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Date posted:2024-04-04 | Writer: Canterbury English Teaching Academy | Email: [email protected]

Since 1991, Canterbury English has been offering exciting opportunities and has graduated English speakers (native and bilingual) from all walks of life to teach, while experiencing the thrills of living in a foreign country.

Madrid is the vibrant capital of Spain with a low cost of living and a state of the art transportation system.There is a diversity of people and cultures, coupled with the greatest nightlife in the world.Rich in history, tradition and architectural beauty, as well as being one of the safest capitals of the world, Madrid provides the perfect surroundings to live and work.

We supply the security of a One Year Student Visa*, which allows you to work 30 hours a week at 16€/hour (in 1-2 months, you have paid the program tuition back). This way, with Canterbury English, non-EU members have the unique opportunity to live, work and study in Spain.

One year studying Spanish for 20 hours a week (the minimum weekly requirements to be eligible for the one-year student visa) with any other Instituto Cervantes accredited school in Spain will cost 6.000€ in tuition the first year and 6.000€ in tuition the second year.With us you only pay the first year (Madrid Lifestyle 1.970€).

We give you a 20 hour a week Spanish course (which you can do in person, online or watch the recordings) and we give you a teaching job and we give you an ex-pat family to make instant friends at the first event through our weekly social cultural activities, so you’re never alone anymore.

This is Where You Will Be Teaching in Madrid:Right after the initial introductory Madrid Lifestyle Work Orientation, you will start teaching paid English classes FOR US, which will often last the whole school year! We can do this because we are an English Academy and hire ALL of our students. You are hired and sign a contract on the first day at Work Orientation. We also send your CV/resume to our 125 collaborating & partner English schools, where you will work and get more teaching hours. We show you how to find extra income with higher paying private classes for yourself around the city. We teach you how to get extra online job padding in Spain. We hook you up with work as an assistant in a Junior High or High School in Madrid. And when the summer comes round, we provide you a job with our summer school partner in Caceres.

What do the programs cost and what do they include?

Madrid Lifestyle Program (for TEFL holders) with Spanish: 1.970€

Programs include:- A one year student visa so that you can legally live in Spain and work 30 hours a week.- A ten month, 20 hrs/wk Instituto Cervantes Accredited Spanish Program (your student visa is based on this).- Job with us and other partner English academies.- Garcia Lorca Spanish School Adventure Club Activities every weekend (cultural, social & excursions).

With Canterbury English you can realise your dream of living and working in the most amazing country in the world: Spain, with three cities (Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona) in the top 14 ranking for the best cities to live in on planet Earth! Viva España!!

Salary and benefits

1200-2000 monthly


TEFL/TESOL certificateNative English

How to apply

Send an email with your CV.