TEFLin ChongLi City, Taiwan

Date posted:2008-02-19 | Writer: International Avenue | Email: [email protected]

Teaching hours:
13:00 - 19:30 PM, Monday through Friday

Salary and benefits package:
NTD 62,000 per month
NTD 10,000 Contract Completion Bonus based on the teacher's performance in the school.

Students' ages are :
Kindergarten: 4- 6 years old
Elementary: 4-12 years old

Students' number: around 500
Students' Level: Basic/ Intermediate

The school has been working with foreign teachers for several years and they can manage and keep a very close relationship with their teachers.
While they will appreciate that the teachers have some esl teaching experience, a nice person with a very flexible character, easy going and willing to learn would perfectly fit into the school's expectations.

A few of the advantages of working under this schedule are that the teacher can either have Chinese Classes in the morning
and enjoy the advantage of assimilating a new language while teaching in Taiwan
- Enjoy long breakfast and take it easy in the morning, do some reading or personal study
- Have another part time job (not teaching, as it is illegal, but any other jobs, like giving music classes)
Maximum amount of teaching hours: 25/week
Not only the school÷Õ schedule is afternoon only, but also the teacher does not teach for the whole time he is in the school; there are snack breaks or 20 minutes, recession and other breaks, that is time not teaching but still getting the full time pay.

There are other foreign teachers working in the school at present; even if you are new, you can still ask for help not only regarding the school but also where to eat, how to find places, where to have fun and others

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


After reading the past tense unit and previously completing the present tense unit, I felt a little more confident in my approach to this unit test.Time will tell no doubt. there are similar formats to the tenses with the use of the ing forms in the affirmative, negative and question forms and the been and went forms. Identifying the tenses felt a little easier in this unit compared to last time using the presentUnit 8 has been a stimulating unit for me. I have definitely used the information I have already learned from the past units in present tense and past tense to help myself understand the future tense. It is interesting to see it all come together. I feel myself having that ‘click’ moment of not only understanding but also the understanding of how to then teach this same information back to someone else.