Employment teaching TEFL in Russia - Moscow

Date posted:2006-03-23 | Writer: American Language Association Russia | Email: [email protected]

American Langauge association Rus and its partners are in need for people friendly, qualified teachers of English and Modern Languages. New graduates are welcome. next openinings begin from start date Febuary the 8th, or at the begining of school year in August- October 2006 start.

School: American Langauge association Rus and its partners are is the most respected and the largest English Language Association in Russia. Courses in General English, Russian as a foreign language, etc), Young Learners (6-15) and Very Young Learners (3-6), Business English, camps. Locations: throughout Moscow;Prospect mira, Pushkinskaya, Tretikovskaya, Krasnaya vorota, Oktiyaberskaya, Krapotkinskaya.

Schools are equipped with computers, resource libraries, Internet access, etc. day-to-day support is offered There are about 150 teachers from the UK Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and North America working for BKC during the academic year. Majority of our teachers are university graduates and have one or more of the following qualifications:Â CELTA, Â TESOL and Degree in TESOL.

Main Terms and Conditions of American Langauge association Rus Teacher Contract

No less than 9-month long contracts with competitive salary, a bonus system, 12-month multiple-entry work visa (the most convenient type of visa to enter and exit Russia and for unrestricted travels within Russia), shared accommodation and transport, airfare subsidy, generous length of paid holiday and health care. Contract covers 120 normal hours per month, consisting of 100 hours of teaching plus 20 hours of other types of educational activities. Our school offers an extensive selection of reference books, video and audiocassettes for our teachers to use. Each teacher usually has a variety of classes, encompassing different levels and different age groups, 75% of students are young professionals. Our Children classes range from 4-year-olds to 10, Teens from 11 to 16, and Adult classes from 17 upwards. Considerable discounts are offered to teachers who are interested in learning Russian. parties are organized for teachers and students the chance to get to talk. How to apply

If you are interested in a teaching position with us please fill the application form available American Langauge association Rus Moscow Staromonetniy Pereulok 9 Office No.1 1st floor Moscow , RUSSIA Tel: +7 - 495 - 951-7100 Fax: +7 - 495 - 951-1780 web-site: Contact us

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There are many Theories, Methods and Techniques, like their are many forms of learning. I like the idea that for learning a new language, the motivation has to be high, but also it should be done in a stress free environment, Engaging student to participate freely to diverse exercise and learning through a share communication panel of activities has to be encouraging people to learn and share. With the help of a teacher.The distribution and effectiveness of exams is an important thing to be educated on as a teacher. In order to fully understand how to continue progression within a classroom environment, exams are a necessary. Even more necessary is understanding how to structure an exam so that it is able to fully asses a students progress, or on the other hand, gain an understanding of the variety of ways exams can be used and applied.