Enthusiastic teacher wanted to teach EFL in Turkey - Istanbul

Date posted:2003-08-20 | Writer: Berlitz, Istanbul | Email: [email protected]

Teachers will be responsible for preparation, delivery and evaluation of English language courses using the Berlitz Method. He/she will attend the monthly staff meetings and prepare detailed Student Progress Reports. Coursebooks, teaching resources and supplementary materials are provided.

Language Instruction Supervisor: The LIS is responsible for recruiting, training, and mentoring instructors, and for ensuring high quality programs and delivery. The LIS works together with and reports to the Language Center Director and the District Instructional Supervisor.

Preference is given to applicants who:Â

*Â have B.A. in TEFL
*have B.A in Law, Business and Finance, Economics with a TEFL or CELTA certificate * Are described as exceptionally fine teachers by their previous school heads.
* Demonstrate in-depth interest in their academic area.
* Have employment histories indicating a willingness to work hard and the likelihood that they will contribute to Berlitz through an overall sense of responsibility for the school's success.
* Have significant years of teaching experience (5-10 minimum)
* Are possessed of high ethical standards
* Have skills or interests that will enrich school life outside the classroom

Language Instruction Supervisors who:

. Provide the highest standards of Customer Service
. Build and lead Instructional Teams
. Meet all the requirements of an excellent Berlitz instructor
. Use standard programs (Word, Excel) and Internet
. Be fluent in English and at least one other language
. Be flexible in working hours (compensation is per unit)
. Have excellent interpersonal skills
. Be able to prepare periodic reports, relating to the function of the position
. Be able to relate well to all Berlitz personnel and customers and have their respect
. Be able to consult constructively with the LC Director
. Be able to take initiative and work independently
. Have professional appearance and conduct

Salary USD 800-1250 and up depending on qualifications and other experience.

. Work permit

. National health insurance

. Accomodation can be provided

If interested please fill out the application form a Contact us. Fax or send via e-mail copy of your passport, diploma, transcript, TESL or CELTA certificate and names and e-mail addresses of your references.

Call or send your resume/cv to BERLITZ LANGUAGE CENTER

e-mail: [email protected] Phone: (0212) 293 7400 Fax: 293 7699

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Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


I've learned that good education not only acquires good teacher's role also learners'. Therefore,I realize that i need to encourage and assist students to have a good attitude in order to be fun learning. It also remind me one of good qualities of teacher which is Motivator and Prompter. To be a good teacher,even if i feel shy, i have to push myself into students more closely rather than talking in front of them without interacting.This unit talked about conditionals and reporting speech. It explained the different types of conditionals, their forms and their usages. It also talked about how to report someone's speech by changing certain pronouns, verbs and other words in the sentence being reported. The unit overall was easy to follow and interesting. I already had general knowledge of the material; however, the terms and types of conditionals were new to me.