EFL Teaching Positions in Nicaragua

Date posted:2006-07-04 | Writer: ABC School | Email: [email protected]

EFL Teaching Positions, ABC School:

One immediate opening. More openings throughout the year.

Benefits and Remuneration:

These are semi-volunteer positions paying $200US/month. 20 classroom hours a week.

Most Nicaraguans have a personal income of less than $50US/month. Our students pay $12US/month to attend classes. We do not provide housing or airfare. We will help you find good housing and pick you up at the airport. New computer with high-speed Internet and laser printer available at the school. Average class size is 8 students. Maximum class size is 12.


Qualifications and Experience:

Native English speakers. Minimum of 4 months of EFL/ESL teaching experience. TEFL, TESL, TESOL, or equivalent training. Some Spanish is very helpful. Spanish instruction is available. 3 month minimum commitment.


Housing and Accommodation:

Your total cost to live here will be at least $400US/month. There are 17.4 Nicaraguan Cordobas per $1US. Room rentals are available in Granada for $200-$300US/month. Homestays with a Granadino family are $250-$300US/month, 3 meals/day included. We currently have available a furnished room in a very nice house, in a great location, for $220US/month, utilities included.


ABC School General Information:

We currently have 4 classrooms and 300 students. Our mission is to provide Granadinos with skills to compete in the tourism job market, and to own/operate their own businesses. Our teachers love teaching and are enthused about improving the educational and employment opportunities for the people of Granada. We provide excellent teaching materials. We have CD players, TV, DVD/VCR player, white boards, new student desks, and a very clean, well-maintained, freshly painted building. The building is not air-conditioned and the city of Granada does have temporary electrical and water outages. Our four-classroom school is clean, friendly, supportive, and filled with motivated, interesting, appreciative Granadinos who are eager to learn English. Most of our students are age 16 to 30. We have 35 students age 6 to 11. We teach one-hour classes of conversational English from 3pm-8pm, M-F. New classes start every month. We teach 12 months a year. The average length of EFL teaching experience by our 10 Granadino teachers is over five years. Most of our native speaking EFL teachers have several years of EFL teaching. All of them have a TEFL or equivalent certification. We occasionally have EFL experts who visit us for a month, to advise the school and mentor our teachers.


ABC School Accreditation:

ABC School is about to receive accreditation from INATEC, the Nicaraguan government's educational agency overseeing technical and vocational training.


Businesses and universities recognize the INATEC English certificate when making hiring, promotion and enrollment decisions. ABC School is a legal, non-taxed, educational company recognized by the Nicaraguan government. We have a Granada city business license and pay city taxes.


Interesting Information about Granada, Nicaragua:

Nicaragua, is located in Central America. Moon Handbooks, Nicaragua is an excellent book on Granada and Nicaragua.

ABC School is located 5 blocks west of the Central Square. You can walk to anywhere in town.


Granada is the oldest colonial city in the Americas. The ecology is as abundant and diverse as Costa Rica yet the cost of living here is much less. The people of Nicaragua are friendlier and they are proud of their 500 year history in Granada. The government and economy have been stable since 1990, when the civil war ended. The country is peaceful and Nicaraguans are looking for a place in the world economy.

Money sent home from Nicaraguans in North America and Costa Rica is the largest source of income and amounts to $1 billionUS a year. The tourism industry is rapidly increasing. In recent years, foreign investment has been in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Aid and loans from other countries are in the hundreds of millions of dollars.


The owner/operator (a native Granadino) of ABC School, and me (an unpaid business mentor and interest-free loan provider) are passionate about providing Granadinos with a means to compete in the booming tourist industry. We are essentially a not-for-profit school run in a professional way. We pay our teachers as much as possible given the low incomes of our students.

Thank you for your interest. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you.



Please send a cover letter and a brief summary of your EFL teaching/work/education/travel experience to:


Scott Banks

[email protected]

ABC School

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In the final unit,I learned lot of practical thing in teaching special cases.I can use the on the the technique to help the class when faced with a mixed ability group,that is pairing strong and weaker students together.In addition,normally in a first lesson, the teacher are considered to establish rapport relationship between students as well as find out the students' needs and desires for English language learning.this unit is like the other grammar unit , it provided me with basic information about the past tense. I also learnt what kind of mistakes and errors students are expected to make. Hence , I should be able to fix that if it occurs. Moreover, it is clear to me now how each part of the \"past tense \" is used for. Lastly, I now know a variety of games that can play with students and make them learn the required language.