Study Abroad vs. Teaching Abroad - What's Better?


hello good morning or good evening good afternoon good good whatever wherever
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questions today and we're also going to talk about teaching abroad versus studying abroad
what is better what might be better for you um and
yeah that's what we're going to do today i'm also gonna do an intro about myself if this is the first time that you're
seeing me i'm introducing myself but before that i also really wanna know where are you
right now where in the world are you watching from i'm in south korea it is 10 30
a.m on friday friday morning i'm super excited it's friday can't wait
for the weekend um i think very soon we're heading to spring which is my favorite season
especially in south korea with all the cherry blossoms and all the other spring flowers so i'm super excited it's still
cold so i think this weekend is still gonna be cold but very soon i'm looking forward to spring
but anyway where are you right now i've actually been living in korea for almost
seven years now time flies like crazy it's insane um but anyway
that's me all right
okay richard says i did for over 10 years what did you do for over 10 years
live abroad taught abroad studied abroad lived in korea what
let me know very cool we also have chit sway um i'm probably butchering
that name i'm very sorry and i can't read your comment i'm very so sorry
okay i can't afford any dollars because i'm a revolutionary now
okay very cool well maybe um you can get some
information for also the future something to take away
hello turk i'm linda not lisa lisa is my colleague very similar name
but close from the philippines very cool awesome
yeah thank you so much for joining me today i know um it's been a crazy 24 hours probably
around the world um so thank you so much for taking some time out of your day today to spend it
with me it's probably going to take i would say maybe 30 minutes today it
should be not that long uh what i have to say about this topic and then we can also have a q a
um where you can ask me questions so um yeah
let's do that juliana is here hi and she says i'm watching from illinois
it's 7 p.m here we get a snow storm again today oh no it is 25 degrees ooh
25 degrees fahrenheit um that is really cold i hope you're staying safe
we have augustine from uh cuernavaca is that how you say
cuernavaca mexico very nice cool how's the weather there is it cold or is it
warm is it more in the north or in the south i'm not sure
about mexican geography unfortunately i really want to go though to mexico
it's on my list very cool so we have people from everywhere that's very very cool i always love that an international
crowd um brett is here hello and in kelly 51
degrees bruh okay all right that's not that cold brett come on
for california it's cold but yeah no problem yeah it's nice to see
you all again as well very nice all right very good
yes i'm from burma i thought so yes that's what i figured very nice thank
you so much for joining that's awesome very very cool
good so today we're gonna talk about what is better teaching abroad or
studying abroad what might be better in your case um some
advantages for sure um when you teach abroad versus studying
abroad that's the angle that we're obviously gonna look at today um and yeah let me start by
just introducing myself if you're watching this for the first time who am i
my name is linda um and i am a travel writer and content
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live sessions connecting with you guys to grow this tefl family tefl
community and helping you out and learning more about you as well so thank you so much for coming
here week after week after week i see many familiar faces and also new faces
and i appreciate you all right good
back to today's topic so the first question i actually have for you guys
and i hope you answer that is before you hear anything
what i say today what would you rather do would you rather study abroad or
teach abroad which one would you rather do let me know in the comments right now
what just out of your gut gut feeling or maybe with what did
you do in the past from your own experience what would you rather do would you
rather study abroad or teach abroad let me know in the comments section
me personally i would do both probably but it's kind of uh not everyone can do
both right so if you had to pick just one um what would it be
what would it be yes dina that's what i'm saying right
study abroad and then teach abroad so both for sure but if you had to just pick one
if you just had to pick one what would you do
still i would do both right that would be the dream of course study abroad
um and then also graduate and then go and teach abroad in many different countries that'd be great but if you
just had to pick one what would you do okay dina would study all right you would study abroad
why why would you study abroad and not teach abroad or did you
did you study abroad already or is that your plan
okay juliana says i will do study abroad because i had a great experience in france interesting all right
yanisha also study abroad interesting why
yanisha dina why study abroad
okay dina says because i prefer to study anyway i mean i prefer studying over working right
everything's better than working
uh okay la tariq also says how i wish to do both but i have to pick one it would
be study abroad wow everybody everybody's to study abroad interesting
okay all right so maybe we just stopped this live session here
because i'm gonna tell you why teaching abroad is better than study abroad so maybe i can actually persuade
you maybe change your mind so at the end of the session i'm going to ask you again with everything that i've told you
would you now change your mind or would you still study abroad
all right let's see great good fun though
that's why i like doing these live sessions because um you know i learn from you guys as well i
get to learn more about you how you think um what you prefer
so that's very interesting as well all right so let's go over
um i think i have five reasons why teaching abroad is better than
studying abroad and let's see if you agree because you all prefer studying abroad
so that should be interesting maybe we'll have heated debates today
dina says i like to fill my bowl with updates that i can be useful maybe in this time i will be able to
teach any time when i want right yeah that's why we're here to
exchange information to maybe right um learn something new obviously all right
and here i'm sorry i cannot read your name um but
our revolutionary from burma prefers to teach abroad while studying okay that's
also good that's also really good all right good
let's jump into the first reason and i think that's a really big one that's going to make sense for a
lot of people and that is that number one when you teach abroad you will make money
right when you teach abroad you work you will make money versus when you study
abroad you will probably not make any money you're actually going to have to pay to study abroad right so a lot of
people aren't able to do that for that reason so let's have a look
yeah number one you will actually earn money when teaching abroad oh and i need to make this bigger or you can't see
okay so when you teach english abroad you are
actually earning money and depending on where you teach what kind of school you work for etc and what country and so on
you can earn anywhere from a thousand 600 or even sometimes lower a thousand a
thousand two hundred four hundred to four thousand u.s dollars or more sometimes in the middle east they have
amazing salaries tax free also um so yeah you can make a lot of money
every month and um with that money you can actually if you graduate first
you graduate first um you go and teach abroad you can use this money to actually pay off your
student loans right so you will because student loans especially in the states is a big
problem um i don't know what the average amount maybe some of you know the average
amount um average what is it student debt amount that
u.s university graduates have um it's a lot
and if you choose to wait with your experience abroad after you graduate and then you teach
abroad you can actually pay off your student loans and be debt-free soon very soon i know a lot of people
who did that they went abroad taught english um to actually pay off their student
loans because when you teach english abroad depending on where you teach most of the countries
where you teach your salary is really high and the cost of living lower so you can actually save up to a thousand
dollars or more every month which is great you wouldn't be able to do that at home you definitely wouldn't
be able to do that with studying abroad um so that's really great
and you can also at the same time live a comfortable lifestyle with the salary you're able to save money you're able to
pay off student loans and you can also save up money especially in asia or in
the middle east region you can save that money and you can live a comfortable lifestyle you can save money to travel
to other other countries as well so this is the first reason here and i think everybody agrees that this is a
huge plus and benefit for um teaching abroad versus studying
abroad right huge plus so that's the first one i wanted to talk about i'm sure all of you agree is there
somebody that doesn't agree let me know but um that's what it looks like for sure
dina yes also sure yeah
all right good first reason i think we all agree makes sense let's
see and let's talk about the second one over here uh number two you will get international
work experience when you teach english abroad i'm sure we can also all agree on this
one right um and this international work experience can look very differently i
put a couple of different pictures down below because it's very different and there's so many different aspects that
go into international work experience right um but
it's definitely great to have international work experience on your resume right
and with this you will actually have an advantage on the job market when you come back home or maybe you decide to
move to a different country either way you will have an advantage
on the job market global job market or your local job market when you go back home and actually research has shown
that starting salaries for graduates with international work experience are
approximately 7 000 us dollars a year more compared to people without any
international work experience on their resume so you'll actually make more money with
this experience on your resume and now some people are going to say yeah if i study abroad i also get
international experience you get international experience but probably not international work
experience right you're not gonna actually work in um a company
a school is also a business a company um you're not going to work with
likely any um you know different colleagues and co-workers sure you have
friends other students from other countries and local students if you study abroad but you're not probably going to have to
interact with them as much compared to if you work in this environment
and i can speak from my own experience when i taught english in china and i worked in korea um
a lot of it has to do with also the work culture like the office culture is very very
different in different countries than what you're used to back home and you're not going to have that when
you study abroad and this is something that employers back home all around the world value extremely
high right that you're able to adapt you're able to work with your colleagues
your superiors they do many things very very differently from what you're used
to back home uh maybe some of the uh
working the labor law are not the same as you're used to back home but you need to just
adjust and deal with it and this is something that will be a great great benefit and huge bonus for when you go
back home and you're looking for a job and all of these things also
this abroad experience is really great for interviews when you're interviewing
because you have so much to talk about um obviously also with study abroad
but um especially with working teaching abroad you're gonna have a lot of
insight into all of these different um work experiences and you can see down
here the pictures that i put um it can be so so different so you have like the office um thing like i mentioned like
office culture in different countries um if you do kind of teaching in in a
completely different country you're also going to have all these different cultural aspects that you're going to
learn not everybody thinks the same way as you do so you get to see things from
different angles um yeah you can really shine in your work experience and make
it um something that will work for you even if a lot of people you know don't have a great work experience abroad and that's
okay too because you can also learn from negative experiences so when you go back home you have a lot to talk about as
well how you manage to deal with these negative experiences turn them into
benefits for you how this will help you for your future in the job that you're
applying for now for example so yeah i hope this all made sense
um but i thought that was really interesting with um the 7 000 us dollars
more a year and that's a fact obviously this is u.s u.s salaries
companies in the u.s who paid graduates with international work experience
on average 7 000 us dollars a year more so that's really really good to know
and hopefully will be will entice you to maybe change your mind later when i ask you again study
abroad or teach abroad all right feel free if you any comments
if you don't agree with what i'm saying or if you have a question to make a comment leave a comment down below and i
will get back to you you don't have to agree with me that's okay too we can have a discussion
um you know i don't want ev any everybody if you don't agree with me just say it you know
that'd be great we can have a discussion about it we can learn from each other so
okay good so dina saying for non-native speakers it's quite hard do you mean it's quite
hard to get to go abroad for teaching english there are a lot of places who do hire um
non-native speakers actually and if um i don't know if you've already watched
some of my colleague lisa's live videos she is a non-native english speaker she's from russia she taught english in
china very successfully and she's now back home and she's teaching online a lot but she actually gives a lot of
advice um a lot of advice for non-native english speakers where to work how to polish
your resume um how to also stand out and things like that
to get that money or finding a job right yeah um
i think especially if you look at countries where they give you a lot of
benefits you know a free they give you free round-trip flights um they give you paid apartments so
there's not a lot of costs involved to actually move abroad in many cases um
and dina also says because almost all institutions ask for natives
okay they might do um but i would still apply to anything
anyway all job most job offers not only for teaching but for any other job the
requirements are typically just ludicrous ridiculous nobody actually
fulfills all of the requirements for any job offer most of the time right and
companies know that but they just put out these ridiculous job offers um
but still apply because it's not only about the requirements or like the the
your um your credentials your qualifications it's also about more than that your
personality wants to invite you and they see who you are and the the interview and everything it all kind of comes
together so i wouldn't say that it's harder i agree
for non-native english speakers it is harder but it's not impossible and there are many places who are actually looking
also specifically for native speakers and non-native speakers
for english teachers because there are some clear advantages when it comes to non-native english
speakers usually non-native english speakers because they've actually learned english they learned the
language they would they will actually know the grammar much better than um
native speakers let's be honest it's just how it is and i think it's changing too a lot of institutes and language
schools they are recognizing that and they kind of want to have this um
the mix of all of that so native and non-native i think that's a great benefit for um
for a school okay great and juliana says you are right because i got a lot of job
interview notifications on linkedin well there you go
um and you say don't worry just let a professional network recognize that you
are an amazing english teacher yeah i think looking for a job in today's day
and age is difficult in general um and it's much more than just applying
and then getting invited to an interview you kind of really need to go a little bit the extra mile
i think also networking um has a lot to do with that so um i always mention
facebook groups linkedin groups try to network with people and kind of get into
that inner circle and i did a live session about how to um
how to um [Music] find a job a teaching job a couple of
weeks ago so go ahead go to our playlist on facebook and on youtube and check
that out there are a lot of tips in there as well all right and later says i agree with
you linda just apply so it's quite difficult there are lots of possibilities
yeah definitely yeah for sure
okay so this was number two when you teach abroad you will get international
work experience let's have a look at the third reason why teaching
abroad is better than study abroad number three you will live like a local
all right you will live like a local what does that mean so most of the time students abroad they
live in dormitories in the university they don't really live with the locals
but english teachers abroad they really live in the same apartments where the locals live me i used to live in
the same apartments like locals now i live in the same apartment as koreans it's a normal apartment i'm
actually the only um foreigner living in my apartment so um i really live among the locals like
the locals and that's why english teachers are also generally more integrated into the local
population because we live exactly where they live we we're not like international students where we live in
international student dormitories and only hang out among international students
and i put a couple of pictures down below um this is something from my own personal
experience when i lived in china that's sort of the first picture it's not me it's not my picture but um it reminded
me of that um and it was lunar new year or chinese new year i remember living in
my apartment at i was off right it's a holiday so
my plan was to sleep in enjoy my holiday um you know just chill but then at um
i don't believe i i don't remember um at 7am i believe
the locals in the apartment started firing all these firecrackers and it was
super loud and i woke up and i was like what is going on because that's just what they do
and i thought that was so funny um so that that was something that came to mind um but yeah juliana says i live
with a local family in bordeaux i mean yeah right that's also an option
for international students you can actually live with a local family so you do actually will also live like a local
sure absolutely but i feel like the majority of international students at least like
here in korea um i don't think you can actually live with the host family i'm not sure i've never heard about that um because
koreans are very like they don't really want other people coming and intruding into their home as
much so i think most international students at least here they live in
international student dormitories um but definitely yes if you that's a good
argument you can also live like a local with a host family as a student as well
just not sure if that is that common but um yeah that was just one point i wanted to
mention that yeah you will live like a little more like a local maybe let's say that if you teach abroad versus studying
abroad because also most inter international students they will hang out in the
university area and it's just not the same i feel like any university area in any city
is not the same as like the real parts of town i guess if that makes sense i don't know
so yeah uh right so
let's move on the fourth reason and this is this is
true though this is 100 true for teaching abroad if you teach english abroad you can stay
as long as you want so what does that mean with studying
abroad studying abroad has an end right you usually you're there for six months
or maybe a year some also longer but it has an end right with teaching abroad
yes you have teaching contracts that normally last a year or maybe two years
but you can generally stay as long as you wish right it's not like after a
year you need to leave um but schools are very very happy to
extend teaching contracts once they have a teacher and the school likes you you like the school
if everybody's happy they are more than happy to extend the contracts because it's very expensive to hire other
foreign teachers from abroad so they rather keep their teachers who are already there
so as long as you want to stay you will be able to stay which is not truth for
studying abroad it has an end um so i don't think anybody can make a
comment about that because this is true i think pretty sure
um but yeah i think this is a very big point and a lot of people maybe don't
think about this right when they are torn between should i study abroad should i teach abroad this
is a very big reason um and a year honestly or six months even
goes by super fast and if you study abroad six months is
nothing um a year sounds like a lot it's not a lot a year goes by also very very fast and then you
just settle in and then it's like okay it's already over i need to go back home with teaching
if you don't like it after a year yeah sure leave go home that's fine or go
somewhere else but if you really like it you still have the option of staying
and exploring it further whereas with studying abroad you can't really do that
so that's something really to think about i think it's an important point
okay and i think now we are heading into the last point that i have for you guys which is
number five you will make a positive impact on other people's lives
when you teach english abroad you might also do that when you study abroad if you're an incredible person
but what i mean is that you as a teacher you can really impact
and change the life of your students and from my own personal experience and
i'm sure that many of you already taught abroad or taught anywhere also in your
home country that you'll agree that it's the best feeling in the world when you see your students improve their english
and this is definitely the most rewarding part of the job and something only teaching can give you
i've had many many instances most recently i had a student who
i teach english and german and i had a student who wanted to practice
german job interview stuff scenarios um and we did that and then she applied
and she had a job interview and she got the the job she got the job she moved to germany very soon and that just made me
feel so good and she was like oh thank you so much linda this really helped me
i feel like you really prepared me for that and that's why i got the job so those are things
that just really make you proud and really you can make such a big impact in somebody's life
with teaching and you don't get that with studying abroad you can say what you want i don't think you can get this
same feeling um with studying abroad than teaching abroad so um
yeah and i think many of you have stories to tell like this where you feel like that's just such a great feeling
when you see your students improve um and they can achieve things that they
couldn't before all because of your teaching and that just feels really great and dina says i love this point
yeah i agree the best for last that's why i put it for number five
okay then let me ask you
oh let's review first okay before i ask you again let's review so when you teach
english abroad that's what we covered you actually will make money
uh which you really won't when you have when studying abroad unless you have like a mini job but usually students
international students they can't really work that much so you won't make that much money uh with teaching abroad you
will make money you can make a lot of money you can also save a lot of money you can actually pay
off student loans which is great number two you will also get international work
experience which will help you in your future obviously i mean we can't deny that
studying abroad will also really look great on your resume but with actually
working abroad teaching abroad you'll get more skills additional skills that you
won't get with um studying abroad number three you will live like a local
so you live actually where the locals live you will not live in an international student dorm kind of
shielded in your university life um you actually live where the locals live
and hear all the firecrackers during chinese probably the dorms as well anyway
number four very important point some people forget when teaching english abroad you will
actually you can stay as long as you want you're not limited to a semester or
a year studying abroad you can actually stay as long as you want you don't need to leave if you like it
you can stay you don't need to leave you can explore that further and number five you will make a positive
impact on other people's lives with your students like in my case where i helped one of my students get a job in germany
and that's just a really really great feeling that you cannot you won't get with studying abroad
so now let me ask you again after everything that you've heard now what do you prefer now studying abroad
still or teaching abroad what are your thoughts now what's what's maybe the the most
impactful point that i talked about or maybe do you have another reason why teaching abroad is better or maybe
another reason why studying abroad is actually better than teaching abroad
or was there a point where you're like ah i don't really quite agree with that
let me know let me know all of you guys who were saying studying
abroad studying abroad did you change your mind or you're like nah i still
think studying abroad is better and why then why what did not convince you
i was trying my hardest julianna says both okay great i agree um
in an ideal world obviously we all want to do everything in both but sometimes
you just can't unfortunately but if you can do both of course study
abroad teach abroad travel backpack volunteer abroad like do everything but sometimes we just can't
do everything unfortunately we have to pick and choose
so let me know what do you prefer thank you marcias is teaching abroad yay
i did it i convinced somebody that's great
all right and later says thank you for sharing all the reasons to teach abroad and number five is the most impactful
yes for teaching abroad if given a chance nice i like that
brett says teaching abroad although i wish i could have done both i know right
both obviously great even better if you can do both but if you have to choose
you can only pick one sometimes dina says as an egyptian woman i would like
to work abroad to get all points that you mentioned then i will continue studying abroad this is also great right
didn't even think about that you can first teach abroad save money to then continue your studies also abroad great
love that good i wish you all the best and good luck for that i hope you can do it
okay and here we have our burmese friend i say again for my ambition or lovers i
am forced by my strong affirmation values and ethics towards my plentiful power for the above things i said i am
an excellent example okay great sounds like you are
um on a good way good marcia i would love to be able to teach
both english and spanish yeah i think they also have like a tefl teasel for
spanish right uh maybe maybe you can explore that that would be great
that'd be really great i learned so much since i started also teaching german
it's crazy um i feel like if you if if you can speak
more than one language um like if you're fluent in more than one
language than english besides english teach it it's going to make you a better teacher it's really great
right dina says thanks a lot for this conversation yeah thank you so much for joining dina
i hope to see you again that'd be great okay and then
i want to go into before we move before we leave this um
i want to just get into the different course options real quick so now we talked about
why teaching abroad is um better so let's have a look at how
you can teach english abroad how can you go about um this is something i mentioned before
so you want to get at least 100 hours of tefl or tesol training as a minimum
and at itt we offer between 50 and 550 hours of training right
um these are all accredited internationally which is really important and accept accepted
worldwide so if you are not yet teflor tesol certified then the best option would be
this 120 hour tefl certificate this is sort of the international standard right so
this is what you will need to teach english abroad and today's offer like i
said we do have 30 off so this will actually be a lot
cheaper than 249. like i always say i can't really do math
that well um so you can figure that out but it's a big discount 30
and this certificate um is 100 online it has 20 units you can
study at your own pace up to six months and you will receive an embossed hard copy certificate delivered straight to
your door after you graduate so this will be really really great
for teaching english abroad and then we also have the specialization
courses this is great for the number five point we talked about if you want to really make an impact um in your
students lives so there are many different specialized teaching fields like business english young learners or
teaching online all of these three you can take specialized tefl courses to
add to your portfolio and they start at 175 just want to mention
that and again you can use the 30 off coupon for these as well
if you have any questions about the courses about anything feel free
to reach out and i also want to share this email address if you have any
if you have any questions here you can email us at any time at courses tesol
minus tefl dot com all right and we have marcia says yeah
i'm on it i'm exploring the possibilities to study ele when i finish
the 120 hour course cool yeah so that's the spanish
tefl basically that's cool
all right dina says i have your t soul certificate that's awesome i'm wondering about celta is it right celta yes celta
is also a really good teaching english certificate to have and i believe my
colleague lisa she just did a live session about the difference between tesol tefl and celta so i highly
recommend you check that out um to figure out the difference it is in
our playlist we always keep all of our live sessions in our playlists on youtube and also on facebook at the same
time so you can um check that out and then how you can find itttt online
like i mentioned in the beginning and we're also on social media you're
already here if you haven't liked or subscribed yet please do so now you're already here you have nothing to lose
and this is our discount again if you can scan the qr code you can get 30 off
if you can't scan that no problem let me share the link one more time
for you all so you can apply and get the discount via this link
here you click on this link and um you fill out the application form you
choose the course they want to take and you get 30 percent off the course
and then we can jump into q a so if you still have any questions today i'm still
going to be online for a couple more minutes to answer any possible open questions
um if you're not sure about something let me know i can answer them something that i talked about today or anything
else related to tefl teasol teaching abroad teaching in korea perhaps i'm
here to answer them today
so whatever is on your mind let me know i'll be able to answer it hopefully
um i don't know everything i'm gonna say that but i try
and you can also always email us we have a really really great team here at itttt
all of our team members our consultants have taught english abroad
in different countries so we'll be able to give you a lot of info about that some have also studied abroad studied
tesol tefl so um you never know let us know marcia says yeah lisa talked about celta
last year i'm not sure the month but maybe it was in june
oh last year i thought it was more recently maybe she talked about it twice i'm not
sure but it will be in the playlist for sure if you look for celta it will show
up i think she also covered delta there's delta too celta delta all of
those things um she's an expert on that so i'm gonna leave that up to her sorta
but yeah great that's why our playlist and our our live
um session playlists are so great because we covered really
pretty much every topic teaching related under the sun
uh we cover a lot we've been doing this live sessions for a year and four months every week pretty
much twice so we cover a lot of topics so if you can just i always recommend if you
have if you have a little bit of time during the day browse this section and you will find something that
interests you and maybe you have a question but still feel free to always reach out to us courses at t-cell minus no problem or also you can message me on instagram at linda goes
east if there's a question you have you want to ask me personally that's also fine
yeah then i'm just going to wait a couple more minutes if there are no questions then anymore i'm just going to
sign off but i hope maybe you learned something interesting and fun today
um i know sometimes some topics are more interesting than others but i try to
switch it up and offer something new and different every week which is not always so easy
so it also if you have any topic suggestions for something that i should talk about in the future during
these live sessions let me know i'm open to that okay she interviewed another teacher who
had studied both itttt teflon than salta great yes i do remember that yeah
maybe that was last year you're right but that was good because then this person has both so they really know um
what's up basically great
okay let me take a sip of my drink here
brett is doing his cv as he watches this great cool
awesome tefl cv i wish you good luck for your
job search i'm sure you'll find something great so did you decide on where you want to go italy korea
or where or not you just apply apply apply to anything everything
everything that interests you just apply and you'll see it'll be destiny whatever job offer you
get the turk says thank you linda happy weekend yeah happy weekend to everybody
um i guess we are at the end of this live session now
um as always i will be back again next week if you have any questions or in the
meantime feel free to leave your questions in the comments below we always respond to them even after the
life as well um [Music]
cool brett says italy and then korea cool yeah do that totally different
two totally different places awesome i love it alrighty then i'm gonna sign off for
today juliana also says thank you so much i learned a lot today but i still have a hard time picking picking a place to
teach english have a nice day yeah i mean i did a lot of live sessions about different places countries
continents um but in the end it's i mean it's a hard decision
um but i'm sure you'll figure it out and i mean you can just teach anywhere and stay free here and then move to another
country teach there for a year that's the beauty of teaching english abroad you can literally do anything you want
which is really great okay thanks for everything again linda good
topic have a great week thank you marcia have a great weekend as well
brett thank you you'll be back next week that's great and he says happy birthday again
thank you yeah it was my birthday on sunday um thank you so much
all right good i'm gonna sign off and i hope you all have a great weekend thank
you so much for spending some time of your day with me today um i hope to all
see you again next week and stay safe
out there and um yeah
that would be it for today thank you guys i'm gonna sign off now bye bye
until next week bye guys thank you