TEFL in Zaragoza, Spain

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General Information for candidates


History of the school


Professional School was founded in 1990, it grew steadily and slowly until 1997 when, with 160 students and 4 teachers, the school changed management. In 2001 Professional School (Sector Miguel Servet) moved to larger premises and in 2003 Professional School - Sector Actur the second school opened. The two schools currently have a total of 750 students and 14 teachers and is one of the largest English Language Schools in Zaragoza. Professional School Actur is also about to relocate to larger and more modern premises in August 2006.


Working at Professional School


School is proud of its excellent working atmosphere and conditions. Teachers have both the benefits of a large organisation ( excellent salary, job security, paid holidays and bonus conditions) and a small school ( small community of 7or 8 teachers working at each school)

The salary offered to EFL teachers is nearly double that established in the National Agreement for Private Schools together with two performance related bonuses per academic year, a perk hardly ever offered by any other Language School in the city. We have a very low turnover of teachers. Staff leave only to pursue other careers or returning the the UK however many of the British teachers have decided to set up home permanently in Zaragoza.


Methodology and Teaching Style.


Professional School uses the immersion method in which all students are expected to use only English while on school premises, English is the offical language uof the school spoken by staff and students. The majority of classes are to small groups of up to a maximum of 8 students. We have a variety of ages and levels from young learners, through to adults . The classes take place Monday to Friday and the main bulk of the classes are in the afternoons. Children?s courses are 2 hours per week and adults 3 hours per week. The students under 18 are grouped by age and by level to streamline students into groups of similar level and capability. Adults are grouped by level and needs ( business, exam practice etc) Each group and level has a syllabus and objectives which have been devised by the school and we nearly always use a text book and workbook as a base to teach the elements in the syllabus. Teacher's normally use the book for about 60% of the class then are free to prepare there own materials / activities or use ones already tried and tested by other teachers ( teachers usually exchange experiences and materials). The school provides all the materials and has an extensive range of additional material for teachers to use ( a library of 1500 books, readers, DVD, VHS, flashcards, board games, Teacher's Resource Packs, music, audio cassettes, magazines, newspapers etc) Teacher's can also use the Internet to get material from.


The city


Zaragoza is the 5th largest city in Spain situated in the Ebro valley on the route between Madrid and Barcelona. It has a current population of 660.000 inhabitants. It has excellent transport links to other major cities like Madrid , Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao. Within 2 hours you can also be in the Pyrenees mountains or on a beach in the Costa Daurada. You can fly cheaply and direct from ZaragozaAirport with RYANAIR, to Stanstead. UK. In 2008 Zaragoza will be the host city for the Expo2008 which is hoped will put Zaragoza on the International map. Accommodation is very good in terms of value for money. Living is a lot cheaper than cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Bilbao, there are a lot of shops and shopping centres. Zaragoza is well known is Spain for its excellent night life and has a variety of different places to dine out. Check out the following websites Contact us














Prepare his/her classes

Give his / her classes

Write an end of term report about each student

Evaluating his / her students by means of an end of unit / month exam in class

Attend a meeting once a term with the DOS about student / group progress

Prepare any students in class for external exams (eg FCE, Trinity etc)

Contract period & Timetable

4TH September 2006 29th June 2007

Monday Friday

Gross Salary 1100 month for 25 hrs teaching /week

2 Bonuses (Performance related)Possibility to earn up to 25% base salary

(Bonus 1) end of Jan end of June

Paid Holidays Bank Holidays

2 weeks at Christmas


To apply e-mail: [email protected]

Approximately 1 week at Easter


InsuranceProfessional School has accident and civil liability insurance cover for each teacher

Accommodation Accommodation is arranged

Other benefits Free spanish classes provided by the school

Costs towards one return ticket paid on completion of contract









Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


I learnt from the unit that there are five conditional speeches; namely, the Zero conditional, first conditional, second, third and the mixed conditional speeches. I also learn how a direct speech when report will become a present tense and how when a direct question is turned into a reported or indirect speech, the form of it verb changes into the positive form and the question mark omitted from the reported question.Unit 15. Even though the Unit on Evaluation and testing was short, I really learned a lot and was exposed to all the different testing styles. I never knew that there are so many ways of evaluating and testing learners and students. This made me realize how important it is to stay in tact with each student progress through the varies means of testing. As well as testing and evaluating throughout the learning process.