Vacancies For TEFL Certified Teachers in Taiwan

Date posted:2014-11-27 | Writer: Saxoncourt | Email: [email protected]

Taiwan is a fast moving Asian country with many teaching possibilities for TEFL graduates opening throughout the year. As a tropical island it boasts diverse landscapes and excitement for all who live and work there.  If you are a qualified EFL teacher, you already know you enjoy teaching, and are ready to commit 12 months to teaching abroad, Saxoncourt can offer you a challenging and rewarding role teaching English in Taiwan. We have positions throughout the island, from the bustling capital of Taipei to the surfers dream of Kaohsiung.

The teaching position offers a competitive package including reimbursed airfare, the benefit of a 5 day week, and the opportunity to teach extra hours, increasing your experience and helping you save. As moving to a new country can be financially draining, you are guaranteed payment for 80 hours per week, even if your schedule is lower, for the first six months, easing the financial burden of relocating.

You will have Sundays off, as well as one other day in the week, giving you plenty of time to explore this tropical island. You don’t begin teaching until midday, and many teachers take advantage of this by learning Mandarin or exploring their local area before classes start.

The salary is competitive, and we supply you with a mixture of standard and custom-made textbooks catering to all levels of students, so you don’t spend all your free time lesson planning, but out and about in Taiwan.

You will receive recruitment and visa support from the moment your application is accepted. You are thoroughly supported at every stage, and will be met upon arrival in Taiwan. Your Welfare Officer will be there to support you during your entire contract, but especially during those first few days when you are looking for accommodation, sorting out your bank account, and getting a mobile phone.   

The classes are small, with no more than 18 students and often less. With TA support for your younger students, you will have a case load of about 80% young learners and 20% adults. The management is a mixture of Western and Taiwanese, depending on your school, but they all work to the same high standard.

With positions starting most months, we are able to go out there at a time that’s suitable for you. The visa process is fast and straightforward, so you can either be in Taiwan within a few weeks of applying, or plan well in advance.

We don’t require teaching experience beyond your TEFL course, or any knowledge of Mandarin, just the desire to teach, and a genuine interest in Taiwan.

We offer renewable contracts upon mutual consent. Our schools are passionate about teacher development, and provide a Teacher Development Scheme to train the future Directors of Studies for Shane schools. You will be able to attend workshops throughout the year, and have regular appraisals. You will also have the opportunity to work in different areas such as Science through English, phonics, reading classes, and even golf camps.

Teaching abroad is an experience that will make you more independent, culturally aware, and empathetic. You will gain skills valuable in any workplace, as well a lifetime of stories.


* Full Degree

* 120 hour TEFL, CELTA or TESOL

* No experience required

* No knowledge of Mandarin required

* Enthusiasm for working with children.

Salary and Benefits

* Some help with initial costs

* Welfare support upon arrival and throughout contract

* Accommodation support

* Guaranteed pay for 80 hours per month for first 6 months

* 5 day week, 12 month contract

* 1 week Young Learner focused training, and additional training throughout the contract including a Teacher Development Scheme

* Flight reimbursed

* Access to the excellent Taiwan National Health Insurance scheme

* High potential to save

To apply, contact us at the e-mail address given on the job heading.


Martin Black, Director of Recruitment


59, South Molton Street



United Kingdom

Telephone:  +44 0207 4911911


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


When reading this Unit I realised how many different teaching aids there are. Its important to try to use most of them to make sure you have all the student's attention. Some of of the teaching aids one need to get training or know how it works, before you use it in a class. I don't think a cassette recorder will work efficiently anymore, because a teacher must stay on top of the technology.Unit 1 has definitely made me understand more about the different learning stages and level of motivation of the learners from the young stage up to adult stage. This unit has not only made me understand the different stages of learners but also to understand what makes a good teacher. I have gained a great deal of information which can help me understand the career path i am aspiring to take.