out along the way but the online course definitely helps you it helped me a lot
i'm sure some people do prefer the in-class course and we also you know recommend the in-class course
to anyone who wants to get that teaching experience because it's it's a great experience you get to
you know go abroad for four weeks and spend your time in a team with other like-minded people
and you get experience from the teacher trainers it's great but i wouldn't say you know that the in
class is better than the online it depends on you personally and um
both are great both result in you know the same certificate and you're able to teach after either
one of them [Music]
okay one more question here lorado says do you guys have an online teaching
platform i'm teaching in china now but want to teach online when i go home so we personally our company does not
have a online teaching platform but we have partners we are partnered with many online teaching platforms
so um you can check out our partners section i'm going to drop a
link to that later on and you can hit them up for sure so there's so so many options
in terms of online teaching so many platforms and if you already you know have experience teaching in china
um you're definitely going to find um a job teaching english online no problem i'm pretty sure that
[Music] let's see okay here joe is asking about
the coupons so i want to get clarification sure i received an email that i would get 20
discount for already completing the course yeah we do that true and now there's a halloween
discount for 20 will i get a 40 discount unfortunately you cannot combine the discounts i'm
sorry i wish i wish i wish but no you can't you can only use one unfortunately
sorry about that
let's see all right one more for moody how hard is
it to get a job abroad well you know it always depends
on you you know you require your portfolio the school's requirements the
destination where you want to go there's so so many factors but i always say everyone who wants to
go abroad they can definitely find a job you know some people might have to
look at you know certain destinations where the requirements aren't that high or
have to be a little bit more flexible than others but in general anyone can find a job abroad and also
despite covet and pandemic and everything people are still hiring abroad people are still going
abroad to teach and um actually i have a friend who just recently moved here
to south korea from the us and you know she did her two weeks in quarantine it was
actually quite fun she got like this care package from the south korean government with like food
and like medication and sanitizer and all this kind of stuff and you know she spent two weeks in her
new apartment in korea and after two weeks she was good and she started teaching and she's now
you know super happy and having the time of her life in korea so you know the pandemic doesn't need to
stop you from going abroad hi there's someone tuning in from chile
awesome all right i think we're going to sign off very soon but we are going to
do this again like i mentioned this is going to be sort of a regular thing um
so yeah stay tuned for that let me see last question let's get one
more question okay one more from luke how was it for
you to travel in a new country and teach there were you surrounded by people who helped and gave you tips at the start
absolutely yeah so when i started working in china and also when i started
working you know in um in south korea at schools you know the the fellow teachers
and the management they're always very very helpful you know they know what you're going through they know you're new here
they know maybe you have a little bit of a culture shock they know all that so everybody's
usually very very very helpful and friendly and um sure you know you're going to
have a little bit of a hard time in the beginning that's quite normal but you're also going to make a lot of new friends
new experiences and um don't be scared you know it's going to
be great it's a great experience you know i recommend this to anyone go
abroad and teach like you for a year for two or you know forever i mean it's such a great experience and it
really you know makes me who i am today really such a great experience
yay it's fun to hear thank you yeah you're welcome all right so this um
video will be available as a playback on our facebook page and on our youtube
channel so you can always refer back to it and yeah we're going to be back live
again like i mentioned and also we recently started let me drop that link
we recently started a tefl podcast so this live will actually be available
in audio as a podcast and you can also check that out our
previous episodes are on there and our upcoming episodes are going to be on there as well so um look out for that
and thanks so much for tuning in that's very cute thank you um
like i said take advantage of that 20 off halloween discount
where was it again here uh take advantage of that and um i'll see
you next time thanks for tuning in have a great evening day morning
wherever you are thanks