Narrowing Down Your ESL Teaching Niche for Greater Profit


hey guys it's lisa from itttt and i'm happy to welcome you at another uh
livestream session uh so today's topic is gonna be really challenging but i
should say it's worth it because um it helps a lot uh when it comes to um
your income so um and moreover it also helps to
increase your expertise and professional qualities uh so i hope um you will love
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conversation with you today and let me change my screen a little bit so i'm going to
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by the way i am also going to share several ideas as an infographics so stay
tuned uh to get it for free absolutely um i prepared it as an incentive for you
for for my listeners so i hope you will love it um and yeah as you can see uh today's
topic uh is devoted to how to narrow down your esl niche um it
is extremely important for uh not just esl teachers but
for any business minded people um if you want to
become successful in doing something online or even in a real
classroom in a real uh in in this real world uh it is very
it is very important it is crucial to narrow down your niche at some point of
time and i'm going to share five steps um so i can see that there are some
people watching but i'm still not sure if you guys hear and see me clearly
please let me know in the comment section that you are there and yeah i'm also going to change the
slides a little bit so uh this is my self presentation
my name is lisa but there is my uh long name
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just lisa or elizabeth uh so it's just up to you
and uh i'm an esl teacher working online primarily uh and i also
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uh that's it so i'm specialized the tefl and tesol courses so if you have any
questions related to this point as well let me know but today's presentation is going to be
focused on how you can develop your professional
skills and at the same time increase your income by narrowing down your esl
niche uh and as you can see uh i actually have already narrowed down
my esl niche i decided to work with the exam preparation only
and i find it really profitable and at the same time
it's a great resource for my self-development uh and for my professional development as a teacher
because i constantly have to learn how different
exams are organized and i have to research a lot to understand that my
teaching methods are correct for this or that type of student
so that's probably it and i i would also love to hear from you
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develop my confidence as a speaker because it's not something
i do on a regular basis um it's it's not the same as to teach someone
uh which i do a lot um but public speaking is also a great skill to practice
so let me know where are you guys from and um
are you a teacher or maybe you're looking at this um profession yet
uh so let me know what is your current situation because it also might be
helpful to understand like um how to um develop your skills and
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well so let's dive into the session
okay uh oh look so asif has joined um our
tefl course recently that's cool thanks a lot and let me know if you have
any questions and we are guys moving on to the point of today's session so we are going to
discuss how to narrow down your esl niche so basically you can see this
first step on the slide uh it is important to evaluate your
skills and passions as a beginning so basically i would ask you
what can you do in the next five years or even more and if you give me a clear
um answer a clear explanation of your choice then probably
that is your niche well you might say something like i'm going to teach
the next five years or so but it's too broad and it's better to
narrow down at this point of time like think about what aspect of teaching
interests you most uh is it general english
i i don't think that many people uh prefer general english because it is again it
is too vague and uh too broad in in meaning and you have to deal with
so many different types of people uh with so many different types of um
challenges and needs so pr probably general english is can't be your um
true passion i would say so you must be genuinely interested in a specific topic
so for example as for me i am really in love with the
international exam preparation because um this type of course when when you
prepare students for different exams this type of course helps
children and not not even children only but um
it also helps uh teenagers young adults like adults and and so on
it helps to prepare for real life situations using this exam um practice
so basically you not only prepare them for
doing different tests but also you help them to practice
uh various real life situations it depends um on the type of exam but
for example cambridge exams are like that and my students enjoy doing this
practice doing this course because we work on various skills not
only on drilling exercises and we don't pay that
much attention to grammar itself uh we build on um
fluency and we work on various skills
all right um so let me quickly check out the the comment section because there are
some some questions or maybe some comments
yeah your name is really unusual but i like it and you should be proud of course
uh all right uh so how to apply you can apply using this
link which is slightly above or by scanning this qr code so you will
get to our website and you will be able to choose
a course which suits you best uh and as for is it free or not free it
is not free um tefl courses uh have various um
fee structures um so our tefl courses uh start from
um slightly more than 250 dollars
um and also no we don't provide any tefl courses for
free because well basically
such courses cost some money so you have to invest in your studies
and you have to value what you learn right uh so there are some companies that
provide courses for even less or even for free but the quality is not the same so they
do not guarantee you um any uh high quality services they do not
provide you high quality training so uh which itttt
does so yeah just think about it and if it doesn't
suit you uh well uh no problem you can learn you can learn using different
books and i don't know free materials on the internet the internet
and i would like to continue today's topic because well basically it's not about
tefl courses but about narrow narrowing down your niche so um
that's it um in terms of your um skills and passion
so as as the first step uh you should think about something you can do and
something you really like to do and combine it so if you um
know how to um i don't know if you know how to work with um
elderly people for example it might be your value
and it might be that niche you can choose okay
and the next point would be really easy as well you need to
understand your client so um if you work with a really specific
niche you can create your clients your perfect client's portrait
again this step can be implemented not only just in the esl teaching but also in any
other business area especially if you work uh in the online
uh business it might be helpful when you think about marketing
strategies and the ways how to promote yourself uh online
uh it it also works the same in the real world in the real
life situations not not only just in the online settings
so uh basically when you start creating your
perfect clients portrait you should think about their age occupation maybe
their social status and income as well because you want to target a specific um
client a specific group of clients and you want to make sure that you you
can you are able to give them a reasonable price and also it is important to think about
their interests and needs uh so if you know
this image if you have this image of your perfect client in mind you can
craft your services even better so you can adjust
as a business person and provide the most reasonable
quality price and those services that your
specific clients need and again um
let me give an example so uh for example when i work uh with my
exam preparation students and when i promote uh my services
um i usually target a very very narrow
group of people uh so basically i work with teenagers
but in fact uh those are their parents who decide if their children are going
to study with me or not so uh i think about two separate segments of people uh the
first ones would be teenagers like i usually work with um 12 year olds to
15 years olds and then their parents
their parents uh usually have a kind of the same social status because
uh the price is like this and i want to make sure that
uh my clients can afford it and uh i will make sure and and i can make sure
that i will get that cost that i expect to get
um and of course when it comes to interests i think about my teenagers interests
and i usually adjust my course
to their needs and interests so that's probably like um
i do that you can consider a different strategy but it's usually like that
so you just have to understand who you work for and who you offer
services for even if it is a general english course you still have to think
about a perfect client for your services uh because
there are so many different segments of clients uh some people
can afford like lessons um for fifty dollars an hour some
people uh would find it too pricey or even overpriced
and yeah you you can't um you can't offer the same standard
services to whatever people right uh just think about your perfect client
uh work a little bit maybe uh grab a piece of paper and a pen
and try to create various segments and think who you would like to work
with and if you guys have any questions at
this point please let me know maybe something isn't that clear i will
try my best to give you a better example um just think about it and maybe if you have
your own example uh if you have like a case study you can also ask me
and i will help you out yeah right here so if you think about a specific um
segment a specific type of client uh share your ideas
and i will let you know uh what is my point of view and maybe our visitors our
viewers will also suggest you something okay
all right so step three um at this point uh after you have uh
considered your uh personal interests and passions and your skills and then
you chose um a specific group of people you want to work for
and you have this clear image in your mind uh that's time to narrow down even more
uh why it is important several reasons it increases your
competitiveness it develops your personal brand and it adds on to your expertise
um i would dwell upon the first um
actually on this a third point a little bit more uh when you work in a really really
narrow sphere sphere in a narrow field it is easier for you to develop your
skills and to develop your expertise as a result
you can get those types of trainings that suit your
profile best you don't have to spend time on doing some you know broad courses that provide
too many skills at a time you can just target and focus on your specific needs
uh that is why understanding um who you work for and what are your passions
is important okay uh and as for personal branding people
who have a really narrow niche
they can represent themselves over the social media and the internet
even better than those who offer like broad um services
and when it comes to competitiveness uh it is super easy to uh show
what value you give versus your competitor for example
uh and explain why your clients should work with you why your potential clients
should work with you but not with somebody else so as an example
so if you work with business english
it might be suitable to work with various types of professionals right
uh but it is still quite wide the the area the field is pretty wide
uh if you narrow down to a specific niche uh inside this business
culture you can give even more value to your potential clients and you can find those
who you want work for for sure so for example uh you can offer your
services in business english teaching to um i.t specialists only
and it might be uh more profitable for you and it might be easier for you to
find clients and to attract clients because you target a specific niche and
this niche is very very narrow usually in such cases
uh people recommend a lot uh especially if you are a very um
skilled trainer if you have expertise in the field
if you for example understand some uh things related to the sphere itself
you know their culture you know their uh you know special words
you can offer higher quality services so such people
will definitely say something to their friends and you can get um
new clients uh without paying any money uh for your promotion uh for your
you know uh for marketing and stuff uh and when it comes to uh paid ads uh
online it is also easier to um find this target audience
when you adjust your um google ads or facebook ads for example
and it might cost slightly more for attracting these people
because the niche is narrow but anyway as a result you will get more uh money
um because of this paid partnership not partnership because of these people who
come and you know pay you for your services
um once again if you have any questions please let me know in the comments
i will try my best to help you out okay and the next point
research your competitors um again this is a pretty common thing uh for
whoever um working online it is important to know what your competitors
offer to um the same audience uh and at the same time it is a source
of your professional development if you see that your competitors offer
something but you can give even more value uh you can use it as your benefit
and you can use it um as a you know as a way to promote yourself on
social media as well or anywhere on the net
uh always try to research your competitors it also helps to understand
the pricing uh usually people ask me um other teachers ask me how to set a
reasonable price and i say you have to research the market so go to um esl
teaching platforms for example or check out different employers and see
how much money they charge their clients for the same services
um and then you just set your price uh on them like on the same level uh as the
rest of the market or you can think about your uh advantages and set even a
higher pricing okay and the last point i would like to dwell
upon it is important to test your niche so for example uh you have decided to work
for a really narrow um audience for example for it specialists uh but before
selling your um services uh especially if they are expensive
uh try to offer something valuable for free um or something for a small fee to
estimate the the potential of your uh business and it is easy to do um
this type of marketing online on social media uh i bet you have seen a lot of um
advertisements alike when for example you should fill in the form
and um after doing so you will get some checklist or
another incentive for free um so this is how people test their
niche this is how they uh find out if uh their business ideas
are profitable and if they work uh in general uh so that's probably it
it might seem pretty challenging um at this point of time but when you uh come
up with a strategy of uh creating your business or even
creating your um you know service one service not
necessarily like a bunch of services uh you will find out um the the right way how to
test it how to promote it and so on but doing those steps is quite important
to narrow down your niche at the maximum rate
and if you guys have any questions once again feel free to ask me
i will be happy to have this q a session right now um i have shared everything i know about
narrowing down any esl service any esl um teaching you know
uh quality and stuff like that so uh if you have any questions
uh on today's topic uh feel free to send them in the comment
section i'm going to check out um the questions there right now uh so
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session i would also love to share a valuable um thing with you with you
so i have crea created um an infographics
related to different esl niche ideas
so if you if you wonder what niche to choose you can check out
that infographics and choose the best
idea choose the best way to promote yourself and and so on
and i would also love to um invite you to my
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uh so i will um update this group really really soon
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