TEFL in Chita, Russia

Date posted:2003-01-27 | Writer: Siberian Intercultural Bridges | Email: [email protected]

Positions: Siberia, Russia

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Siberian Intercultural Bridges is looking for a native-speaking ESL teacher for an IMMEDIATE placement at Chita Technical University, Chita, Siberia, Russia.

Chita region is one of the most unique areas of the globe with incredibly beautiful and diverse landscape that ranges from taiga forest to desert and from mountains and lakes to steppe (photos are available upon request). The culture is a unique blend of traditional Russian, Buddhist and indigenous Buryat and Evenk indigenous traditions.

The city of Chita has a population of 400, 000. All students have had some English in secondary school and mostly need conversational practice.

The teaching load is 15-18 hrs.week with plenty of free time left. The length of contract is from mid-February 2003 to the end of May 2003 with the possibility of extension.

The teacher will be paid a standard Russian teacher salary of $150/month (enough to cover living expenses there) and will be provided with a fully furnished appartment free of charge. SIB in-country staff in Chita will be continuously available to provide all necessary support.

ESL degree, certification or experience are not required. However, you must be a native-speaker of English and must be able to start in the next two weeks or as soon as visa and travel arrangements are made.

If interested, please, e-mail your resume and cover letter ASAP to [email protected] . PLEASE, APPLY ONLY IF ALL THE TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT ABOVE MATCH YOUR QUALIFICATIONS AND NEEDS!

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this unit I have learned about different approaches one can use when teaching students depending on their age requirements and purpose. It is an important unit because different groups will need different approach and methods to make sure that learning the English language is made as effective as possible. I found the explanation of different types of beginner students particularly useful because the word beginner can be confusing.This lesson provided an extreme amount of helpful material. It is always a plus to receive help on creating a useful, appropriate, and up to date CV/Resume. The resources on searching for a job as it relates to ones qualifications and region were also very helpful. It was nice to have access to the webpage containing information in regards to all regions (Asia, Latin America, Europe, etc.). For sure a very useful and informative unit.