TEFL in Hai Phong, Vietnam

Date posted:2007-02-12 | Writer: Global Education Company Ltd. | Email: [email protected]

Global Education Company Ltd., Hai Phong City, Viet Nam, has vacancies for full-time teachers of EFL.

Positions include General English teaching to adults and children of all ages.

Qualifications required All teachers must be native speakers, hold a Bachelor's Degree, a CELTA, TESOL, TEFL, DELTA or equivalent and a minimum of six months' experience (preferred)

Benefits For Full-time EFL teachers the salary is US$800 per month. One-month salary is paid upon the successful completion of the 12-month contract. Class contact hours are a maximum of 25 per week. The employee is entitled to 12 days' paid holiday during 12-month contract. Teachers are released from their duties during normal Vietnamese holiday periods or additional government approved non-teaching days. Other rewarding schemes granted by the school. Free Vietnamese language classes & Cultural induction.

Accommodation Accommodation is not included in the teaching contract. The school assists in looking for rooms as being requested.

Visa Free single entry visa and renewals

Location Hai Phong is a pretty port city about 100km S.E of Ha Noi. It is often described as an industrial city, there is heavy industry but it isn't apparent in the city proper. In fact it is a very picturesque city. It is quieter than Hanoi and has a small ex-pat community. Hai Phong is in a good location for day trips or overnight trips to Hanoi, Do Son beach, Cat Ba beach and other beauty spots. Living costs in Hai Phong are 200-300 USD per month.

How to apply: Interested applicants are invited to send CV(Resume) and photograph to Mr.Tran Quoc Viet, School Principle, [email protected].

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit addresses the importance of being exposed to English firsthand and understanding how it's constructed. As I reviewed ocabulary, grammar and functions in this section, I am reminded how vital each component is to language structure. Best ESA methods recommended mentioned patchwork and boomerang for lesson planning, however an effective teacher will think about which method is most appropriate for the class.This unit seems to be preparing us for the first class day. Where rapport and a healthy teaching environment is established. Therefor this unit also serves as a recap on how to deal with students in certain situations. This also happens to be the final unit, drawing us to a long awaited conclusion. I am greatly satisfied with what I have learned. I have also gained a great deal of confidence for my future teachings.