Positions Teaching English in Vietnam

Date posted:2012-11-06 | Writer: ILA Vietnam | Email: [email protected]

If you are a TEFL qualified teacher looking for teaching opportunities, come to ILA. Positions are available in Hanoi from November and December. Whether you are a career-minded ELT professional based in Vietnam or looking for a new challenge overseas, you will find few opportunities to match those offered by ILA Vietnam. 

Why Choose Vietnam? 

Few countries can offer ELT teachers a lifestyle that compares to Vietnam as well as the opportunity to immerse themselves in a truly diverse culture. Vietnamese people are warm and hospitable and teaching in Vietnam is made extremely positive by the cultural appreciation of learning and profound respect for teachers.

The cost of living is low, which means you can enjoy a fantastic standard of living whilst still saving money. The choices of lifestyle opportunities are immense. In the daytime there is a large array of activities such as 
shopping, going to the spa, seeing historical sights, or taking a day trip. You can stay healthy by playing football, going swimming, doing yoga, joining a five-star gym ($50 usd) or have a relaxing full-body massage ($4 usd). 

Every night you can choose a different restaurant to dine in, from Vietnamese cuisine to one of the largest selections of international fare in Asia. If you enjoy a drink in the evening, there are plenty of bars, clubs and breweries to choose from. All of this is at a fraction of the cost of back home. 

Vietnam has an extensive coastline which means the beach is never far away and opportunities for diving, surfing and other beach activities are extensive. Vietnam is also home to two World Heritage sights, Ha Long Bay and Hoi An. The Central Highlands are famous for their cool mountainous climate, numerous minority groups, and spectacular waterfalls. Furthermore, travel throughout Asia is easy; the number of reliable and inexpensive flight carriers means that there’s no shortage of choice of exciting, exotic, regional destinations, all just a few hours away. 

Why Choose ILA?

ILA Vietnam is Vietnam’s leading English language training organisation. We currently have twelve training centres, with eight centres in Ho Chi Minh City, two in Hanoi and one in Da Nang and Vung Tau, and we are growing steadily. We currently teach over 30,000 students and employ over 350 expatriates in a wide range of teaching, academic management and administrative positions. 

Our centres are designed, built and equipped to the highest standards, thus providing teachers, employees and students with an excellent study and work environment. We place a strong emphasis on academic 
quality and this is reflected in our approach to teacher recruitment, development, support and management. ILA uses the latest cutting edge technology to engage our students. At ILA there is the opportunity to use interactive white boards and other smart technology in your classrooms. We provide training for our teachers and it is a great opportunity to experiment with new methods of teaching and increase the range of your professional development portfolio. 

What Positions are Available?

ILA Vietnam is seeking ELT professionals, primarily, to teach General English to Young Learners. Opportunities to teach adult classes, including corporate and exam classes, may become available at a later date.

All contracts are 12 months in duration.

I’m Interested! How Do I Apply?

Please forward by email the following to our recruitment department

1. Full CV, dated and with references
2. Copy of passport page with details and photograph.
3. Soonest realistic start date

Minimum Requirements

To work at ILA Vietnam, teachers need: 

1) University degree: This must be a 3 year bachelor degree or higher
2) To be a native English speaker
3) A qualification in English Language Teaching (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA or equivalent): 
Your certification must be from a recognised provider and be a minimum of a 4 week Course and have an observed teaching component with feedback. Any on-line certificates or distance learning will not be counted towards certification unless they contain a substantial classroom component. All courses must also have been externally assessed in order to meet our requirements

Due to government regulations regarding work permits you will need to bring:

• The original copies of your BA degree and TESOL/CELTA/TEFL certificate. Photocopies are not acceptable. 
• A clean police clearance certificate from your home country. If you don't already have such a certificate, you need to apply for one before coming to Vietnam and arrange to have it sent to our address at ILA. 

Please ask us if you need help with this procedure. Please note that this is much easier to organise before you leave your home country. In short, bringing the above documents with you will enable you to be legally employed in Vietnam.

I’m Interested! How Do I Apply?

Please forward by email the following to our recruitment department at the address given on the job heading.

1. Full CV, dated and with references
2. Copy of passport page with details and photograph.
3. Soonest realistic start date

Remuneration and Benefits:

ILA Vietnam offers a highly competitive financial and benefits package to teachers, which is based on qualifications and experience.

Highlights of the Financial Package 

• Visa and work permits organised and paid for by ILA 
• Relocation allowance 
• Health Insurance 
• One month’s paid annual leave per annum for all salaried teachers
• Contract completion payment 

Other Benefits: 

• World-class facilities and teaching resources 
• Dedicated academic management team support and on-going professional development
• Career pathway
• Opportunities to get involved in ILA's charitable network 
• Option to transfer between our training centres and to progress into senior positions 
• Initial accommodation and airport pickup provided free of charge upon arrival 
• Free Vietnamese language lessons 
• Great social network including quarterly and annual social events, paid by the school

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


I find that this unit is a bit challenging for me. I thought that a lot of the grammar rules I have taken for granted because I live in an English Speaking country. It definitely expanded my knowledge about grammars. For the most parts, I thought I knew something already but than there are so many exceptions. I can speak for many English learners that grammar will be the biggest challenge for them.In this lesson, I leanrned the good choice of different types of lesson materials and course books. Authentic materials are better used for practical lessons and the students with high level. Creative materials are good for practicing specific skills for the students. Course books are useful and standardized resourse, but the teacher should consider about it and use it based on the real classroom.