Q&A with a Non-Native ESL Teacher: "I can't find a job! What to do?"


hey guys it's lizzy here and today we are going to discuss a
really crucial issue uh so i would like to uh draw everybody's attention to the
problem of getting a job as a non-native esl teacher
uh for some reason um i get constantly asked about this situation
and people usually say like i got tefl certified but i can't find a job or in general i can't
find a job without any reasons and i don't know what to do so um
i believe that this uh point uh is super important to uh cover
that is why uh today i decided to have this q a session
uh with you and address your problems and try
myself try try my best to help you out to overcome
this trouble to overcome this problem so um what we are going to do
is um we are going to communicate via the chat box
so uh make sure uh that if you have a question or
if you have any troubles related to this job search use
the comment section so you can type in your question or you can type in your situation in
general um and i'll try my best to help you out
um i'll give you my advice and um if possible um
yeah uh you could you you would probably need to give a little bit more detail
um so make sure you use this chat box and i will be happy uh to help you
and uh also i just want to mention that um here yeah here
uh on the top right corner of the screen uh we have this qr code with a 30
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maybe any other courses related to teaching uh feel free to scan the secure code or
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you will take this opportunity and use this incentive and speaking of
the problem we are discussing today yeah i have already mentioned that you need
to use the chat box uh to share your opinion to share
your stories so make sure you use it and i'm actually going to show you this
comment uh it came out a little bit earlier uh and it is from youtube and
this guy uh actually um says what i am what i was thinking about
uh so basically job search isn't that complicated uh if you
first have qualifications have credentials and second
you um choose the best employer out of many of them
because not all employers around the world are trustworthy and um
just you know like open-minded people so it is crucial to find um
your perfect fit in terms of job placement and i'll um i would like to share my
personal story here so um i've mentioned uh before
uh that i went to china right after my university i wasn't a teacher at that time i was
just a translator and i didn't have any uh skills i didn't have any
qualifications as a teacher so i went to china and i i found the job
on my own through an agency so um i believe that all over the world
there are many organizations which provide you some career help
some job placement help so i found a company like that
back in the day so it was like 2016 uh when all borders were opened and
everything was super easy um to achieve uh in terms of like
international traveling so um i i tried
to um not lose that opportunity and picked out just a random
guy who helped me a random agent who helped me to come to china and to get a job
um like smoothly without any trouble and
that was the first time when i started working abroad yeah hello guys thanks for coming
sorry i actually started so so fast i i didn't introduce myself i didn't um
give any explanation of the like of of the stream
sessions routine so i hope i hope that um i will get to this point a little bit
later but right now i'm telling about my personal experience of getting a job abroad
so it was china and it was in 2016. i found an agency um that helped me to
get to china and to start working for an international kindergarten there
they actually didn't check my background that much although i um actually did
like a criminal check record um they because the kindergarten uh
asked to have this paper that you don't have any criminal record uh in your background so that was
probably the only legal um paper i had at that time
so um and the jock search wasn't complicated at all
because um unfortunately back in the day and i'm not sure about
today's situation maybe because of this huge demand in china it is still like that but uh at that
time they just wanted to see um faces uh which uh fitted
their uh company uh style and so on so i got a job um by my picture
well literally uh i also had like um a phone call uh
with one of the kindergarten representatives but that was all all
other parts were done by the agency and i would say that
this is probably a benefit you get when you work with an agency when you
use their services so probably uh one of the
first ways to find a job would be to find an agency i am not sure
uh how it is done in some other countries but in china it is like that
so after a year of working for an agency i got uh tefl certified so it was
on the first year of of my work um so uh right yeah
uh in the beginning of 2017 i got tefl certified and at that time
i knew that i have to work on my teaching skills and i have to
um fill my cv with various credentials so that i would look
trustworthy and professional so i started working on my resume on my
cv i also filmed a part of my lesson so that my
future employers would um would be able to see um how i do that
without um inviting me to their schools or to their
language centers and that was really helpful so number one work on your cv
number two um work on your um demo video and stuff like that
uh what's next uh yeah after a year of work with that
agency i um kind of understood that they um took a half of my salary
so basically i could make
i i could make much more working um directly with the
kindergarten and that is why i decided to find a job on my own
uh it was much easier when i was there in china because i didn't have to
find anything on the net i just could uh go from one kindergarten to another and
communicate with people there and say like well i can come to your kindergarten
and do a demo class would you consider my candidacy so that
was done like that but uh you know nobody um
nobody looks for you on their own uh you have to walk in there and
do what you want you have to act yourself and that was my belief at that time and
it is my belief these days so nothing nothing has changed actually since that
all right so um when i found another employer um
it was much more solid than the previous one we didn't have any agents in the middle
like between us you know nobody acted like my representative i was
my own boss um i was my own representative and we signed the contra
we signed a contract and i started working in another kindergarten um and
yeah it was probably easier than finding a job uh being outside of
china so when you are in a com when you are in a country when you are
in that location uh you are interested in it is much easier to find a job
um yeah so that that's my uh personal example and now
i see a question uh in the comment section so i would like to show it on the screen
and read it quickly okay so hello joanna nice to
have you here uh in the in the live stream session thanks for coming
and yeah let me ask let me see the question
all right so um when you have any concerns related to
legal issues and related to visa process of a specific country i would recommend
you checking out their governmental websites because all countries have different
requirements unfortunately i do not have any information related to
job related to employment process in in europe so we have
some information on the website uh you can definitely definitely check out uh this
information let me uh send out um a link to the comment
section uh one second
so uh we have this library i would say like that we have this
library um of jobs uh by countries so they are sorted out by
countries and you can click on the country you are interested in and check out if there are if there
is any information related to the legal issues to the documents
process but generally speaking uh you um do have to you do
have to have a bachelor degree a bachelor's degree and what else if you are
not a teacher so if you have your bachelor's degree but you are not a teacher uh you would
probably need to show um any time any tefl certification
or uh something related to teaching so you have to uh make sure
that you have this teaching credential um tefl course tefl certification may be
an option but there are some other um courses related to teaching so they also
might suit your profile um and speaking of uh what speaking of some
other documents related to visa process yeah as i mentioned as i've mentioned
you have to check out uh each particular com country because everyone has different
requirements all right
all right so maria asks uh hello maria thank you for your question
uh so maria asks about um be about the
about the possibility of finding a job in japan being a tassel
certified teacher with 10 years of experience so unfortunately i'm not
an employer and i can't say for sure if it is easy or if it is difficult
to find a job in japan however i would say that if you are interested and if you are
really motivated to find a job there you have to try so no one
finds out without a try so just try to give it a shot
search for companies in japan uh maybe some agents in japan uh
who provide those services of job placement and check out with them so
unfortunately i can't say for sure like if it's easy or difficult it is always
really um personal really subjective you know uh some people say that it's super
difficult to find a job in china for example but i say that china is probably one of the
easiest destinations to find a job and like frankly speaking nowadays
because of this um closed borders uh all over the world uh there in china
they have a huge demand in english teachers and because there are not many of them
they agree to uh pay much more to even non-native speakers
and they hire non-native speakers uh if they are in china so
it really depends um yeah as jo uh as juliana says
there is a jet program uh and actually my colleague linda uh has done
um a whole live stream session devoted to different governmental
programs so check out this jet program i believe that a couple of
weeks ago i think last week she had an interview with two um girls from
australia about this jet program so you can um
watch that live stream that live stream recording and uh see if it if it helps you
okay so if you guys have any further questions related to job placement just go ahead i'm glad to
answer uh and i hope that my advice um like suits you
all right uh and let's see the next question from tarak uh i hope i
pronounce your name correctly so uh thanks a lot for asking me so tarak
is interested is interested uh to do um a tefl course
okay so you want uh to get tefl certified um in a classroom in a real classroom
um so you you actually can do that um if you
um go to the website uh following the link above
yeah let me let me send it once again
so we do provide in-class tefl certification
and we have a lot of centers all over the world so uh if you want to get tefl certified
in a real classroom no problem and if you follow the link from the chat box
or if you scan this qr code you will get a 30 discount of any tefl courses of any itt
tefl courses so just feel free to check out and as for a paid internship
so you uh have to understand that this uh business is on your own
um in itt we do provide some guidance
we do provide tefl employment services to our course graduates
so you can check out this information on the website as well however
it doesn't mean that um you will get a tefl job um without
any you know without any effort so probably like 90
on you 10 on some other companies um so if you if you want to find
an internship or if you want to find a real job you have to work yourself as well
um hello guys thanks a lot for coming i can see that there are 11 people
watching oh it's nine people watching now no problem but um we're talking about um
the job placement and uh problems related to um finding a job
if you have uh any trouble uh feel free to ask me in the comment section
i'm glad uh to see that there are some people at this time because i know like
uh in various parts of the world it might be too early or too late
i'm located in russia in in the middle of russia i would say so
it's um not early but it is still um morning in my location
uh and let me know where are you from and what time is it there yeah i can see
that there are some people from um this asian part of the world from
uh india bangladesh um what else probably turkey i would i
i believe that in turkey it's it's like two hours less than here in my place so for some
of you it is really early let me know if you feel all right and what do you think about this time
for doing streams i was curious that is why i i scheduled uh this live stream
um for this time and let me move on i um i would like to discuss this
question actually um so i i have already partially said that like
when you look for a job um and even if you're a tefl certified
teacher even if you're a qualified teacher um it is you who um
is responsible uh it is you who um is responsible for finding a job
actually so um make sure you are motivated and you're committed uh to
finding a job because usually um especially on youtube you know on youtube
we have um a pretty huge um channel
and every time i go to the comment section on youtube i see questions like
um i got tefl certified but i can't find a job
i don't know how to find a job what to do to find a job so questions which do not show any interest
in being active in being proactive even i would say
so um the thing is this is a real world and you have to
work yourself as well so make sure that you don't put this responsibility on
anybody else but yourself um it is probably um some you know
not that truth you would love to hear but this is how it's done
okay um yeah let me check out the questions from the
comment section and i will move on with the next um frequently asked question uh so i i got
prepared a little bit but i also would love to answer your questions uh from the chat box as well
so if you have any trouble with this job search process or if you are
not sure about getting tefl certified let me know i'm here to help you
okay uh do you provide some courses to prepare for the toefl test no unfortunately
um we do not work with international language tests
we uh certify english teachers and we provide tefl certification
but um well i
i am doing it on my own so i am an english teacher and i'm specialized at preparing students
for international exams i usually work with ielts so if you need any guide guidance on
this point you can um direct message me
on facebook so uh yeah just let me know if you need any
help with that um you can use the chat box um and i'll send you
the link to my personal profile on facebook okay so
right um juliana is watching from illinois uh so it's really far from here
from russia and it's 11 24 pm so it's really late
i think you have to go to sleep okay and um uh mateour
i hope i pronounced the name correctly um answers um asks about the demand
um in russia um so actually i um
i don't know about the situation um with english teachers in russia for sure
like here we have a lot of russian english teachers who were
qualified who studied uh in the in different russian universities and
got this teaching degree um usually such people work
in public schools uh in different language centers so there isn't
there is no problem finding um an english teacher and i would even say
that many russian speakers prefer to work with
russian native uh teachers um with native russian teachers
like i i can't explain it but there is you know this um prejudice
that uh you can't uh learn um english if it is not um
explained in russian um it happens in in countries like russia i believe
but i also know that some companies try to hire
international teachers as well not necessarily native english teachers uh i saw
um even in my district um there is like a small language center
and uh there is a teacher from india so i i believe that they hire
non-native speakers as well but again you have to research um and you have to
make sure that you fit in terms of your qualifications so probably
here in russia they look at your um resume even more than um at your
nationality or your native language yeah it really depends uh it depends on
the country it depends on them on an employer so you have to make sure that you
check everything out that you google everything uh before
um actual actual application process and stuff like that
okay and um also um i would like to address uh this
question related to the actual job search around the world so i have mentioned that every country
has its own um requirements and at the same time uh in every country
they have their own resources uh where they um list different jobs uh where they
post um you know ads um related to um teaching jobs or
any other jobs and i would like to share like a trick um
on how to search uh jobs on the net uh when you don't have access
when you don't have access to you know like local groups or
you just don't have any um any friends in
those locations you're interested in so uh basically you would
you would have to use google maps uh this is the way i do myself sometimes uh
sometimes i i try to find jobs in other countries and i open the google maps
and then i scroll to those specific areas i'm interested
in and type in using google translator uh some
uh keywords related to um the job for example esl teaching
i kind of like sometimes i try it in english sometimes i use the google tr i use
google translate and translate it into
the local language of the area and this is the way you can actually
find positioned positions or you can find uh imp possible employers uh prospective
employers so you can try out this tool also you can use google translate
solely you can type in some keywords and then input in google search and
see the results so basically what you have to try is to
work on your searching skills because they are crucial for um this
new world you know when we use internet and stuff like that so i hope that these ideas
might help you but um also once again just let me mention
that um on on the tefl on the
website on the itt website we have this uh job section where we
post different jobs and
yeah we sort out everything by countries so if you are interested in finding
a job offer a job ad you can also check out our website
we also post uh jobs on the facebook group from time to time
but they might be duplicated from the website so make sure you check out the website
page let me send it to the chat box once again
okay yeah so here you go this is the
section which contains all information related to jobs uh
and yeah once again itttt provides
uh job assistance um to graduates so if you've got tefl
certified with itdt uh you can email
um you can email us you can use this email let me write it
down yeah let me send it to the chat box
one second
yeah so here you go if you are tefl certified with itttt you can send a message uh to this um
email and um request uh some job assistance some
job placement assistance so our manager will contact you and help you out in
in the job search um yeah but once again just let me remind you
that um it is not 100 percent guarantee
that you get a job using and whatever services right so you
have to be proactive yourself you have to work on your resume
yourself so make sure you put some you you put some efforts
into the job searching process i and what else yeah
i also wanted to discuss the problem of um having some issues while
searching for jobs and how to solve those problems uh so basically
uh the probably the only um issue you might have
is that employ an employer says like you don't fit um this job because
you are uh you don't have some qualities you don't have um the skills we
look for so uh to prevent this problem uh i would suggest
to work on your resume as early as it is possible so for example
you want to become a teacher and right now you have some different
um specialty um what to do in this situation
uh first of all uh right start a tefl course because this um course provides you with
the most basic skills you need for teaching and then at the same time i strongly
recommend that you find your first students it might be challenging that's that's
true it might be but try your best you can find students in your local
community you can try to teach your friends your friends children for example if you want
to work with children uh also there are teaching websites there are teaching platforms like
preplea cambly italki so make sure you try
this opportunity as well and even if you don't have this
experience even if you don't have qualifications yet try to start teaching as soon as it is
possible uh because sometimes i notice that
people say like um i am taking a tefl course now uh and after the tefl course i want to
start teaching there or there or i want to start teaching online after the tefl course
it's a mistake to um postpone starting the actual teaching
it is always better to have a tefl course and um at the same time to get this first
experience of teaching even if you don't know how to teach yet
you can check out some um video materials on youtube
or for example on our facebook a facebook group
we constantly post uh tips and recommendations on how to start your
first lesson how to prepare for a demo class and so on so try to find the student
um at the beginning at least one student you can try to work
with various students like a community teacher you know so my recommendation is to
start getting this first teaching experience as early as it
is possible because if you postpone it constantly
maybe like after you get tefl certified you will have this problem of being
qualified but at the same time having no experience and this might be an issue
for you okay um so make sure you try
this opportunity you um give it a shot and yeah
just it might be your starting point why not okay that's
um probably it i i just had like three uh frequently asked questions i wanted
to um um i wanted to discuss with you but if you have any further
questions related to tefl teaching um what else uh related to this job
search process let me know via the chat box and um i also want to say that
once again um if you want to ask me anything you can contact me on facebook
so if you if you have any questions for uh later on after the live session
uh feel free to contact me on facebook i actually have a facebook group but for
some reason facebook uh disabled the group uh so i have already uh requested um
the requested to review the group once again and i hope they will um restore it
uh because there are 70 people on the group and uh i actually thought
that we have like a community you know i counted on it but unfortunately
facebook has its own rules well anyways you can contact me on
facebook if you have any questions um after the session uh i also have an instagram
account uh which i run in english for my esl
students so you can check out my instagram as well if you need it uh if you are interested
in uh finding students on social media it's also um a great resource because
um i i show how i do that so feel free to contact me
and um i see that there are no further questions in the comments box so probably this is the time to
finish this session oh no there is actually a question
let me see
all right um this question from ma mateur uh
is related to tefl courses so basically you don't have to um
take any you don't have to attend uh actual um life classes
uh because the tefl courses uh or from itttt are uh self-paced
uh if you don't um get a tutor help it is like 100 self-paced
if you um request um some tutor help then you will probably
be able to communicate with your tutor when you need but at the same
time all courses all lessons will be self-paced
and you won't need um attend any actual classes even online
so you can take a tefl certification without any uh attendancy so you
you don't need to go anywhere you don't need to take classes okay so
thank you guys for coming to this session i hope to see you again probably next
week i will go live with um some other topic i'll think about it but
if you have any suggestions for some previous some future live streams if you want
to uh get information on some specific topic you can let me know
um via the comment section or you can um you can send me a message on
facebook or on instagram so feel free to contact me
uh what else um yeah we actually go go live uh every week
twice so today uh is my live stream and um on thursday or on friday
it will be my colleagues um my colleague linda's live stream
uh she is a native teacher and uh she usually gives a lot of
information related to teaching in specific countries because she lives in south korea
and she also she is also from germany so she's half
german half american so she has this international experience as well
um yeah make sure you check out her live stream as well and you can also uh re-watch some
previous live streams on facebook or on youtube uh we have a channel and we have different
folders with um previous live streams so check out uh that information and
if you have any questions just contact us i hope to see you next week thanks for
coming and this is the end of the session i'll see you next week guys bye bye