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Date posted:2005-08-30 | Writer: Yellow Lantern ESL Employment Services | Email: [email protected]

We?assist teachers with securing a full time teaching position in

Kaohsiung, and with temporary

accommodation, assistance finding permanent housing and transportation.We

are located in Kaohsiung city in beautiful southern Taiwan. We placed 40

teachers into positions last year. We are a professional organization

accustomed to dealing with professional teachers? from

Canada,USA,UK,South Africa, Australia or New Zealand and?had been taking

ESL training courses. We are now looking for some ESL teachers who are interested in teaching

English to children in Taiwan, where offers the variety of cultural facets


to explore, from the great food and language, to the rich history and


We are located in southern Taiwan, we now have many teaching positions

available, and need some qualified teachers who are energetic, creative


enthusiastic as soon as possible.

We truely

believe that teachers?who have been taking the TESOL training courses,

understand that there are as many ways to learn as there are individual

students and so effective lessons must be designed to stimulate all of the

senses with colours, music, and real physical interaction. We also believe


they may offer children a very enjoyable learning experience, ?and truely


their learning experiences every single day which is very?important for


learners. If there are any teachers who want to or


in this teaching position overseas. This will be a very good start.

Teachers can

utilize what they had learned based on advance performance with different

cultural background. Our students want to?benefit from quality and


teachers .

Here are some more details about the positions :

Teaching Hours: Monday to Friday


A.) Kindergarten class: 9:00am to 5:00pm

B.) Elementary classes: from afternoon till evening

Available teaching hours depend on position available.


We Provide:


1.) Airport pick-up

2.) Friendly and supportive but challenging working environment

3.)The raises depend on performance.

4.)ARC (alien resident certificate) and national health insurance

5.) work permit provided.

6.) Teacher Manuals complete with supplies, a provided curriculum,

texts, and workbooks

7.) Guaranteed 25 teaching hours a week

8.) the number of students in?one class : 15

9.) age of the students : 7-12 yr. old

10.) unpaid vacation

* A temporary accommodation offered, and can help to find transportation

and accommodation which would meet his / her satisfaction and budget!

* Teachers will need to be able to accept a one-year contract.

The requirements for an ESL teaching position, he / she must possess

a Bachelor's Degree or College Certificate with TESOL.


Amy Huang

[email protected]




Yellow Lantern ESL Employment Services

Website: Contact us

Add : 3F-5, No.107, Jinmen St., Shin-Shing Dist.?

Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C.

TEL : 886-7-2234626

FAX : 886-7-2238921

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this lesson of troubleshooting, explain many factors that the teacher will see throughout his/her career of teaching and how to solve it. This lesson give you a brief idea of solution that you can use in many cases such as your first lesson of the class, the warmers to start with, different level of English knowledge, large classes enviroment, use of native languages, reluctant learners, and difficulties with listeners.For a learner some grammar can be hard, for a person used to speak daily in English, will naturally find out that Explain WHY do you use a sentence in that way may not be so easy, which means: being able to speak is not necessary the same of being able to teach! Each present tense verb has its own function and usage, so the best way to explain the differences is showing the students situation with examples to make it clear!